android: add child in group in expandable list view

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Services for the Android add a Java layer

Services for the Android add a Java layer Similar with the previous article, this article aims to briefly explain how to add your own java level of service, related theory has many articles online, not detailed in this. Java layer services shall be f

Control group analysis - File system view

Control group analysis - File system view Introduction In the previous article in the cgroup the main design data structures and data structure between the association and a brief analysis of the subsystem to achieve in the article also mentioned tha

The status bar in the Android add Menu, Back, Home Improvement Add in the status bar Menu, Back, Home buttons three methods described below good. See: "In the android's status bar (statusbar) to add menu, home and back shortcut method" http://

Android add an icon in the status bar function

private void showNotification () { / / Create a reference to a NotificationManager NotificationManager notificationManager = (NotificationManager) AutoFile.this.getSystemService (android.content.Context.NOTIFICATION_SERVICE); / / Define the various proper

Learning Diary <b> android Add button, and events for the menu

public boolean onCreateOptionsMenu (Menu menu) { menu.add (0, 0, 0, "return"); menu.add (0, 1, 1, "search"); return super.onCreateOptionsMenu (menu); } public boolean onOptionsItemSelected (MenuItem item) { super.onOptionsItemSele

Android - add your own custom attributes when View

res / values / attrs.xml <declare-styleable name="CellLayout"> <! - The width of a single cell -> <attr name="cellWidth" format="dimension" /> <! - The height of a single cell -> <attr name=

Android - Add screen standby option

Such as the title, in the "standby screen" pop-up menu to add "1 hour" option. As long as a few places can be modified as follows: 1. In the file packages / apps / Settings / res / values / arrays.xml ps: If your device is MidSett

android Debug Bridge (adb) [switch] [to facilitate future View]

Have to admit that google thing to do is very intimate to the developers ~ ~ ~ very convenient for debugging, you can put the same real machine when the emulator debug, thread view, object view. . . . You just need a real machine to connect your data cabl

android simple custom class using the example of View

Android View class is a super class, this class includes almost all the screen types. Each View has a canvas for drawing, the canvas can be arbitrarily extended. In the middle of the game can develop a custom view (View), the function of the canvas in the

android in the Xml configuration file to customize View to note

Do not know if you are in the XML configuration file to customize the experience of View, such as this. <Xiaohang.zhimeng.TestView android: layout_width = "wrap_content" android: layout_height = "wrap_content" /> </ LinearLayo

[Cocos2d game development of the seven] add / remove system components, and solve the View setting in the View transparency will affect the other components of the problem!

Time seems to have not been updated in the main project more anxious, but now all won cocos2d basically be, was progressing well, so here mainly to introduce the next number of Himi problems; This chapter describes two knowledge points: 1 Adding syst

android UI optimization

【】 Android UI optimization transfer 2010-05-20 17:22 Reprinted from liuhuman Final editing liuhuman The most commonly used in LinearLayout said Android UI framework, but also the most intuitive and convenient way. Such as creating a UI for showing the bas

Android combines the interface of the Sqlite database to learn to do add, delete, change, check. Operation

In a previous blog has been done on the SQLite database package, combining the blog of this blog do interface operation. Check out the data in the database using ListView display in the interface and increase the menu prompts on the data to do new and del

Oracle asm disk group to add

1, create a raw device Quote # Ls-l / dev / rlvtest crw-rw ---- 1 oracle dba 44, 7 Mar 05 03:52 / dev / rlvtest 2, add the disk group Quote SQL> create diskgroup grouptest disk '/ dev / rlvtest'; create diskgroup grouptest disk '/ dev ...

centos users. group permissions. add and delete users, and the detailed operation of the command operation

1.Linux operating system is a multi-user multi-tasking operating systems, including user accounts and group accounts are two sub-user account (normal user account, the super user account) in addition to group account user account that there are so-called

centos users. group permissions. add delete users, and detailed operation of the operation command

