android stopwatch example

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Android BaseAdapter example

BaseAdapter public class RecentAdapter extends BaseAdapter { private class RecentViewHolder { TextView appName; ImageView appIcon; TextView appSize; } private List<ResolveInfo> mAppList; private LayoutInflater mInflater; private PackageManager pm; p

android ProgressBar Example II

ProgressBar example on a see here It is also a small example below is the official document is relatively simple xml file attributes on a brief description of some of Attribute Description android: indeterminate

Android, an example of graffiti on the screen

This example, the custom of a View, you can accept the touch actions, then the screen shows touch on the real-time trajectory, similar to the lines of graffiti. This example demonstrates how to onTouchEvent main draw match up with use. On this basis, you

android notification example

public class SimpleNotification extends Activity { private NotificationManager mNotificationManager; private int SIMPLE_NOTFICATION_ID; /** Called when the activity is first created. */ @Override public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) { super.onC

An android project running

rt First of all: When a project deployed to the simulated environment, the application when the user clicks your name "android: label =" @ string / app_name ">" when the list of operating systems based on configuration file (Android

In-depth Android [4] - component called

Original Address: Intent Analysis Component-based architecture system, in addition to well-defined components, how to assemble these components together, and an art. In Android in, Intent (s

Android Programming realization of GPS positioning (change)

In a few months ago, development-type mobile phone alliance to launch its own Android phone prototype, the greatly sought after by. But now it's not a real machine on the market, Google in order to encourage developers to develop Android mobile phone

Introduction android development (change)

Environmental structures Before you begin, you need to prepare the following environmental and procedural Necessary Microsoft Windows XP / Microsoft Windows Vista operating system Android SDK 1.1r1 Java Development Kit (JDK) v6.0 or above eclipse-jee-gany

activity of the android: name referred to in shorthand Activity implementation class problem

Outside of work today, found that the company has an Android book, smoothly flipped through, found that the design of Android application framework indeed admiration, simply download the Android own example, the configuration of my environment (set of env

Android depth sensor

Android is a rich application development for the platform, it has many attractive user interface elements and data management capabilities. Android also provides a rich set of interface options. In this article, learn how to use Android in a variety of s

Install Android Source [change]

sudo apt-get install git-core gnupg sun-java5-jdk flex bison gperf libsdl-dev libesd0-dev libwxgtk2.6-dev build-essential zip curl libncurses5-dev zlib1g-dev This command software from the Internet repository to install git-core and curl. Where curl is a

Xiang Jie Android Intent

1, Intent role Intent is to be implemented by the abstract description of the action, is generally used as a parameter, the Intent to assist with communication between the various components android. For example, call startActivity () to start an activity

How to become a master android??? (Spare)

A: Learn lazy Crazy? Actually learn to program developers lazy? Application developers may be the world's most busy for a class man! Yes, right, learn to lazy! Because programmers are busy, because application developers may be the changing needs of c

Android TitleBar custom title bar layout Android TitleBar custom title bar layout Many users find themselves TitleBar Android program title bar area is very monotonous, if you want to personalize some of the following methods can f

GPS features android Virtualization

The day before yesterday made a android Location example, occasionally found in the Google Api 2.2, the simulator does not support virtual GPS function, it is tangled! Under the 2.1 can, what is the problem or my 2.2 emulator question, please help FA

Test of android (android test)

android Testing and Instrumentation Key features of the Android testing environment include: Android extensions to the JUnit framework that provide access to Android system objects. An instrumentation framework that lets tests control and examine the appl

[FF7] on Android XML inside the dip, px, pt, sp difference

This article comes from CSDN blog, reproduced, please credit: dip: device independent pixels (device independent pixels). Different devices have different display, the hardware and equipment, gene

android log output and unit testing

Log output instead of System.out.print (); statement android.util.Log class output, the output level can be chosen myeclipse-Window - Preferences-android-DDMS Level has Verbose Debug Info Warning Error Assert android's android platform log output

Android EditView property analysis

This paper study the properties of EditText (could not finish, while research and writing) First, the structure java.lang.Object ↳ android.view.View ↳ android.widget.TextView ↳ android.widget.EditText Direct Known Subclasses: AutoCompleteTextView, Extract

Instructions on the relevant units dip.dp.px.sp Android

dip: device independent pixels (device independent pixels). Different devices have different display, the hardware and equipment, generally we have to support the WVGA, HVGA and QVGA recommended to use this, do not rely on pixels. px: pixels (pixels)

How to compile Android platform with STL, C + + program

Android operating system from the linux kernel and java in the UI form. However, in previous Android system, generally can only be used to develop java program. To use C / C + +, is usually the C / C + + program to make lib and then the java call. In

[Change] Intent Analysis

Component-based architecture system, in addition to well-defined components, how to assemble these components together is also an art. In the Android in, Intent (seemingly often translated as: the intention of ...), is to connect the various components of

dip, dp, px, sp difference

Display units px and dip, and the difference between sp dip: device independent pixels (device independent pixels). different devices have different display, the hardware and equipment, generally we have to support the WVGA, HVGA and QVGA recommend u ...

