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Android developer to be a survey to help us

Android developer to be a survey, I hope you help: data after the survey (mid-September) announced to share, thank you, please forward

Papaya (Papaya) Android developer contest is about to start business

Event Website: Activities: Papaya (Papaya) Android developer contest is about to start business If you are a creative yet very skillful game developers, do you dream of the past San Francisco to attend t

Recently a new book in the translation of foreign The Android Developer's Cookbook: Building Applications with the so stay tuned

Recently a new book in the translation of foreign The Android Developer's Cookbook: Building Applications with the Android SDK (More information can be found in the book

Count Ten Android Developer tools necessary

Android SDK provides a series to help developers design, build, test and release a powerful tool for Android applications, the following is recommended by the game developer compiled the 10 states most commonly used development tools. 1.Eclipse w / ADT Al

Android Developer's Guide - two-dimensional graphics

Two-dimensional graphic 2D Graphics Android offers a custom 2D graphics library, be used to draw graphics and animation. Your package will and android.view.animation find these general categories. This paper briefly describes how

Android Developer's Guide - Framework theme - safety and licensing

Safety and licensing Security and Permissions Android is a multi-process system, each application (and part of the system) to run inside its own process. Most of the procedures and safety systems based on Linux through the levels in the process support me

Android: Android developer peace of mind you want to do!

If you feel that the wall fan trouble, you can use the following methods: Official Web site that is added after agents, simple Transfer from

How into the Android developer site

Site is the wall out how to do? Android's open distribution networks how to go Use a proxy

Android Developer Blog

Encountered a thorny problem: Using ImageView display animated GIF format, it only shows the first frame of the picture, can not play the animation. Zhang Dan a try in the phone, the browser opens with a picture of the animated GIF, when, in essence, is a

Android Developer's Guide - widgets (App Widgets)

Application widget App Widgets Application widget (Widget) is a small application that view, can be embedded in other applications (eg desktop) and receive periodic updates. You can be an App Widget provider to publish a Widget. App Widget can accommodate

Android Developer's Guide - 3D Graphics

3D graphics 3D with OpenGL Android through the OpenGL API to support high performance 3D graphics - specifically, is the OpenGL ES API. OpenGL, OpenGL ES is a customized version for embedded devices. OpenGL ES is not fixed in all versions correspond ...

Android Developer notes 3: TextView text, automatic detection of hyperlinks and automatic completion

In Android in, TextView small example of some applications: package; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.text.util.Linkify; import android.widget.ArrayAdapter; import android.widget.AutoCompleteTextV

Android Developer notes 4: DisplayMetrics class, how to get screen width and height

Classes for facilities with DisplayMetrics screen width and height of code: package; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.util.DisplayMetrics; import android.widget.TextView; /** * DisplayMetrics简单应用-

Android Developer notes 3: TextView automatic detection in the text of the hyperlink and automatic completion

In Android in, TextView small example of some applications: package; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.text.util.Linkify; import android.widget.ArrayAdapter; import android.widget.AutoCompleteTextView;

Android Developer's Guide - User Interface - event handling

Handle user interface events Handling UI Events In Android, and more than one way to listen for the interaction between user and application events. For the user interface in the event listener is to interact with the user from a specific view object inte

Can I use this Intent? (Switched android developer)

Can I use this Intent? Posted by Romain Guy on 05 January 2009 at 6:00 AM Android offers a Powerful and yet very Easy to use tool called intents . An intent can be use to Turn

Android Developer's Guide - Tools - Painting Style Box

Painting Style Box Draw 9-patch The Style Box Drawing Tools (draw9patch.bat) allows you easily through a WYSIWYG (WYS | WYG) editor to create a Jiugongge NinePatch map. About Jiugongge map and how it works, please read the Style Box Image Ninepatch Images

Android phones how to determine whether the current network?

If the proposed development of a network application program, first consider whether the access network, to determine whether the Android phone in the network can ConnectivityManager class isAvailable () method to determine, The first instance of the clas

The development of advanced non-blocking NIO Android Package (VI)

Relevant content on Android NIO, this Android123 order and grouped as follows, in order to make everyone feel NIO and the close contact Android platform, where we combine the ADT plug-in DDMS in an important development tool to analyze the source cod

The development of advanced non-blocking NIO Android Package (VII)

Today we continue with the analysis of source Android DDMS NIO non-blocking communication, Android123 also to share with the next mobile phone and PC exchange some of the technology. SocketChannel and the NIO ByteBuffer relating to the use of details in t

Android development of a number of important points online

From network 1. Android Single Instance Methods We all know that Android platform is not the task manager, and defenders within the App Activity history stack to achieve a window display and destruction, for the conventional view is from the shortcut to r

classic android face questions

Android classic interview questions 1, Android dvm process and the Linux process, the application process is the same concept as the DVM means dalivk the virtual machine. Every Android application runs in its own process to run, have an independent Dalvik

Chapter III download. Install Android SDK

Key skills and concepts l download the Android SDK l use the update feature in Eclipse l download, install and configure Eclipse's Android plug-in l Detection of PATH Statement Previous section, you have to download and install the main development en

Chapter VI using the command-line tool with the Android emulator - in the

<arg value="install" /> <arg value="${out-package}" /> </ exec> </ target> </ project> Since you have to understand how to manually use the build.xml, Android project to create the command line, you can st

Introducing the Android Computing Platform

Computing continues to become more "personal," increasingly accessible anytime, anywhere. At the forefront of this development are handheld devices that are transforming into computing platforms. Treatment, continues to become more humane, and m

