animated gif not working, jsp

PHP charting tools

【PHP charting tool set】 1. PHP expansion JpGraph: ChartDirector: 2. JavaScript Flot ( ) - Flot for jQuery code base provided by javascript. Easy to use, there are char

HTML5, CSS3, ES5 a new browser that supports web standards and the list of transfer (1)

This article compiled some of the most important (or popular high strike) of the new standard, although most of them have just w3c draft, from the Recommendation level still early, but it has become a new round of browser wars in the highly sought after s

Several points of Flex load swf

Today, Flash and Flex3 tossing most of the day co-ordination of special sum up their feelings and experiences: 1) If it is to embed the swf through Embed then, Flex3 only support FlashCS2 created swf. 2) If yes, then through the loader to load only the sw

2009-12-25 Chuan Chi Podcast - JavaScript: JQuery (Reprinted)

Used AJAX technology know that the famous 2.JQuery Introduction JQuery later, following an excellent Prototype JavaScript library. JQuery idea: write less, do more. JQuery advantages: lightweight, powerful selector, excellent package DOM operation, reliab

10 free charts generated code

Flot - flot for the jQuery library to provide the javascript code. easy to use, with features charts, providing interactive features (data area to zoom in, etc.). Open Flash Chart - Open Flash Chart is a Flash chart components, it is easy to install, offe

Use of jQuery, Part 3: Using jQuery and Ajax Building Rich Internet Applications

Effects and Ajax ( Reprinted from ) <script type="text/javascript"> </ script> <noscript> </ noscript> <noscript> </ noscript> Sample code English original <! - START RESERVED FOR FUTURE USE INCLUDE FILES -

How you learn faster extjs, (including 1.0,2.0,3.0.3 version)

Chapter 1 flashing it! Look at those beautiful example extjs 1.1. All release packages start from extjs very fortunate that we can download free of charge to ext release package, inside the source code, api documentation, examples ranging. But i

Firefox and ie compatibility issues

1. Document.form.item problem (1) Existing problems: There are many existing code document.formName.item ("itemName") This statement can not be in Firefox (Firefox) to run (2) solutions: Use document.formName.elements ["elementName"] 2

ie with the switch to Firefox js differences

Css today wrote: event: expression ( onmouseover = function () () , Onmouseover = function () () ) , We found that even under the Firefox incompatibility does not reflect, so look for a moment from the Internet, written by different people ie and Firefox

ie and Firefox compatibility issues (solution)

1. Document.form.item problems (1) Existing problems: There are many existing code document.formName.item ("itemName") such a statement, not in Firefox (Firefox) to run (2) Solution: Instead document.formName.elements ["elementName"] 2

Programmers editor - VIM

Programmers editor --VIM dieken at newsmth dot net yubao.liu at gmail dot com A. VIM history 1. ed ed The oldest is the most basic UNIX editor , It was originally the father of UNIX Ken Thompson Written his first ed The application of a regular expression

E-book and video learning Daquan

Mobile Development Android/3G: Flash Professional CS5: game video tutorials produced iOS Devices Android project video tutorial (DVDRip) Android-based Soft

jquery selectors, filters introduced

A, JQuery and JavaScript 1.JavaScript Library Used JavaScriptDOM of the people, should know (such as yesterday's practice), using JSDOM the page operation is very troublesome. Such as access, modify and add child nodes and so these operations. If the

FusionCharts integrated Web graphics custom form controls

Cooperative office systems in a custom form in the web development tool is the core component that provides data to show the cooperative system interfaces, development tools, custom forms and returns received through the call interface data displayed on t

Computer resources, from verycd, ranking

verycd-> Education -> Computer All resources under the classification, ranking the amount of installed reply, Here are the top 200, more please refer to Appendix Resources Reply "Oeasy teach you Fun photoshop" - material has been released,

Study books and videos Daquan

Mobile Development Android/3G: Flash Professional CS5: game video tutorials produced iOS Devices Android project video tutorial (DVDRip) Android-based soft

30 Minutes Flex Test-Drive for Java Developers

By Christophe Coenraets Last update: September 6th, 2006 UPDATE (1/12/2007): I put together a Tomcat-based Test Drive Server that includes these out-of-Samples running the Box. Read this POST for more info. The objective of this test-drive is to give you,

Topic: Web custom control form integrated graphics FusionCharts

In the Cooperative Office in a custom form web development tool is the core component , It can provide data to show the system for collaborative interfaces, development tools, custom forms and return by calling the interface to receive data displayed
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