android "run another application" apk

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How to run another application in android android application

How to run another application in android android application InstallReceiver mInstallReceiver = new InstallReceiver (); IntentFilter filter = new IntentFilter (Intent.ACTION_PACKAGE_INSTALL); filter.addAction (Intent.ACTION_PACKAGE_ADDED); filter.addData

Android applications and application management Introduction

Go to Theoretical foundation "Using pre-installation tool Android system, application installation package. Apk files belong to the default supported file types, it's mime type is defined as "

Introduction to Android applications and application management

This pre-Internet sources: I. Overview 2007, Google introduced a Java-based Android platform, attracted the same attention to IT industry, the same year, the company began developing Borqs the OPhone based on its platform. 2008, the first Android phone G1

Android SDK tutorial application embedded with m

Welcome to Rice, the android end advertising platform SDK, the following will show you how to program embedded in the android has m ad. Step 1: The youmiad-android.jar into your project. Ø Right root directory of your project, choose "Properties

Api using the Android system, read the *. apk hidden installation package information

Api using the Android system, read the *. apk hidden installation package information Premise: We need compiled source Android system, the output of a file out \ target \ common \ obj \ JAVA_LIBRARIES \ framework_intermediates \ classes.jar This pack

(Transfer) java-jar jar parameter to run an application packaged good time to find applications that can not find the classpath set up under the good third-party libraries?

Are you using the java-jar jar parameter to run an application packaged good time to find applications that can not find the classpath set up under the contents of a good third-party libraries? No matter how set the classpath parameter to no avail, always

About Android applications and application management

Go Theoretical basis "Using pre-installation tool Android systems, application installation package. Apk file is the default file type support, it's the mime type is defined as "application /

Android interface installed uninstall Apk

Setup: software from scratch. Uninstall program: software from having to none. Update: Coverage of the software installed, you can retain the original version of the data, improve software version. Installation method: 1, by Intent mechanism, adjusting th

Find contacts made android development contact information apk

import; import android.content.Intent; import android.database.Cursor; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.provider.ContactsContract; import android.view.View; import android.widget.Button; import android.

[Android] Google Maps application. Set up and use

Location location services using mobile devices more and more red, many people have a lot of interesting ideas, such as query by Location around the business location information, the location of photos into easy to share and record the latitude and longi

Android improve the application papers of the analog signal oscilloscopes (to)

This paper SurfaceView Android based phone to achieve a analog signal oscilloscope (PS: before the J2ME version of the phone also talked about the oscilloscope). Things very hot recently, as the mobile software developer, how to modify the phone hardware

Android Activity type application skills sharing

Android Activity class in the Android operating system, applications are often important. So how can the right to operate in the application of this work? In an application, each display screen is a Activity. So learning Android, must have some understand

android installation file parsing apk

1. The necessary tools AXMLPrinter2.jar baksmali.jar smali.jar 2. With AXMLPrinter2.jar View apk in the layout of the xml file Run java-jar AXMLPrinter2.jar XXX.xml> XXX.txt 3. Decompile classes.dex with baksmali.jar Run java-jar baksmali.jar-o classou

Android emulator to install apk files

The first step: First cmd into the command line program (win + R shortcut key) input emulator-avd your name to start your emulator emulator Step two: your download. Apk files on Android sdk installation directory of tools, the re-opening a command li

Android signature produced by apk file keytool and jarsigner

Original Address: Android and the Symbian Signed program can be self-similar signature (Self-signed), but early in the Android platform certificate still seems non-existent, when the normal developme

android exit the application solution

1, exit the dialog box @ Override protected Dialog onCreateDialog (int id) { switch (id) { / / Exit the application case EXIT_DIALOG: Builder builder = new AlertDialog.Builder (MainActivity.this); builder.setTitle (getResources (). getString (R.strin

For Windows XP only run an application

If Windows XP starts automatically after an application, rather than the desktop appears, it is only natural that a certain extent, improve computer security. For example, just after starting to use Word, other programs do not start, How can this be

[To] Android library to compile their own jar and call in the application

Mainly in order to resolve the following issues: Android project using undocumented API, will be in the red cross displayed under Eclipse. Out of different projects share the same part of the code. The necessary prerequisites: Need to have Android source

APK file to install the Android Emulator <Zhuantie>

First, install the APK file to the Android emulator The implementation of mobile phone use Android APK file format, similar to the Windows platform exe file. Android simulator installed in a variety of ways APK file, if you're a developer, can Eclipse

How to sign Android application

Android system requires that all programs can be installed through the digital signature, if the digital signature is not available, the system will not allow installation to run this program. Whether the simulator or the real phone. Therefore, in the dev

Self notes Android: Android application of basic principles

1.Android application is to use Java to develop for. Android SDK in the appt with the compiled Java code, tools (that is, class files), applications need the data, resource files labeled with a package to form an archive, the archive file suffix. Apk. The

Cloud platform programming and development (C): Creating a platform for cloud-based X5Cloud Hello World program (run on Android phones. Plates)

Cloud platform programming and development (C): Creating a platform for cloud-based X5Cloud Hello World program (run on Android phones, plate) How to Create X5Cloud Hello World program (run on Android p

Their Zhengdian oil money __AdMob: android application in embedded advertising program

AdMob: The Mobile Advertising Platform Industry-leading mobile advertising and monetization solutions from the trusted name in mobile advertising. AdMob is a relatively mature mobile platform advertisers, it as android and iphone provides a very easily in

android application type APP Development Summary - android Google map of small applications

