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Permission will be applied as the basis of Shiro [turn]

Shiro is the emerging world of JAVA rights framework, compared with JAAS and Spring Security, Shiro, while maintaining the power, simplicity and flexibility also has a huge advantage. In this paper, lead the reader to see Shiro's style. We may have me

Apache: Creating A Session-Aware Loadbalancer Using mod_proxy_balancer (Debian E

Since Apache 2.1, a new module called mod_proxy_balancer is available which lets you turn a system that has Apache installed into a loadbalancer. This loadbalancer retrieves requested pages from two or more backend webservers and delivers them to the ...

APACHE + TOMCAT prohibit access by IP

A project run into this problem, through the IP access prohibited sites. Such a problem if web server is IIS, to not be a problem, the direct allocation on the trip. As for how to configure IIS, I am sorry, I do not know, never used IIS. tomcat does not s

Used in the Apache HTTPD server full of DSO

Apache HTTP Server is a modular (or building blocks) of the program, the administrator can choose a number of modules to increase the server for some features. These modules, you can create a server program statically compiled into the httpd server's

Details of installed CentOS 4: apache module-mod_evasive Introduction

1, mod_evasive introduction; mod_evasive is Apache (httpd) server, anti-DDOS a module. For the WEB servers, is a good DDOS attack protection extension modules. Although not entirely defensive DDOS attack, but under certain conditions, or play a slow ...

apache Chinese interpretation of the document

# Configuration files based on NCSA services. # # This is the main Apache server configuration file. # It contains the server of the server running the configuration directives. # See <URL:http://httpd.ache.org/doc-2.0/> to obtain detailed informati

Setting Up A Virtual Host in Apache

Setting up a virtual host in the Apache web server is not exactly a PHP topic, but many PHP developers use the Apache web server to test web pages on their development machine. There is a lot of information around on how to do this, but the first tim

Detailed apache configuration

# Apache configuration Detailed http://lamp.linux.gov.cn/Apache/ApacheMenu/index.html Chinese version of Apache2 httpd.conf configuration file Detailed # # Configuration files based on NCSA services. # # This is the main Apache server configuration file.

Getting Started example DBCP

Prerequisites: This example uses the mysql database database name icdpub. User name / password: icdpub / icdpub Tables are named: events package com.meiyoudao.dbcp; import java.sql.Connection; import java.sql.DriverManager; import java.sql.ResultSet;

log4j.properties Xiangjie

from: http://coderdream.javaeye.com/blog/378077 Two necessary steps completed, you can easily use different priority levels of logging statements into the log you want to record any place, its syntax is as follows: Logger.debug (Object message); Logger.in

Using Eclipse WTP for rapid Web development (2)

Using Eclipse WTP for rapid Web development (2) Establish a good three projects, and dependencies set up correctly, we will be in the WTP to configure tomcat. 1. Open the Servers View Through Window / Select View / Other ... menu, find the Servers vi

Illustration and actual log4j

log4j is a very powerful software log records, the following items we have to look at how to log4j. First, of course, get log4j's jar file, recommended 1.2.X version, download address: http://logging.apache.org/log4j/1.2/download.html We look at one o

linux file installation layout

linux software installation software installation windows layout and layout of difference: apache as an example to explain A.windows installed, if you choose to install in d: \ httpd directory, all the apache files are basically the httpd directory (

Introduction to WAP development and improve the settings of WAP development environment

Part I: WAP development environment - WAP development environment setup WAP (Wireless Application Protocal) is an open protocol, which is Japan's I-MODE is different, the latter is closed. WAP is the wireless network and the Internet in fact the resul

JavaMail.Commons Email Send e-mail the results to a file there is a solution to the problem Base64

Spent the day today, have a business need to write a simple mail, but tested. Made from the Apache Commons Email example, a slightly modified: public class SendMail { public static void main(String[] args) throws Exception { HtmlEmail email = new Htm

(Transfer) process using javamail letter some of the problems and solutions

http://www.blogjava.net/TrampEagle/archive/2006/05/26/48326.html Javamail letter today in the research process, there have been some minor problems, are summarized as follows, to prevent latecomers to unnecessary detours to go, first the normal operation

Client / server programming paradigm

Based on this from the TCP / IP protocol, discusses the response of modern popular high-end design of concurrent requests network services architecture; 1. TCP / IP model First look at TCP / IP model, and know the operating system at all levels which

