android overlay example

Android overlay study two Android camera preview and take picture with V4l2

This part of the spec is not full understand the contents, but according to FSL's code to know that one of the sequence, the following code in light of the FSL to describe under the Video overlay process sequence. First of all, tell us about the video

Development of basic knowledge Android Map Study Notes

Android Maps API key registered Run: keytool-list-keystore ~ / .android / debug.keystore MD5 code used by the registered API key to Reference:

Button or ImageButton android set the background transparent

Button or ImageButton in the background set to transparent or translucent Translucent <Button android:background="#e0000000" ... /> Transparent <Button android:background="#00000000" ... /> Color and opacity (alpha) va

Android the Google Maps polyline layer (Polyline)

My project needs planning Android Google Map on the line, found that API, there is not even Polyline, analysis Overlay class, his class made a line, to use the Polyline with Flex is similar to the remaining few that directly paste the code. package w

Android the Google map marker (Marker)

As with the Polyline, map marker Marker still does not appear in the Map API in Android. Yourself to achieve a very simple Marker class, other small state, directly on the code. package; import; import

Android Codec integration and video Overlay

Codec integration and video overlay is now FSL of the multimedia android changes everything, codec library to. So the form on the prebuilt directory, there is no source file. The video overlay is used in the realization of the main FSL's ipu underlyin

android application type APP Development Summary - android Google map of small applications

Students blog to share the first Google Summer Competition - 2010 Andriod Posts Made a small application of intelligent switching scenario, the application is to learn android development since the development of more satisfactory application of class one

Android Display System --- Surface Flinger SurfaceFlinger Android multimedia is a part of it in the Android's implementation is a service, to provide system-wide surface composer feature, which can be a variety of applications of 2D

android Button or ImageButton to set the background transparent state

android Button or ImageButton to set the background transparent state Button or ImageButton to set the background for the transparent or translucent Translucent <Button android: background = "# e0000000" ... /> Transparent <Button andro

Multimedia Framework March Android change

The core code Android by the end of March there is a more significant a change, especially in relatively large changes in multimedia, the main purpose is to better achieve the Camcorder, and the further realization of Video Telephony. These changes are al

[Android] (transfer) android emulator command Detailed

Turn Android emulator ndroid SDK comes with a mobile device emulator - it is a run on the virtual device on your computer. Android emulator allows you to preview without the use of physical equipment, develo

android first day (a modicum of success, scattered points)

Good post, go here recorded. Original Address: Of: ptzxzc 1. The sdk copied to the android-sdk-windows \ platforms the next. If there is a network, then on android-sdk-windows a

Android SDK Add-on Configure, Compile and Release

SDK Add-on is a relatively small minority of the topic, first, firms do not usually publish their add-on, the second is even more transparent, application developers are rarely used. So usually the vendor's technical team entertain themselves, the tea

Call mute button to block the process Android

Now doing a project dual card dual standby! Phone as the main core of the problems is strange! Today was a troubled one afternoon - need to call and press the mute button the sound! So because it is double the corresponding RINGER Phone object has tw

google map on the use of android

One. MAP API key applications: ① In the Eclipse-> Window-> Preferences-> Android-> Build the view debug keystore location. ② run in the cmd keytool-list-alias androiddebugkey-keystore "... .."-storepass android-keypass android where

Android in-depth inquiry notes between Two - Gesture Recognition

1. Establish gesture library Established using the SDK comes with examples GestureBuilder gesture library (location: android-sdk-windows \ samples \ android-8 \ GestureBuilder). Use GestureBuilder, you need to restore to the development environment, then

Google android on the map and text on the monitor of the examples discussed

online these days to write a variety of search code SMS monitoring service, and then returns a message with gps address and resolve gps address shown on the map a small program, but returned to the message displayed when the map a problem, my method under

The use of reproduced maps Google Maps is one of the many applications bundled with the Android platform. In addition to simply using the Maps application, you can also embed it into your own applications and make it d

Telecom Software Development Flex will bring change?

If you are a programmer telecommunications industry, famous topology tools TWaver You must be familiar; but if you mention TWaver think of a Swing component package, you no doubt already out of. After ten years of development, TWaver look is no longer a s

Use the map reproduced Google Maps is one of the many applications bundled with the Android platform. In addition to simply using the Maps application, you can also embed it into your own applications and make it d

Android1.6 gesture recognition

Are pleased to see the gesture recognition sdk Android1.6 of this feature has been to before, how to achieve nds game android as gesture (gesture should be the exact point) to control the game character? Now finally see the light of a point, but the ...

Google Skia graphics engine

September 2008, Google announced improvements to the core through the WebKit web browser Chrome, exposed the many new features, for example, new [ V8 ] JavaScript (ECMAscript) execution engine, perhaps too rosy, the use of masking the other an open-source
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