Classic android development site

[Android Chinese original order] android development of the classical site (2010-02-26 01:29:19) Reprinted 1, the official website, including android branch version and handset manufacturers website 1.Android - an open handset alliance project http://code

Professional Android 2 Development - 2

WHAT THIS BOOK COVERS Chapter 1 introduces Android, including what it is and how it fits into existing mobile development. What Android offers as a development platform and why it's an exciting opportunity for creating mobile phone applications are th

Professional Android 2 Development - 3

HOW THIS BOOK IS STRUCTURED Book structure This book is structured in a logical sequence to help readers of different development backgrounds learn how to write advanced Android applications. There's no requirement to read each chapter sequentially, b

In-depth Android [2] - the structure and features

Android architecture and features Original Address: The long-awaited, still holds the pipa and a half cover. - "Pipa" Although expensive for the wealthy people, but if I had not an

25 websites you should read the Android

Only be a good collection of Android Websites: Android Tapp. Android Tapp is the best Android App Reviews Resources. Android Apps. This is AppVee iPhone app reviews brother site; not only provides read comments Android Apps, also offers YouTube video ...

Video Tutorial of Android - android development environment set up

Install JDK, configure the appropriate environment variables. Best to install JDK6.0, speed is faster From you were looking for a suitable operating system, eclipse, the proposed installation eclipse3.5 , this version is developed usi

Android development data collection

Transfer from 1, special】 【eoeAndroid first Andriod 1.5 SDK Introduction 2, special】 【eoeAndroid second image processing articles (1) htt

Android / OPhone develop full notes (china-pub starts)

[Size = large] Google acquired in 2005, established only 22 months of high-tech enterprise Android, launched a text message, cell phone search, location and other services, also Linux-based Android platform also entered the development stage. Google at th

Documents on the Chinese android

What is Android? Android is a specialized set of software for mobile devices, which includes an operating system, middleware and some important applications. Beta version of the Android SDK provides the Android platform using the Java language for Android

Android / OPhone develop fully handouts

Android / OPhone develop fully handouts Basic Information Innovation: Press: China Water Power Press ISBN: 9787508475271 Added time :2010-7-1 Publication Date: June 2010 format: 16 Open Page: 466 More exciting information Address:

The past lives embrace Android

Since Google launched development of Android OS so far, three years, which is its great success in the Internet world, the competition to dominate the mobile Internet world hit the one hitting hard. Android is designed for mobile devices operating sy

Android depth sensor

Android is a rich application development for the platform, it has many attractive user interface elements and data management capabilities. Android also provides a rich set of interface options. In this article, learn how to use Android in a variety of s

Android AlertDialog dialog ProgressDialog

This article is online article "Android Developer's Guide - user interface - dialog boxes" to simplify some of the contents, plus some of their own understanding. Inside the same content, copyright of the original translation of the author.

How to choose platform mobile developer?

Vision Mobile website for the latest of the "mobile developer Economics 2010 and the Future" report, which proposed a number of mobile development in the field of new ideas, including mobile developers concerned about changes in force, Behind th

How to configure the Android SDK in Eclipse

Students blog to share the first Google Summer Competition - 2010 Andriod Posts To obtain and install Eclipse If you do not install Eclipse, then from the Eclipse Foundation to download and install the latest stable version of Eclipse IDE. Installation pa

[Change] 2010 World Cup, my trip to Android

[Change] 2010 World Cup, my Android Tour Text / Single Yu-liang In the country has been working for the company, never thought I write a program to make money, the idea of developing Android applications that I migrated

Mac OS on the Android environment configuration

1.jdk installation requires more than 1.5. The general Mac OS 10.6.3 has been pre-installed jdk, I is jdk 1.6. With "java-version" in terminal to view. 2.eclipse IDE Eclipse installation need to download the official website, I downloaded the ec

android Quick Start Guide

In order to participate in "Students blog to share the first Google Summer Competition - 2010 Andriod articles" specifically writing this article. Costa Rica is the android, and Google's iron fans. Ha ha. Already signed up several blog are t

android project documents under the resource type

An android project, there are various types of resource files, can be divided into the following categories: 1, color # RGB # ARGB # RRGGBB # AARRGGBB Color resources should be located in <resourses> </ resourses> tab Path res / values / color

Android, adb push, Out of memory

As android developer, if you use the following command like: adb push file / system / .. and meet problems like "failed to copy file to / system / ...", such as: failed to copy 'file' to '/ system / ...': No space left on device

(Transfer) the development of practical tools and resources selected Android

In google, open source platform, and from mobile phone manufacturers HTC, Samsung and Sony Ericsson's support, Android platform in the market share achieved last year compared to 886% growth! If I look at growth, IPhone According to statistics, only 6

Android Study Notes (2) - build Android development platform

Eclipse + Android SDK First, download the Eclipse Select Eclipse IDE for Java Developers (85 MB) version Second, download the Android SDK I c

android rights Daquan

android.permission.ACCESS_CHECKIN_PROPERTIES Allows read and write access "properties" table checkin Database, change the value can change upload ( Allows read/write access to the "properties" table in the checkin database, to change values that

Android Development Resources Summary

1, eoe Android Developer Forum Currently the first Android developer community is very busy popular gathering Bushao Android development of the master, the development of big problems can be resolved here, the biggest feature is the Web site regularl

Full summary Android Development Resources

1, eoe Android Developer Forum At present the earliest of the Android developer community is very busy gathering a lot of popular Android development of the master, the development of big problems can be resolved here, the site features the largest r
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