android space between layouts

Examples of learning HelloAndroid Android development

After the recent completion of the project, idle boredom, the want to learn C, C + +, on very poor, and too hard, used java development, I recall my colleagues, do not dry, learning Android, then began to study their development of Android . This article

Android: Layouts Description

Layout Manager (generally called "layouts") is ViewGroup expansion of child controls are designed to control the position of the screen. Layouts can be nested within each other, through a combination of Layout Manager, you can create complex int

Department of famous door Android (2) - Layout (Layout) and menu (Menu)

Introduced in the Android application of the various layouts, and menu effects to achieve a variety of layout applications, FrameLayout, LinearLayout, TableLayout, AbsoluteLayout, RelativeLayout Context menu for the specified configuration element, config

Android project directory structure

We HelloAndroid project, to analyze the project directory structure, further in-depth understanding of Android project. First start Eclipse, launched "Package Explorer" Navigator's "HelloAndroid" project, as shown in Figure 3-1. Fi

AndroidManifest.xml - activity details

<Activity android: allowTaskReparenting = ["true" | "false"] android: alwaysRetainTaskState = ["true" | "false"] android: clearTaskOnLaunch = ["true" "|" false "] android: configChanges =

java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: bitmap size exceeds VM budget

Part I: This answer has 2 parts 1) its not how much images the screen has, but being carefull on cleaning everything up when finishing the activity 2) Android dev site ( Technique to Avo

Technical Overview on the google home

Technical Overview Jump to: Search Advertisement Apps Google Mobile and Android Google Chrome browser, More ... Since we can not limited to a page about our many products and services for all technology development, the following Google products only
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