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SQL injection Xiangjie

Quote 1. SQL injection can be said is a loophole, it can be said to be a kind of attack methods, procedures, variables handled properly filter user submitted data deficiencies, may have the flaw, but attacks on principle is to use the user submits or can

flash + asp + xml message in this tutorial

[1b] shows address [/ 1b] [1b] source file download [/ 1b] [1b] Installation instructions: [/ 1b] Before use, to determine whether the space or the local test server support asp, and the normal operation of asp Background landing address flashgbook / ...

spring security 2 the use of custom filters multi-login page

Spring Security in the application of recent time, accumulated some experience, write them want to give some enlightenment to those who need it, after all, online for the spring security configuration and application are not many, most applications are in

Reset tomcat login user name and password

The original tomcat-user.xml yes <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> - <tomcat-users> <role rolename="tomcat" /> <role rolename="role1" /> <user username="both" password=

Create an Admin panel with CodeIgniter

Create an Admin panel with CodeIgniter As I see it there are three methods to Creating an admin system using the MVC framework CodeIgniter . In this article I will Show examples of the structures for each and mention the Pro's and con's of us ... examples of applications of ajax1.0 01

Accordion Demonstration Function: It is always a space for the formulation of positions on the page Use: effect: Page: <asp:ScriptManager runat="server"> </ Asp: ScriptManager> <% - For the shows Panl -%> <asp:Panel run

tomcat user and password, admin user can not enter the Tomcat management page

Problems today reported the following: 401 Unauthorized You are not authorized to view this page. If you have not changed any configuration files, please examine the file conf / tomcat-users.xml in your installation. That file will contain the credentials

Session Session

February 24, 2009 Tuesday 18:04 session Session: in the computer, especially in network applications, referred to as "conversation." Session directly translated into Chinese is difficult, generally translated into time domain. In computer scienc

WinCVS and CVSNT is simple to use hand

WinCVS and CVSNT is simple to use hand 1, Introduction: CVS is a version control tool, currently under both Linux and Windows versions; but most domestic applications are introduced such as the open source Linux-based open software organizations, but ...

Common SQL injection code

/ / To see what rights and 1 = (Select IS_MEMBER ('db_owner')) And char (124)% 2BCast (IS_MEMBER ('db_owner') as varchar (1))% 2Bchar (124) = 1; - / / Test whether the permission to read a database and 1 = (Select HAS_DBACCESS ('m

ubuntu + Mysql + jdak + tomcat + apache environment configuration

1, the installation environment and JDK JAVA $ Sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jre $ Sudo apt-get install sun-java6-jdk $ Sudo apt-get sun-java6-fonts Note: the installation process requires you to answer whether the consent to use agreement (the terminal

Software life cycle to create B2C e-commerce site

Case 1: Use the software life cycle to create B2C e-commerce website [1] First, the software life cycle Everything has production, development, maturity, die, or update stages, e-commerce website is no exception. [2] any e-commerce system in the course of

configured to run redmine Memorandum

Installation InstantRails First of all, from the InstantRailsWiki: Instant Rails Download the latest version of InstantRails. Extract the downloaded file, run InstantRails.exe. Has been confirmed to start Apache and MySQL. Examples of procedures for the n

Headius: Zero to Production in 15 Minutes

There still seems to be confusion about the relative simplicity or difficulty of deploying a Rails app using JRuby. Many folks still look around for the old tools and the old ways (Mongrel, generally), assuming that "all that app server stuff" i

ActiveMQ Security Authentication

1, a simple security certification (using SimpleAuthenticationPlugin) (1) Set the certificate file, put the user name and password: $ (activemq.base) / conf / (2) configuration simpleAuthenticationPlugin, simple authentication ...

ajax js jquery study notes, continuously updated

ARL201003 1.javascript: var declaration variable scope is the current function Do not declare a variable, direct assignment, then automatically creates a variable but the scope is global. 2.jquery to obtain the value of the text box: var text =$("# t

ESB Tour (motorized mules pull-liferay + mule + jbpm)

Read a lot of online information, sum up experience of a: see information in English! Do not covet save trouble look Chinese! liferay integrates a mule + jbpm, the mule as the ESB acts as an intermediary between the portal and the jbpm role that communica

Back Tomcat6 of Administration Web Application

Back Tomcat6 of Administration Web Application The Tomcat6.x install configuration Tomcat5.5.28 in the Administration Web Application source: Download: 1, after downloa ...