Opencart Installation Tutorial

To use the machine Opencart, need php, Mysql, iis or Apache environment. This example uses the xampp installation package as an integrated environment, to explain how to install and use Opencart. Original post: http://www.cnopencart.com/viewtopic.php

Nginx Tomcat Memcached cluster structures

1. Ngnix Download http://nginx.org/en/download.html This example uses the 1.0.2 version of nginx 2. Tomcat Download http://tomcat.apache.org This example uses the 6.0.18 version of tomcat 3. Memcached downloads http://memcached.org This example uses

Notes linux experience

yum For example: for example downloads a package is not signed, it can be installed 1. Yum - nogpgcheck install package name Copy code I generally used the first su to root, then yum. Many Internet users under the direct re-use of common usage of yum, thi

PHP4 under IIS on WinXP and Apache2 installed on the server instance

Recently, many friends asked me WindowsXp under php installation process, just recently on my own machine in a modular way of the successful installation of the PHP4.23. Since so many friends need, I will take the most common IIS and Apache server, f

Tuning performance of WebSphere Application Server V7

Introduction IBM WebSphere Application Server is a reliable enterprise-class application server that provides a set of core components, resources and services for developers to use in your application. Each application has unique needs, and often use diff

Under linux installation apache2.2 dynamic expansion module with apxs

For some reason when installing some modules not included in the first go in, then do not want to recompile the apache, then you need to install new modules compiled separately. for the Apache apxs is a Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) server exten

Dynamic apache2.2 under linux installation with apxs expansion module

For some reason some of the modules in the initial installation is not included, the later do not want to recompile apache, then you need to be compiled separately install the new module. apxs is one for the Apache HyperText Transfer Protocol (HTTP)

[Zz] Linux users FreeBSD Quickstart Guide

http://club.topsage.com/thread-331980-1-1.html 1 Introduction This document will highlight the differences between FreeBSD and Linux to make those Linux Advanced users can quickly familiarize yourself the basics of FreeBSD. This is just getting start

Excel file of java POI operation

Microsoft's success on the desktop, so we have a lot of use of office products, such as: Word, Excel. Today, it is still not open source code has blocked our further application and development. However, in demanding server, Microsoft's own produc

SWFUpload detailed parameters

Initialization and configuration of SWFUpload First, the page reference SWFUpload.js, such as <script type="text/javascript" src="http://www.swfupload.org/swfupload.js"> </ script> Then, initialize the SWFUpload, such

Apache + Tomcat load balancing example explanation

I. Introduction: Each Tomcat worker is a service web server, waiting for the implementation of the Tomcat servlet instance. For example, we often use as a web server like Apache to forward sevlet request to the back of a Tomcat in the process (that is, ea

Simple example of Apache CXF WebService

Source Download: http://dl.dbank.com/c0vhvbrxlr CSDN article from my blog, reproduced, please credit: http://blog.csdn.net/cuiran/archive/2010/12/02/6049645.aspx One. Development Environment My development environment is: MyEclipse 6.5 Tomcat 6.0 Apache c


Jdk1.6 + Tomcat6 + Apache2 + MySql5 installed (Windows version) Keywords: Jdk1.6 Tomcat6 Apache2 Mysql5 jk_mod.so Jdk1.6 + Tomcat6 + Apache2 + MySql5 installed (Windows version) Software download: 1, j2se jdk1.6 http://java.sun.com/javase/downloads/index.

Apache java Project Introduction

Apache java Project Introduction (2009-02-25 10:21:46) Apache java Project Introduction Recent contact with Jakarta-Common-BeanUtils this Dongdong more so on the Apache Jakarta Project interest, on their official website under the terms of the feeling a l

apache own performance testing tools

Introduction ab is the full name of ApacheBench, is attached to a small Apache tools, specialized HTTP Server for the benchmark testing, can be simulated at the same time a number of concurrent requests. Some time ago to see the company's develop ...

