android draw rectangle stroke color fill

android Canvas Usage

Canvas Usage Do java's all know, drawing definitely first need a Canvas, then use the Graphics drawing what you want in the above pattern. Yes, Android is also similar to the above, you can get it from a Bitmap Canvas, to draw, you can also custo

Android platform bottom drawing 2

Today, we continue to introduce Android platform, drawing class, related to the underlying content, the Android UI development project (1) of the interface design of the Android platform, we introduced the use of resources, and Bitmap-related class action

android ShapeDrawable instance

Today looked at the drawing api, met a new class, Shader class description, android Shader class provides specialized to render the image has a number of geometry, shader, including several direct the following sub-categories, namely BitmapShaper, Compose

J2me game of how to quickly migrate to Android

Of: Lazy Bones Preface White: "Boss, do you let the game get out of the three J2me, see DEMO." Boss: "Well, yes, white, you know, the Android platform, right?" White: "Well, heard of it. I heard and J2ME have much in common." drawing 2D graphics class

Note: From Peas Network This example will use the Paint object (painted pen) in different settings, in Cavas (canvas) to draw hollow, internships and a variety of geometric gradient polymorphism. Look at the following renderings: [Img]

android Paint and Color class using the sample introduction

Should drawing, first of all have to adjust the brush, brush to be adjusted after the image and then drawing to the canvas, so that it can be displayed on the phone screen. Android is a Paint Brush in the class, Paint contains many ways to set its pr

android drawing geometry

Previous articles are some of the rectangle inside a painting, today to see how the android phone number on the screen to draw geometric shapes, such as triangles, polygons, ellipses, circles, squares and so on. And set of hollow, solid. Let us first take

[To] Android drawing of the Matrix (c)

Original Address: In the Android operating system, there are many features tips to help us to easily implement some of the demand. Image processing such as image and so on. Here we will bring you some of the Android for the dra

Android graphical user interface of the drawing (a)

Paste the code directly: package com.view; import com.test.R; import android.view.View; import android.content.Context; import; import; import; import android.graphic
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