Students blog to share the first Google Summer Competition - 2010 Andriod Posts Made a small application of intelligent switching scenario, the application is to learn android development since the development of more satisfactory application of class one

apk break the dexdump decompile Android program

Android in ism (compile, decompile, AXMLPrinter2, smali, baksmali)! 2010-07-22 13:12 I. Introduction: Hello, everybody, to share with you today in ism Android, we often encounter a very nice feel very smart application (apk), so we will try to use WinRAR

Android: apk file structure and packing techniques

Reprinted from: file structure and packing skills. html apk file that Android application package file. To install the Android platform, each application must be compiled into a single package file suffix. Apk, wh

Android Tutorial three: the first Android application, HelloWorld

Wrote This section is used mainly to create a Helloword ADT instance, and the profiling, the middle will be the creation of AVD. All of this merciless snow copyright, reproduced, please indicate the source, permanent link:

Android appears Could not find ***. apk! Error

If the program runs when Android Could not find ***. apk! Errors can generally be through the following methods to repair the error: Click Android project file, right-select Properties-> Java Build Path-> Libraries, then delete the program defa

How to install android APK file to your phone?

G1 just got a lot of friends, when entered, probably the first is to install the software, installed in the ANDROID platform file suffix ". Apk", like the installation files on the PC suffix ". Exe" Saipan Platform installation file su

Backward compatible with Android application (translation)

(Limited English proficiency, translation is not good to a lot of advice and understanding) Through transportation, consumers can have access to from a variety of Android devices all over the world, in many of the devices, also running different vers

android broadcastReceiver application life cycle and two

A: Android life cycle of the broadcast A radio receiver with a callback method: void onReceive (Context curContext, Intent broadcastMsg). When a broadcast message to reach the recipient is, Android call it onReceive () method and pass the message it conta

Using VBScript to run in a hidden window application

Cause Using MoinMoin Desktop Edition has been for some time, had to run every boot, but there is always a black box command line, is an eyesore. After another in a long while, finally get rid of black frame, so running in

Upper Android Application - Alarm Clock

Recently new to the Android operating system, I completed the set of questions is: Android upper layer application - electronic alarm clock. Because the contact time is not long to catch a practice, so this is not very understanding, it is because someone

An android project running

rt First of all: When a project deployed to the simulated environment, the application when the user clicks your name "android: label =" @ string / app_name ">" when the list of operating systems based on configuration file (Android

Chapter V Application: Hello World! - On the

Key skills and concepts l Create a new Android project. l Use the View l Use a text view l Change main.xml file l to run applications in the Android emulator In this chapter, you will create the first Android event. This chapter studies the application bu

Chapter V Application: Hello World! - Next

Or Hello World! In this section, you will create another Hello World! Android applications. But this time you are using coding UI, rather than using xml file - in fact you will do more work. The first step is to remove main.xml in TextView code. Here is t

Chapter VI using the command-line tools and Android simulator - on the

Key skills and concepts l using the Android SDK command-line tool l Create a command environment l through the shell-side navigation Android Service l to use Android SDK in Linux At present, this book has covered a number of broad themes to let you know a

Chapter VI using the command-line tool with the Android emulator - in the

<arg value="install" /> <arg value="${out-package}" /> </ exec> </ target> </ project> Since you have to understand how to manually use the build.xml, Android project to create the command line, you can st

Android Permission Daquan from 1.0 SDK record a new access permission to change the

Emck My technical career, cracked version of RC30 brush method (Note: Before upgrading the official RC30 ago) November 30, 2008 Online reads as follows: Note: Brush can not ensure that every person a

[Change] Android UI Optimization

Saying goes: no matter black or white, as it can catch mice is a good cat. This may be justified in some respects, but we thought is contrary to the pursuit of excellence, often because the content is a result, give up the search even more optimized appro

Introduction to Android

Android, has long wanted to know a smart phone system, and in the beginning of this year, the company should promote its services to the phone, I had the pleasure involved in the development of the iCalendar, let me first hand experience of an iPhone, iPh

Examples of learning HelloAndroid Android development

After the recent completion of the project, idle boredom, the want to learn C, C + +, on very poor, and too hard, used java development, I recall my colleagues, do not dry, learning Android, then began to study their development of Android . This article

Some of the underlying basics android (Reprinted)

An important description of the package: to provide high-level programming model, provides basic runtime environment android.content: contains various data on the device to access and release of the class android.database: Browse by content p

Android Developer's Guide - widgets (App Widgets)

Application widget App Widgets Application widget (Widget) is a small application that view, can be embedded in other applications (eg desktop) and receive periodic updates. You can be an App Widget provider to publish a Widget. App Widget can accommodate

android Service Activity Binder interactive communication interactive examples

android Service Binder examples of interactive communication This article comes from: android SDK provides the Service, for a similar * nix daemon or windows service. Service There are two t

android Service Activity Binder interactive communication interactive examples of

android Service Binder examples of interactive communication This article comes from: android SDK provides the Service, for a similar * nix daemon or windows service. Service There are two t

Android --- jUnit test environment

The first step: first to add the following Code Red AndroidManifest.xml: <Manifest xmlns: android = "" package = "cn.action" android: versionCode = "1" android: versionName =

Development of basic knowledge Android Map Study Notes

Android Maps API key registered Run: keytool-list-keystore ~ / .android / debug.keystore MD5 code used by the registered API key to Reference:

How to try out Android Froyo installed on your computer

Original Source: Google's Android operating system, the next version of the firmware, version 2.2, code-named "Froyo", obviously a very big progress in this version, the previous articles we hav

Android / OPhone develop full notes (china-pub starts)

[Size = large] Google acquired in 2005, established only 22 months of high-tech enterprise Android, launched a text message, cell phone search, location and other services, also Linux-based Android platform also entered the development stage. Google at th
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