Struts2 spring hibernate integration example

Private http://www.blogjava.net/fundei/archive/2009/05/14/270668.html Integrate struts, spring, hibernate, for the beginner is the biggest trouble on its cumbersome xml configuration file. All of which are now based on the configuration of notes provides

Apache 2 + Tomcat 6 Load balancing and clustering configuration and performance testing

Apache 2 + Tomcat 6 Load balancing and clustering configuration and performance testing Load balancing, that is, the client requests a balanced apache divided tomcat1, tomcat2 .... to deal with, Tomcat in clusters so that a group of LAN users to look at t

Apache Ant 1.8 release

Thank Apache's work, Ant1.8 final version has been released, ChangeLog is as follows: * Lexically scoped local properties, ie properties that are only defined inside a target, sequential block or similar environment. * <import> Can now import fr

Apache MINA Study Notes

NIO recent study of the technology, know a bit Apache MINA, a part of it read the code, the understanding of his record. I use MINA version 2.0.0 RC1, download the address is http://mina.apache.org/ . According to official documents of the introduction, c

Apache + Tomcat integrated block access to WEB-INF directory (change)

Apache + Tomcat integration, the two main directories point to the same directory, for example / website / app, because Tomcat needs in the main directory or the next context to build a WEB-INF directory for the Tomcat, the adoption of the 8080 port Tomca

apache stress test tool ab (apache benchmark)

ab stands for ApacheBench, is a small tool included with Apache, specifically for HTTP Server for benchmark testing, can simultaneously simulate multiple concurrent requests. / * In this example a start, I implemented such a command ab-n 10-c 10 http ...

A simple example of log4j and Could not read configuration file [log4j.properties] solution

log4j Description: About Log4j Log4j framework is written in standard Java logging framework. Jakarta, as part of the project, it Apache Software License (ApacheSoftware License) under the distribution, speed and flexibility as the central concept: L ...

Quick Start Apache MINA

1. Introduction Apache MINA is a network application framework, enabling users to easily develop high performance, high scalability network applications. It does this by Java NIO provides an abstract, event-driven, asynchronous located in a variety o ...

apache benchmark

Transfer from: http://blog.csdn.net/hieric1001/archive/2009/12/18/5025709.aspx APACHE built-in testing tool AB (apache benchmark). In the APACHE's bin directory. Format:. / Ab [options] [http://] hostname [: port] / path Parameters: -n requests N ...

(Turn) Apache open source project profiles on all the JAVA

Close contact with Jakarta-Common-BeanUtils this Dongdong are more, so pairs of Apache Jakarta Project generated interest, on their official website under the terms of the useful things that a lot of sense, blinking, and no Chinese website, but also on th

org.apache.commons.lang.builder--ToStringBuilder class

Like NO_FIELD_NAMES_STYLE, SIMPLE_STYLE these are ToStringTyle internal class, inherited from the ToStringStyle, rewritten a number of attributes. The following look at ToStringBuilder Source: We can see very clearly the SRP (single responsibility pr ...

Could not load org.apache.xerces.util.EncodingMap

This error occurs because 1, in the hibernate mapping file does not exist in the introduction of the class name (for example, com.cn.common.domain.UserRole), and there is unnecessary mapping file. For example, <set name = "user" inverse =

Apache's Digester

Digester is the apache open source project in a Commons subproject, is a parsing tool for dealing with XML documents. Java is now circulating a lot on the field of processing tools for parsing XML documents, in addition to the official (Sun) of the standa

In the Apache on a plain and simple to open a WAP site

Mobile phones can now access the Internet, more and more mobile phones at any time if you can see their website above, relevant information, would not be very Happy Mody. Now hands-on, in fact, very simple. Open the / path / to / httpd.conf: add the ...

linux install apache

Transfer from: http://ttitfly.javaeye.com/blog/127337 1. Download apache ( http://httpd.apache.org/ ) 2. Decompress tar xzvf httpd-2.2. 6. tar.gz 3. . / configure - prefix = / home / mahaibo / apache 3. make 4. make install 5. After a successful inst ...

Apache configuration Rewrite, passing a record of adding new modules to compile

Apache 1.x users please check the conf / httpd.conf, the existence of the following two pieces of code: Listing 1. Apache 1.x module loading code Apache 2.x users please check the conf / httpd.conf, the existence of the following piece of code: Listi ...

Hibernate Search annotations example

pojo Object News import java.util.Date; import javax.persistence.Entity; import javax.persistence.GeneratedValue; import javax.persistence.GenerationType; import javax.persistence.Id; import javax.persistence.Table; import org.hibernate.search.annotations

ESB Tour (mad rush of the mule - an example echo.hello.StockQuote analysis)

The translation of the first three examples to explain and mule source code analysis, English and Chinese language and customs are a greater difference, meaning that even if the literal over the content of most of you look very awkward, English is not goo
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