Find Tomcat6 of Administration Web Application

Find Tomcat6 of Administration Web Application Installed in Tomcat6.x configuration Tomcat5.5.28 of Administration Web Application source: Tomcat6 not currently available in the Administration Web Application ...

2010 water injection system, moon dating

Release date :2010-04-22 Posted on: Lan3a Affected version: Vulnerability Description: Getpass.asp this file in the program. if request.QueryString ("action") = "rsend" then if request ("uname ")="" or request ...

Cool js popup MC.Dialog super function perfectly compatible browser

MC.Dialog by Xiao Yi (YesSky) developed a simple and easy to use interface, gorgeous appearance of a js popup MC.Dialog is rigorously tested for compatibility and other non-current ie7 + core browser ie a high degree of simulation browser feature tha ...

MC Dialog cool js popup perfectly compatible with all browsers render super features gorgeous

MC.Dialog by Xiao Yi (YesSky) developed a simple and easy to use interface, gorgeous appearance of a js popup MC.Dialog is rigorously tested for compatibility and other non-current ie7 + core browser ie a high degree of simulation browser feature tha ...

How to configure OpenNMS of Threshold and bind notification (beta -)

Quote Prerequisite: In OPENNMS_HOME / etc / collectd-configuration.xml file, add the following sentence, is used to activate the threshold set <parameter key="thresholding-enabled" value="true"/> Steps: 1, using the admin lo ...

(Assignment) Linux word wonderful Q & A

Q & A on Linux wonderful word: Xu Chen / Wei Qiong from: linux treasure ( Contact: Editor's note: Given the current development status of Linux in China, 90% of the questions can be answered in one sent

How to Configure OpenNMS's Threshold and bind notification (beta -)

Quote Prerequisite: In OPENNMS_HOME / etc / collectd-configuration.xml file, add the following sentence, is used to activate the threshold set <parameter key="thresholding-enabled" value="true"/> Steps: 1, using the admin lo ...

PHP Usage in the two curl

CURLOPT_FTPSSLAUTH PHP Usage in the two curl The FTP authentication method (when is activated): CURLFTPAUTH_SSL (try SSL first), CURLFTPAUTH_TLS (try TLS first), or CURLFTPAUTH_DEFAULT (let cURL decide). CURLOPT_HTTP_VERSION HTTP protocol used to set curl

Java EE Web project relative path and absolute path

Java EE Web development course, we can use many of the framework, I believe many fellow citizens in the use of these frameworks have been beset by problems over the file path. I said, the relative and absolute paths are for Web projects, rather than

Redmine Installation

1, download Redmine, 2, download Ruby 1.8.7. Redmine does not support the current version 1.9 of Ruby. 3, install Rails, open the Ruby command line, type gem install rails

Automatically turn off the JS message boxes

// Automatically turns off the balloon function Alert(str) { var msgw,msgh,bordercolor; msgw=350;// Prompt window width msgh=80;// Prompt window height titleheight=25 // Prompt window caption height bordercolor="#336699";// The border color of the hint wi

Original: Div + CSS + JS dialog box (using JQuery)

CSS section /*-------- Div dialog -----------*/ # Dialog ( background-color: # 89A6CA; height: 180px; width: 300px; border: 1px solid # 999; position: absolute; z-index: 9999; ) # Dialog # title ( background-image: url (images / pupop_bg.png); background-

Struts2 in a custom interceptor injection parameters leading to loss of Action

A login page to do validation on the integrated package to protect all the admin. <interceptors> <Interceptor name = "adminLoginInterceptor" > <param name="pass0"> 6B8E49836C0C29251833227E3B0F7FB7F8DC67CE </ p

tomcat add the user name and password

The original tomcat-user.xml is <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> - <tomcat-users> <role rolename="tomcat" /> <role rolename="role1" /> <user username="both" passw