1.Linux operating system is multi-user multi-tasking operating system, including user accounts and group accounts two kinds of sub-user account (normal user account, the super user account) in addition to the user account that there are so-called gro

centos user & group permissions to add and delete user questions & Detailed

centos user & group permissions to add and delete user questions & Detailed Zhuanzhai Network 1.Linux operating system is multi-user multi-tasking operating system, including user accounts and group accounts two kinds of sub-user account (normal u

mac os x add user belongs to group

Regular linux user and group under the command under the mac os x is not spirit, here is the Internet to find In the command line: dscl localhost Into the group catalog cd /Local/Default/Groups You can

Department of famous Gate Android (8)

Department of famous Gate Android (8) - Control (View) of the TextSwitcher, Gallery, ImageSwitcher, GridView, ListView, ExpandableList Author: webabcd Android describes the use of various controls (View) TextSwitcher - Text converter control (to change th

Android BaseExpandableListAdapter Tutorial

First on the map to say, to achieve results as shown below, the number of available options can be changed. BaseExpandableListAdapter achieve browser_expandable_list_item.xml used to display the XML for each ITEM browserlayout.xml used to display the ...

Documents on the Chinese android

What is Android? Android is a specialized set of software for mobile devices, which includes an operating system, middleware and some important applications. Beta version of the Android SDK provides the Android platform using the Java language for Android

Tour Links Android development: view layout and practice of several

Our applications run on the Android principle and layout files can be described with a deeper awareness and understanding, and with the "Hello World!" Program to practice proved. Continue to develop in-depth Android trip, it is necessary to solv

classic android face questions

Android classic interview questions 1, Android dvm process and the Linux process, the application process is the same concept as the DVM means dalivk the virtual machine. Every Android application runs in its own process to run, have an independent Dalvik

Android layout (switch)

Our applications run on the Android principle and layout files can be described with a deeper awareness and understanding, and with the "Hello World!" Program to practice proved. Continue in-depth tour Android developers before, there is no need

In-depth Android [6] - Interface Structure

Interface structure Original Address: UI interface for each application, the user is interacting with the Menlian. Good Menlian, not only is in a bright, pleasant, rich and colorful look ove

Several layout android

LinearLayout orientation: the direction of the specified control, respectively, horizontal (level), vertical (vertical), in this code can be setOrientation () to dynamically change values were HORIZONTAL or VERTICAL fill model: respectively using android:

Flex Dynamic add components to TileGroup

Requirements: In the Control Center page click on "Add monitor entries," pop-up a corresponding add page, add the page to add better control items after the click OK to return to the monitoring center page, and on this page dynamically show

Android UI overview of the basic concepts of user interface development

Android UI Programming Interface Overview In this paper, the user interface of the Android UI open some of the basic concepts, not to do in-depth explanations, but you can quickly browse Android open often involves some basic concepts and elements. 1, int

Depth Flex4 - understanding the similarities and differences between Element and Child

Original Address: When I learned the many benefits of my Flex4 those new features, I decided instead to use it. At first, I tried to use the Flex predecessor both in knowledge and experience to quickly enter the

android dynamically load content in the spinner

android dynamic loading spinner in the data: package jftt.txlong; import java.util.ArrayList; import java.util.List; import; import android.os.Bundle; import android.util.Log; import android.view.View; import androi

Android to improve the fourteenth chapter of Quest TelephonyManager

The last describes how to use JAVA reflection mechanism to invoke the hidden Bluetooth API , the continued practice of reflection JAVA, Quest TelephonyManager but in the Framework contains several features hidden in the SDK. Let's look at the effect o

[To] Android. The realization of custom control

Reprinted: May have been doing rich client Web development because of it, in contact with Android, and found the controls really horrible (do not know whether the right is too extreme), I

Android - to get the machine to install the application (transfer)

