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android Learning Summary 2

1 in 1.5 of the android, you can specify edittext only enter a number, such as can be on the small pop-up keyboard: android: inputType = "numberDecimal", that can also accept input contain a decimal point figures. 2 to read the contents of the r

Android Notes - dialog box prompts

0. Chieftain prompted by: Toast toast = Toast.makeText (MsgSenderActivity.this, R.string.success, Toast.LENGTH_LONG); / / create a chieftain prompt object, the first parameter, need to display the Activity object, the second argument: the need to dis

Android status bar to remind (Notification, NotificationManager) the use of

Hello, everybody here today to talk about the Android simple status bar to remind that this development will be in regular use, plug in USB when we will have the status bar to remind, to text messages when the status bar will also be a reminder. In the An

Department of famous door Android (3) - dialog (Dialog) and notification (Notification)

Introduced in the Android in the dialog box and various kinds of notification effects of application of the use of common dialog boxes, pop-up dialog box, select the date of the dialog box, timing dialog box, notice the progress bar dialog box (the list a

Secret 4 Android Application Development Notes (Part 2)

To take it for missing pages of the book, this interview a little stagnant for two days ... ... okay I'm lazy Before continuing introduction of controls on the Android Notes ‚óŹ button (Button) Set setOnClickistener monitor, you can set the button size,

Android Development 06 - menus and dialog box (below)

Android Development 06 - menus and dialog box (below) 1. Progress dialog ProgressDialog can wheel and a progress bar shows progress, as ProgressDialog inherited from AlertDialog, so the progress of the dialog box can also add buttons. Usage examples of th

Setting Notification Timing display

Note that Notification parameters of the constructor's role when the role is not regular, it should use the TimerTask and Timer ~ Click button5 seconds display xml

Dialog & Notification & OptionsMenu practice

The following menu does not make sense, just a practice only, Figure first: Layout: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?> <LinearLayout xmlns:android="" android:orientation="vertical" android:layout_widt

SQLiteOpenHelper & SharedPreferences practice

Directory structure: package; import java.text.DecimalFormat; import java.util.Locale; import; import; import; import; import

App automatic update notification bar download (transfer)

Original Address: # 2092962 Park witnessed blog updated multiple times, you hope you release new software features by updating to notify the user it, yes. This article is essential kno
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