Gallery control early experience - simple photo album

Beginners android, learn to do a small example of a very simple example is to implement a simple to use Gallery album, because I am a beginner, so I may also be problems for beginners will encounter problems in completing this small example of the process

A simple example of Android in ProgressDialog

Internet generally are an example of how the progress bar shows how close the end of the mandate is not an article, reference to other articles through the tests to set the progress bar shows a simple example is as follows: The establishment of andro ...

example of inter-process communication service android

Service between the two processes need to communicate, it would take after take object serialization to send each other. Android provides a AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language) tool to handle serialization and communication. This situation needs t

example of inter-process communication services android

Service between the two processes need to communicate, you need to make each other after object serialization to send. Android provides a AIDL (Android Interface Definition Language) tool to handle serialization and communication. This situation needs to

Android to use the NDK example C + +

In NDK use C + + compilers use this as an example of the program under NDK hello-jni Model 1. The hello-jni.c renamed, and to add in this file class math { public: static int add(int x,int y) {return x+y;} }; jint Java_com_example_helloj

Example in the use of Android Widget

Example in the use of Android Widget Written before redraw the background by the way, to achieve the object moving. Going to talk today is How to move the widget, view and other controls to achieve part of the redraw. Before combining hair Droiddraw

Android in a simple example if bitmap

Android in a simple example if bitmap Procedure results: read the bitmap data stream, decoding, re-drawn: package com.ray.draw; import; import; import android.content.Context; import; i

Android - ArrayAdapter usage example (reproduced)

Recently, many Android developers and BaseAdapter letter expressed ArrayAdapter difference is not very clear, here Android123 simply under their relationships and usefulness, ArrayAdapter is derived from the BaseAdapter, with BaseAdapter all the features,

android LayoutParams briefly understand the example

Simply talk about their own understanding of the android LayoutParams it, xh write the article is low-level senior writer. public static class ViewGroup.LayoutParams extends Object java.lang.Object ↳ android.view.ViewGroup.LayoutParams / / inheritanc

Android - ViewGroup a usage example (reproduced)

Look for a long time, finally found . <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?> <merge xmlns:android="" xmlns:okCancelBar=""> <ImageVie

android ListView using the example of

What is the listview? Straightforward point that is a vertical scrolling list of items to view View data from these options associated with the ListView ListAdapter this example requires two layout files man.xml The layout of the file used to set the layo

android simple custom class using the example of View

Android View class is a super class, this class includes almost all the screen types. Each View has a canvas for drawing, the canvas can be arbitrarily extended. In the middle of the game can develop a custom view (View), the function of the canvas in the

android SurfaceView use the example of why SurfaceView minor controls can not be used on the interpretation of

When we need to develop a complex game, and the efficiency of the implementation requirements of the program is high, View classes can not meet demand, and then must SurfaceView class development. For example, when the game speed is very high, View classe

android thread Handler Message + = Queue AsyncTask thread model thread interactions + Button style changes easy integration of the final version of example

First of all forgive me for writing the title of the article so long. In fact, I still find it too short because it can not be written out so I will not write. Because I really do not know how to define the title of this article may be called "Luanta

Introduction _ android Shader class example of the rendered image

Android provides a Shader class designed to render the image as well as some geometry, Shader, including several direct the following sub-categories, namely BitmapShader, ComposeShader, LinearGradient, RadialGradient, SweepGradient. BitmapShader mainly us

android Tween animation summary + example

We all know the android platform provides two kinds of animation, one is the Tween animation, that is the object of the scene through the continuous image transformation (translation, scaling, rotation) to produce the animation effects; the second is

android SQLite database example of basic operation

This example implements a complete example of database operations. First run the project, initialize the database (create database, create tables); and then click the left arrow key to insert a data table, press the right arrow key to delete one data, pre

Example customized Content Provider android

We all know the key to their shared data and other applications in two ways: create your own Content Provider (that is inherited from a subclass of Content Provider) or your data is added to the existing Content Provider to go after need to ensure that th

android Preferences using the example of two

Preperences is a lightweight application within the data storage program. Preferences mainly used for simple data types to store and query the data, these simple data types include boolean, int, float, long, and String, etc., stored in the form of value p

Android JSON parsing example code

The official from Google on Android platform JSON parsing example, if the remote server instead of using xml json data provider in the Android platform has been built org.json package can easily achieve the analytical processing mobile client. Under the f

Android Development of a simple example

The Android Eclipse plug-ins by (ADT) can easily add a new Android project. List of engineering structures and the role of the main directory as follows: (1) Src: storing program source code, nothing to say. (2) Gen: store the java compiler automatically

Android JNI simple example (android called C / C + + code)

Android's jni example android applications (Dalvik VM) using JNI (Java Native Interface) calls C / C + + development of the library. c / c + + java program to call the method after the recurrence. Development environment (Eclipse + android ADT) Window

Android Introduce (I) concepts and NoteBook example

Android Introduce (I) concepts and NoteBook example 1. Open Handset Alliance Consist of the system View -----> lists, grids, text boxes, buttons, web browser Content Providers -----> access to other applications (for example, contact database) Resou

[Change] android animation application example

This file is named myanimation.xml in res / anim folder, the specific definition has been explained in the document: <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <set xmlns:android="

Android Jni code example to explain

In the Android emulator on the Android phone operating system can make the appropriate changes to increase the variety of features to meet the needs of users. Well, today we will be bringing to the Android JNI related to use in order to facilitate the rea

Android IDL small example

Knowledge on the Android IDL can read "Google Android Reveal" the P104 page, see also ApiDemos code Others do not speak directly on the code. 1. The first to write one. Aidl remote interface package com.originatechina; // Define package interfac

Example in the use of Android Bundle

Wrote an article before the Activity jump on Android, but were not involved in the transmission of Activity of the message. Using Bundle is a more convenient way. Effect of the program activities of A to B to send a string while jump, B to read out t
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