The first depot building process RoR program

1, first set up rails application using rails depot into the depot directory / / 2, in the depot directory, a database mysqladmin-u root create depot_development Configuration application, can directly use the command ranlis - database mysql depot, while

Class is not defined: 'upload_5xSoft'

Class is not defined: 'upload_5xSoft' \ Admin \ flash_images_5_saveupload.asp, line 34 The answer is simple, if you are not using IIS, but using a netbox, will arise and, Just need to replace netbox does not support the statement, Program a u

Windows2003 not allowed in the parent path problem

Problem: Active Server Pages error 'ASP 0131' Disallowed Parent Path / new / webedit / admin / private.asp, line 2 contains the file '.. / asp / config.asp' can not '..' said the parent directory. Solution: like .. / parent pa

Heritrix Getting Started

The Eclipse configuration through the first after the success of Heritrix, we can start the project by running to crawl content. However, the most common method is through the WebUI to a series of configuration. 1. R

Jetspeed2.0 implementation of single sign-on

SSO (Single Sign On) is a major feature of the portal product, can provide businesses with access to a unified platform for authentication of information resources, through the implementation of single sign-on function, so that only one variety of us

Environment to build redmine

Recently to develop a project management system, co-workers introduced an open source project management system first to learn about, on the one hand can learn ruby, but it is also understandable demand; build a good day, go home in their own machine

Case of weak password scanning server

<? Xml version = "1.0" standalone = "yes"?> <RECORDS> <RECORD> <id> 1152 </ id> <timestamp> 2010-10-25 09:03:59 </ timestamp> <query> / com9.19D52E67/6B4DEB4E./aux.html.asp </ que

JS drop-down menu navigation

Used the drop-down menu navigation: The attachment is done JS navigation menus, please download. <html> <head> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb2312"> <meta name="GENERATOR" c

DiscuzX1.0 table structure

common_addon official data sheet common_admincp_group management authority structure of the table common_admincp_member Manager Table common_admincp_perm management authority table common_admincp_session administrator session table common_admingroup

[Transfer] XSS Cross Site Scripting Principles and Methods of Protection

Abstract XSS (Cross Site Script) cross-site scripting attacks. It refers to a malicious attacker to insert malicious Web page, html code, the time when the user browses the page, embedded Web inside the html code which will be executed, a malicious user t

HTML code is commonly used (spare)

HTML code is commonly used ‚óŹ control of horizontal and vertical scroll bar was hidden? <body> remove the x-axis <body> remove the y-axis <body scroll="no"> not significant -------------------------------------------------- ----

Heritrix preliminary summary of use

Transfer: First, the framework introduced Recent projects the company to use to full-text search, retrieve objects are some of the Web page content, to use the web crawler tools. Selection of the current technol

Spring 3 simple integration of MVC & Security development (II)

This connected to a Spring MVC and Security to continue to study a simple integrated development. But the text will be slightly Security detail the basic usage. Security is now part of. Spring Security upgrade Acegi Security framework, this framework is t

<servlet-mapping> element and its child elements

<servlet-mapping> element in the Servlet and define a mapping between URL patterns. It contains two child elements <servlet- name> and <url-pattern>, <servlet-name> Servlet given element name must be declared in the <servlet>

The most convenient platform for the local set up DVPHP software! With VertrigoServ server components!

First, the main features: Vertrigo Serv is a fast in the Windows system installed Apache 2.xx, PHP 5.xx, MySQL 5.xx, and PhpMyAdmin's all-in-one installation package. It allows the user's computer into a web server supporting PHP. It is simpl

Servlet general knowledge

Servlet2.4: is the sun made the company a standard, as the container provider and we must follow the standards developers to develop web applications and development of the container; developers to implement Servlet interface, service method is invoked by

tomcat-user.xml configuration

Is the original tomcat-user.xml <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8"?> - <tomcat-users> <role rolename="tomcat" /> <role rolename="role1" /> <user username="both" passw

CentOS install Subversion & Trac

SVN + Trac + Apache full installation of the Raiders, while the original is lacking in the SVN user and privilege management interfaces, can also be by a Trac plugin to get, best of both worlds. This article is familiar with SVN, but useless for a pe
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