Android to get the unit installed on the application Enter the above in google keyword + android, can be found to the code: 1 List<PackageInfo> packs = getPackageManager().getInstalledPackages( 0 ); Although some of the code is known to filter out t

android on how to textview placed imageview

Now it seems there are three ways to achieve 1. Framelayout, a framelayout is used to stack a TextView on top of an ImageView <FrameLayout xmlns:android="" android:layout_width="fill_parent" android:layout_heig

Android raise as much as seventeen tree menu implementation level

Android in order to achieve the tree menu, are used ExpandableList (also master their own or inherit ListView LinearLayout do), but generally only achieve two ExpandableList tree menu ...... This article is also still use ExpandableList, but to to achieve

android intent and intent-filters

This is the original relentless snow, reprinted Please indicate the source: Android Development Technology Exchange Group 86,686,524 (full) please add 120,059,404 Wrote Read the previous sections should be tutorial wil

use of android's Menu

1. Ordinary Menu Let's look at how to achieve the simplest Menu. Activity in the primary coverage onCreateOptionsMenu (Menu menu) method. Code <! - Code highlighting produced by Actipro CodeHighlighter (freeware) -

Android development tools used by adb

Transfer from: adb (Android Debug Bridge) is provided by Android a common debugging tools, with this tool, we can manage the device or the status of mobile phone simulator. Can also be used for the following steps: 1, q

Chapter VI using the command-line tool with the Android emulator - in the

<arg value="install" /> <arg value="${out-package}" /> </ exec> </ target> </ project> Since you have to understand how to manually use the build.xml, Android project to create the command line, you can st

Android Permission List permission note

Android permissions points very small, but the names more user-friendly, Android permission than the Symbian Capabilities has been a lot of improvements, the following permissions on the permission to see what are the definition of bar and found that it i

android study notes one of the commonly used controls

Individual learning android to do notes, memo posted them. 1, EditText Main functions: setText / getText set / get text content, setHint to set the default display content; 2, RadioGroup, RadioButton RadioButton's isChecked () to determine whethe ...

android program structure and installation of

1, program structure <br /> In eclipse create a new android project, its code structure includes: Two, 1. How to reference resources for java, R.string.aboutTitle this acquisition is just one int type, you want to get a specific use ...

Android build environment (change)

Android build environment itself is complex, and unlike the common build environment: only the top-level directory only Makefile file, while others use a unified standard for each component of the file itself is relatively simple, b

[Change] Android UI Performance Optimization of teaching

How in the rational use of resources based on the premise, further enhance the visual expression. Here are the visual expression that does not mean that visual see visual effects, but the performance improvements. Here will consist of two main elements: D

linux add a user to multiple groups inside the method

Yesterday, as the daily management of the user should add to the mysql user group to read the error log file, use # usermod-G mysql coomix command. Found today can not su - root, and appear the following situations: [Coomix @ china213 wwwroot] $ su -

Magento-as a commodity classification (category) add custom attributes method

Not available to the commodity classification Magento add properties features, but we often hope to Category and then add properties to filter products based on these attributes, what can be achieved in the Magento in it? (In the following two sites

Development of basic knowledge Android Map Study Notes

Android Maps API key registered Run: keytool-list-keystore ~ / .android / debug.keystore MD5 code used by the registered API key to Reference:

Android - SharedPreference Application

注: 其它应用调用此参数文件: //创建需要调用的参数保存文件应用的Context //第一参数为保存文件所存在的包名 //第二个参数表示 忽略安全级别 //注: 这里的 this.getContext()是得到当前应用的上下文,因为本测试环境是继承 AndroidTestCase ,如果在Activity中可以直接使用createPackageContext方法 Context context = this.getContext().createPackageContext("cn.andro

User (User) and user group (Group) profile Xiangjie

Analysis: North South North from: LinuxSir.Org Abstract: Xiang Jie user (User) and user group (Group) of the configuration file, this is a "Linux user (User) and user group (Group) Management Overview" document on the key part of the refinement;

Android permissions list permission note

Android permissions points very small, but more human name, Android permission has been much improvement than the Symbian Capabilities, the following permissions on the permission to see what are the definition of it, was found still more numerous, and if
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