android scroll inside div with hidden overflow

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Api using the Android system, read the *. apk hidden installation package information

Api using the Android system, read the *. apk hidden installation package information Premise: We need compiled source Android system, the output of a file out \ target \ common \ obj \ JAVA_LIBRARIES \ framework_intermediates \ classes.jar This pack

Cool android scroll off the effect, Do not miss

Cool android scroll off the effects, do not miss! ! ! ihome for andoird Enclose apk, a friend in need of it themselves. Download apk, please , reproduced, keep.

android ---> scroll view (ScrollView)

Scroll view is when a lot of content, a screen display endless, the need to scroll to display the view. For example, in the time to be a reader, the article is very long, a show finish, then you need to use the scroll view to scroll the next page. Activit

div CSS text-overflow

Truncated normal text (for inline and block): Example Source Code [] . Text-overflow ( display: block; / * need to add inline object * / width: 31em; word-break: keep-all; / * do not wrap * / white-space: nowrap; / * do not wrap * / overf

[FF7] on Android XML inside the dip, px, pt, sp difference

This article comes from CSDN blog, reproduced, please credit: dip: device independent pixels (device independent pixels). Different devices have different display, the hardware and equipment, gene

Android Development How to avoid memory overflow

If you have encountered in the development of the error as shown above, then please read this! First, we must be clear that in android development, the size of the heap! = Installed RAM (Heap size! = External Memory size) android virtual machine itse

How to make one DIV fixed location on the page instead of scrolling with the scroll bar at random

Here a little summary, it is the use of JavaScript scripts, all from the browser to get the parameters on the location, and then calculated, located in the lower right corner of the form. Can recognize, this method is more natural to do, is also very

[Transfer] DIV + CSS + JS code download images seamlessly scroll

Seamless scrolling DIV pictures, DIV seamless picture scroll, DIV seamless rolling under the picture, DIV picture scroll left seamless, DIV seamless picture scroll from right First look at a few of the properties of the object: innerHTML: set or get the s

How to hide the overflow page size to the framework of horizontal scroll bar appears

We design web pages in the often used framework, the use of the framework (whether frameset, frame, iframe) when the nested page, if the sub-pages a height greater than a predetermined height, the scroll bar will appear, which is Chicun overflow, in gener

css scrolling scroll div

<html> <head> <style> . scrolltable (border: 1px solid # cbcbcb; white-space: nowrap; overflow: auto; height: 150px; width: 50%; align: center; margin-bottom: 2px;) . scrolltable2 (border: 1px solid # cbcbcb; word-wrap: break-word; ...

iframe in IE6 horizontal scroll bar appears under the solution

Recent projects have encountered under ie6 iframe appears when the vertical scroll bar will appear at the same time horizontal scroll bar. Analysis of the code, generally because the iframe in the page with relative body styles include width: 100% of the

Use CSS displayed when dealing with text overflow ellipsis

In most cases, a long time to display text messages on the need to display an ellipsis, CSS there that deal with, easy to use: Syntax: text-overflow: clip | ellipsis Value: clip : Default. Omit the tag (...), but does not display a simple cut ellipsi ...

Page scroll bar handle

GOOGLE to some useful information: [DIV + CSS] XHTML issues under the scroll bar 1.xhtml under the color of the scroll bar problem? In the original html, we can define the whole page scroll bar body ( scrollbar-3dlight-color: # D4D0C8; / *- -* the outer l

DIV + CSS browser compatibility solution

DIV + CSS page layout This is a trend, and I began to follow this trend, but still in use DIV + CSS website design, it should pay attention to css style compatible with different browsers, in particular, is full use of DIV + CSS design web pages, on

How to use: Text overflow when the display is omitted tag (...) text-overflow: ellipsis

text-overflow Syntax: text-overflow: clip | ellipsis Parameters: clip: omitted tag (...), but does not display a simple cut ellipsis: When the object is displayed within the text overflow marker omitted (...) Description: Sets or retrieves whether to

