android application flow diagram

Enter the path to Android user event

1 Enter the path to the general principles of buttons, the mouse message from the collection to the final will be sent to the focus window, the path to go through what is Android GWES design issues that need careful consideration. Buttons, mouse and other

Android related processes in the G-Sensor

1. The G-sensor work needs to be done: G-sensor driver files include: driver/i2c/chips/lis331dl.c driver/i2c/chips/sensorioctl.h include/linux/lis331dl.h And / kernel/arch/arm/mach-s3c6410/mach-ur6410.c file i2c chanel1 structure variables i2c_devs1

Android multimedia framework OpenCore (PacketVideo) Introduction

Overview of the first part of OpenCore OpenCore Another common call is PacketVideo, which is Android's multimedia core. In the process of development, PacketVideo is the name of a company, but this multimedia framework OpenCore is the name of the soft


MediaPlayer class can be used to control audio / video files or streaming playback. On how to use the methods of this class can also read VideoView class documentation. 1. State diagram For playing audio / video files and streams is controlled by a state

Adroid core analysis

On the blog: 2010 In June. 14 Day Android core analysis (28 )----- Android GDI of Surface & Canvas Surface & Canvas Canvas is the meaning of the canvas. Android's mapping upper Canvas instance by almost complete, i

Telecom Software Development Flex will bring change?

If you are a programmer telecommunications industry, famous topology tools TWaver You must be familiar; but if you mention TWaver think of a Swing component package, you no doubt already out of. After ten years of development, TWaver look is no longer a s

Model-based development of iPhone twitter client

This article describes the use of model-based development approach to rapidly develop mobile web applications. We will develop a Twitter iPhone client application. See the iPhone application, you might hesitate. Do I have to do to buy a Mac machine, I was

Using gef build a graphical process designer.

We are always doing all kinds of things against the tide .. When jbpm4 in N years later finally launched its own "antelope" at the right time we have the web from the degradation process designer to use the eclipse plugin in the form of drawing

Chinese API MediaPlayer

Chinese API MediaPlayer public class MediaPlayer Inherited from Object java.lang.Object Overview of the class MediaPlayer can be used to control audio / video files or streaming media playback, you can find in the VideoView this

IPC frame analysis Binder, Service, Service manager

Copied from: Well written ah. IPC frame analysis Binder, Service, Service manager I first of all from a macro perspective Binder, Service, Service Manager, and explained their concept. The conce
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