aptana and extjs 3.2

(Zt) Aptana Development EXTJS (3.0) - spket plug-in installation and configuration process

1. Download the installation includes Eclipse, Aptana Studio; 2. Start Aptana, and then the menu: Help → Software Updates → Find and Install ... → Search for new features to install → New remote site ... 3. Name can be entered: "Spket", URL is h

extjs development environment set up and practice

1, download and extract the extjs 2, download eclipse and Eclipse AJAX Toolkit Framework (ATF) I have been accustomed to using eclipse as a development environment, a variety of open-source plugin so that eclipse has all-around performance, operating effi

ExtJS development summary

Unknowingly have come to an end in 2008, and in this the last year, has been trying to use the ExtJS to do projects, from 1.1 to 2.2 now, eating a lot of hardship, there are a lot of harvesting, to sum up, to share! 1. ExtJS is the positioning of RIA, and

javaScript as well as the ExtJS editor (aptana and spket)

Js's support of the eclipse of the effects of dissatisfaction, aptana is a relatively satisfied with the js editor, there are stand-alone version (estimate is based on the development of the eclipse with the eclipse is quite similar), you can also ins

Myeclipse8.5 + Aptana2.0 + ExtJS3.X

First of all I would like to say that to install Aptana Studio plugin myeclipse problems: http://www.aptana.com/downloads/start here to get the update to the Aptana plug-in addresses. However, always meet in myeclipse8.5 can not install the full down

Openfire Plugin Developer's Guide

Introduction Openfire features plug-ins are enhanced. This document is a guide to developers to create plug-ins. The structure of a plug-in Plug-ins Plug-ins openfireHome stored in the directory. When deploying a plug-in jar or war file, it will automatic

Adobe AIR Developer Toolbox: Resources and Guide

AIR recent study found a good article, articles, translation of, and for all to share. Original Address: http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2009/04/07/adobe-air-developers-toolbox-resources-and-tutorials/ Is to generate an electronic version, download addres

Summarized the development of practical tools for Ext JS

Ext Gwt now been doing development for a long time there has been no contact with Ext JS, and prior to contact with things that have been quickly forgotten clean, before completely forgotten to write this summary for reference, but also hoped to produce m

Ajax or Flex? (1) senior Ajax

Short to only a few words on when the first one is the sequence better. The thick-skinned not to the words on it as is, although I really want. . . . I thought one day, why should I choose Ajax? Or Ajax's advantage? About: For companies, there ar ...

JavaScript Core Series Chapter 1 Introduction and Overview

Preface From the first contact in 2006 JavaScript now can be considered to have four years time. At university, there is a period of time indulging in functional programming, and then only on the limited understanding of JavaScript is a script used to mak

AIR Learning Resources Website

AIR learning resources at Encyclopaedia (for the promotion of AIR influence the lives of references from http://bbs.airia.cn/ ) Getting Started - Newbie AIRIA - www.airia.cn The Adobe AIR Page - Adobe.com Adobe AIR Language Reference for HTML Developers -

[Ext entry] Photo Xiangjie Ext common development tools installed

As the saying goes, good, prerequisite of its profits. Lack of good tools you want to make good use of such a large library Ext probably no-one is difficult to achieve, this paper to introduce several smart tips tools Ext. btw, am very uncomfortable, Apta

Spket IDE in Eclipse installation under

Spket IDE in Eclipse installation under 1. Plugins Home: http://www.spket.com 2. Plugins Name: Spket IDE 3. Update Connection (Update Site): http://www.spket.com/update/ Update Installation is simple: 1. [Help] - [Software Updates] - [Find and Instal

Front-end development tools for the development tools commonly used articles

Related technologies in recent years the rise of RIA, WEB front-end related jobs have begun to appear in a growing number of Internet companies, and more and more attention. A few years ago are doing front-end and (PS design renderings, dreamweaver out in

shallow learning javascript

------------------------------------- Recently learned that the West are just moving a lot of fur felt very hazy so determined to break one by one ------------------------------------------- Js in the past to further the understanding of ------------
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