Announcement scroll up and down cycle

Code a : <div"OVERFLOW: hidden; WIDTH: 248px; HEIGHT: 237px;"> <div"OVERFLOW: hidden"> Scroll content </div> <div Code 2 : <div> <!-- Scroll content --> </div> <script language="JavaScript"> marqueesHeight

Solutions / DIV + CSS compatibility issues between the IE7/IE6/Firefox

Reprinted: Solutions / DIV + CSS compatibility issues between the IE7/IE6/Firefox Related Reading: IE8 CSS compatibility records (transfer) DIV + CSS page layout, this is a trend, I began

overflow in the issues under IE6

In IE6 the div under the overflow = "auto" scroll bar does not appear, it is IE6's a bug, need to add width to the div's style attribute Caixing

In Tabel <th> not manipulation to scroll the scroll bar to increase the content

var $ modify_log =$("# modify_log "); $ Modify_log.empty (); var $ trBody =$('< tr />'); $ Modify_log.append ($ trBody); var $ tdBody =$('< td colspan = "4 "/>'); $ TrBody.append ($ tdBody); var $ divBo ...

continuous vertical scrolling text div

<div"Height:200;overflow:hidden;background-color:#cccccc;" defaultSpeed=2 tempSpeed=2> <div> <font color=red> Content 1 </ font> <br> <font color=blue> Content 2 </ font> <br> <font color=black

[Transfer] with Google Reader imitation load the page scrolling effect of the scroll bar

Google Reader has a AJAX scollLoad effect is very good, that is, items do not need to read the page, the browser scroll bars automatically when a certain position pulled down load the new batch of projects come in, load all items have been completed

The fourth series of tutorials Android: Android project directory structure

Wrote Two days off at home network, you can not write at night, please read the official forgive me. The last time we used the Android ADT created a HelloWorld project, and describes the configuration of the simulator and the simulator, this section to fo

The third series of tutorials Android: Android project directory structure

A: Android project directory structure Android Overview of project structure. Actually, Android and the Java project directory structure is similar, not much change, as shown below: Can see the src folder in the source file, Android2.2 is a reference

Fixed header. Scroll Content

Learn to do their own web projects before, it seems more content related to the time table is a fixed number of lines per page, and paging, but the actual project may be based on the page "fixed header, scrolling content" this demand, is current

[Reserved] IE6 DIV using CSS definitions highly effective way to

Under this talk about the IE6 CSS DIV Height problem defined, when you try to define a height of less than IE6 default font size under the div when, IE will be stubborn that this layer should not be less than the font height of the line high. Defined on I

div Hide Show

<div> <div align="center"> <s:div href="/product/findPpStopRateCtl.action" theme="ajax" formId="subForm" listenTopics="showDetail" /> </ div> </ div> Like such a div laye ...

javascript scroll notice. horizontal scroll Bulletin (next page effect)

A recent project, the company Ext the ToolBar to add a scrolling bulletin board, not only have to scroll up, and can scroll to the left. Scroll direction can be selected by the user. The following are running under Ext platform, UICtrl.StatusBarNoNotice r

ComboBox control hidden hide fieldLabel not solve the problem

Get a EXTJS recent project, just study encountered many problems now encountered a ComboBox control can not be hidden hidden fieldLabel solution to sort out the problem 1 Problem Description ComboBox, when initialization in FormPanel set hidden insid

android kernel compilation method

google's android gphone a lot of people do not want to come out before the transplant it to the relevant hardware platforms go up. Read many articles online, the general feeling is: go furthest in this step is a master level openmoko hacker Ben "

Android have a book Juxian

That looked at all the Android Juxian books. Was supposed to write about the beans out on it. But feeling bad beans out with, so write on the Blog. " Case Xiangjie Android mobile development , "this book all cases, is not fun, ready to base afte

The method to achieve full-screen Android

The method to achieve full-screen Android Android full inside the method can be used to achieve one of two ways: 1. OnCreate in the Activity of the method calls the following API: / / This method needs to setContentView (R.layout .....) method is called b

android export, installation and unloading explain

First install one: first of all need to start the simulator II: start -> run -> CMD Third: The following tools directory into andoridsdk Four: adb install c: \ *. apk (Note: "c: \ *. apk" is the path of the file to be installed) ==========

CSS in the div, span, and label

div and span Everyone in the beginner div + css layout, a lot of confusion, in the process of using div and span do not think there is a certain "art", that the two are not very different in the w3c div and span on the definition: div as a

Browser compatibility ================================================== == Browser compatibility issues have been plaguing a lot of WEB designers, of course, sometimes troubled me. It is attached to bones, such as maggots in general is d ...

SWFUpload v2 documentation (copy to hmtl file view more convenient)

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns="" > <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=

Continuous rolling code pages Photo

nnerHTML: set or get the start and end at the object inside the HTML tag scrollHeight: Get object rolling high. scrollLeft: set or get the object in the left margin and the contents of the window shows the current distance between the extreme left sc ...

bs one of the development of common js

/ / Bs one of the development of common js First, verify the type 1, digital certification within 1.1 Integer 1.2 integer greater than 0 (for the coming of the ID verification) 1.3 Verification of negative integer Integer not greater than 1.4 iMax 1.5 int

(Reprinted) IE6 compatibility summary

IE6 compatibility summary Source Address: 1, the ultimate method: Conditional Comments <!--[ If lte IE 6]> This text only appears in the following versions of IE6 and IE6.

EXT novice learning materials

EXT Introduction Whether you are new to Ext library, or people who want to learn Ext, the contents of this paper are suitable for you. This article will briefly introduce some basic concepts of Ext, and how quickly to make a dynamic page and run them, ass

Firefox and ie compatibility issues

1. Document.form.item problem (1) Existing problems: There are many existing code document.formName.item ("itemName") This statement can not be in Firefox (Firefox) to run (2) solutions: Use document.formName.elements ["elementName"] 2

Detailed tutorial CSS float: float mean, float property role

Transfer from: CSS Float mean? define float: float property definition element floating to the left or right side. This property is used in the past, the total image, the text around the image around, but

ie with the switch to Firefox js differences

Css today wrote: event: expression ( onmouseover = function () () , Onmouseover = function () () ) , We found that even under the Firefox incompatibility does not reflect, so look for a moment from the Internet, written by different people ie and Firefox

In the b / s development techniques are often used javaScript

In the b / s development techniques are often used javaScript In the b / s development of a technology often used javaScript to verify class 1, the number of verification 1.1 Integer 1.2 integer greater than 0 (for the coming of the ID verification) 1.3 V

ie and Firefox compatibility issues (solution)

1. Document.form.item problems (1) Existing problems: There are many existing code document.formName.item ("itemName") such a statement, not in Firefox (Firefox) to run (2) Solution: Instead document.formName.elements ["elementName"] 2

js version of Ant Colony Algorithm

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" ""> <html xmlns=""><HEAD> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb

(Reprint) found a number of IE and firefox's js and css several different points

Transfer from: Finally achieve a dual drag the window, spent nearly 15 hours, to celebrate (*^__^*); previously wrote about the function of IE, so he wrote a function under firefox, firefox at a lot of ...

css property values on the difference between a position

<style> * ( margin: 0; padding: 0; ) table, tr, td ( border-collapse: collapse; margin: 0; padding: 0; ) html, body ( color: # 666666; font-family: tahoma, arial, verdana, geneva, sans-serif; font-size: 12px; font-size-adjust: none; font-style: ...

Found in several IE and firefox's js and css several different points

. Firefox can not innerText support, do not know why. support but do not support firefox innerHTML innerText, so check the internet a bit, it turns out it changed to support textContent to achieve innerText, but did not realize was so good, the defau ...

CSS Useful Properties (website got the)

Commonly used CSS properties: Font attributes: (font) Size of the font-size: x-large; (large) xx-small; (minimum) less than the general English, as long as you can with the value, unit: PX, PD Style font-style: oblique; (skewed body) italic; (italics ...

Absolute positioning layer (for the login box)

<! DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / EN" ""> <html xmlns=""> <! - Here <html xmlns=&quo ...
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