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Front-end optimization for your pages display faster and more smoothly

Yesterday, Steve 's lecture was a field I never thought, in the background server can not optimize the time, how to put a reasonable component to their web browser to display much faster. Here, I will according to his proposal to update me on this blo

YSlow User Guide _ the latest Chinese version 2.0 User's Guide

YSlow analyzes web pages and how to improve the performance proposed, based on a set of rules, high-performance web page. I search on "Yslow use", that is the use of older versions Yslow introduction. So the official translation of a bit on the

json2.js json.jar

json.jar this thing really hard to find, download available to everyone. And copied an example to study study. Examples of sources: "Ajax basic tutorial" Kim Ryong Translation, etc. This book is very good. jsonExample.html <html> <head

See a js to ajax to upload using iframe to achieve

Connect the original station PHP and AJAX Image Upload Ajax upload now are using iframe to do the transition. The way to achieve: 1.js generated or hidden iframe into the page element. <iframe name='upiframe' onload='getHtml()'> <

Dynamic loading JS script four kinds of methods

To achieve dynamic loading JS script has four kinds of methods: 1, direct document.write <script language="javascript"> document.write ( "<script src='test.js'> <\ / script>"); </ script> 2, dynamic scri

Use Ext JS to read the JsonReader complex object json

Today was how to resolve the following complex json object to the difficult living over a long time .. did not find documentation how to read JsonReader Ways json object (possibly also because of their limited level of E the text did not correctly underst

JS charts extjs implementation tools can be combined

OpenFlashChart brief introduction by valensoft 2009-1-10 8:29:00 OpenFlashChart is an open source Flash and Javascript to the technical foundation for the free chart, using it to create some very useful analysis of the effect of the statements of the char

Wait for prompt js General category

This is a very easy-to-use widget, the parameters have default values, default values, see the Notes wait = new WaitingTip(); wait.show(document.getElementById('id')); //Parameter 1 is displayed, in reference to the object ... wait.hide(); //Hide The use

Read "prototype.js 1.4 Developer Edition Manual" excerpt

Information Address: http://thinhunan.cnblogs.com/archive/2006/04/01/DeveloperNotesForPrototype.html Extract 1, $ F () function Function: Return of any form input control value, the parameters are the element id or the element itself Example: <script

js form validation Guinness

js form validation Guinness 1. Length <script> function test () ( if (document.abvalue.length> 50) ( alert ( "Can not more than 50 characters!"); document.abfocus (); return false; ) ) </ script> <form name=a onsubmit="ret

js version of Ant Colony Algorithm

<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml"><HEAD> <meta http-equiv="Content-Type" content="text/html; charset=gb

Highlight Keywords js code memo

Ah yes of course copied:) Management background to use this very convenient <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "- / / W3C / / DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional / / EN" "http://www.w3.org/TR/xhtml1/DTD/xhtml1-transitional.dtd"> <html xmlns="

LocalXHR.js allow the use of ExtJS docs can browse in the local

LocalXHR.js allow the use of ExtJS docs can browse in the local We in the use of ext / docs directory of the document Times some js errors, should not lead us to use a normal browser, when we use localXHR.js such a document to support the local use of aja

js commonly used in integrated

/ / Open the model dialog box function doSelectUser (txtId) ( strFeatures = "dialogWidth = 500px; dialogHeight = 360px; center = yes; middle = yes; help = no; status = no; scroll = no"; var url, strReturn; url = "selUser.aspx"; strRetu

JS to control the size of upload files

JS to control the size of upload files: var fileSize = 160; var fileType = "jpg, gif, bmp, png"; var bool = false; / / 0 on behalf of From the type of wrong, one representative of the type of upload correctly var str = ""; function che

json + js + java

Yesterday evening on the json + js + servlet to carry out a study of communication study. JJS present sense of self, communication is very simple, a large number of packets launched JJS greatly simplifies the difficulty of this model. From the back of the

Replace the problem with JS

"hand hand hand" want to transform for the "hand.gif hand.gif hand.gif" Started str = str.replace ( "hand", "hand.gif"); Output: hand.gif hand hand Only a replacement. . . : ( Thought of using regular, because the f

"Layman's language and Ext JS" 2.19 First National

"Layman's language and Ext JS" 2.19 First National "Layman's language and Ext JS" Since self-selection project, and at JavaEye Garden blog Well-known techniques, such as the community has attracted wide attention and a strong r

yui compression css, js files

java-jar yuicompressor-2.3.5.jar - type js xx.js-o xxz.js Memo about. . . . .

JS Study Notes

alert ( "text") alert box confirm ( "Text") to confirm the box click OK return true, otherwise return false prompt ( "Text", "default value") prompt box JS events onload onOnload onFocus onBlur and onchange onSubmit

js to obtain the drop-down list to select the value and text (select), as well as access to radio buttons (radio) group and modify the selected value of

First, access the drop-down list to select the value and text (select) <html> <head><title>Gets the drop-down list to select key values, and text (select)</title></head> <body> <script> //Gets the drop-down list t

Scroll js effects

Scroll js effects <div> <div> <img src ="<%= request.getContextPath ()%> / Letousky / jsp / img / loading.gif "> <br/> Loading ...</ div> <! - This type of tolerance has been part of the document wrote kaij

js Simplified Traditional conversion code

js Traditional Traditional Traditional Traditional javascript code conversion conversion code Reprint Address: http://www.cnblogs.com/genson/archive/2008/04/16/1004632.html js Simplified, Traditional conversion, IE7 through, Firefox does not pass, the pos

Chinese FckEditor V2.6 fckconfig.js Notes

Chinese FckEditor V2.6 fckconfig.js Notes Common Description: 1.FCKConfig.SkinPath = FCKConfig.BasePath + 'skins / default /'; this is to control the style of the fck editor, there are other two options, one is office2003 style, there is a gray-st

How, in a js file in the introduction of another js file

For example: should the introduction of Test.js at util.js Test.js document.write ( "<script type='text/javascript' src='/dwr/util.js'> </ script >");// at Test.js the introduction of the util.js document DWR function

js tools / framework

10 kinds of new and promising JavaScript framework At present, popular JavaScript framework / library have jQuery, MooTools, Prototype, and YUI. But apart from these popular frameworks, there are a lot of very good framework also deserves our attention go

Several good js calendar

The first paragraph: js script /* alin */ /* Email:caoailin111@sohu.com */ /* QQ:38062022 */ /* Creation date: 2004-6-13 */ var myC_x,myC_y; var myC_timeset=null,myC_timeset1=null; var divObj=null; var inputName; function myCalendar() //Constructing an ob

Detailed Js Call Ways

call method Please refer to Applies to: Function objects Request Version 5.5 An object calling a method to replace the current object to another object. call ([thisObj [, arg1 [, arg2 [, [,. argN ]]]]]) Parameters thisObj Optional. Will be used as the obj

Test js select select

<html> <head> <title>Test a js select select </title> </head> <script language="javascript"> <!-- function jsSelectItemByValue(objSelect,objItemText) { //Determine the existence of var isExit = false; for(var i=0;i

JS + AS + SWFloader, html page dynamically loaded SWF files

In fact, this is a js call as an example. Html in the dynamic control in the swf file to import. Nothing to add to that, the following code into the. (Just started to write things, the code quality is still relatively poor, huh, huh, we mention many valua

[Effect] JS pulldown menu

js library from: http://moofx.mad4milk.net/ (Moofx effect of ultra-lightweight class library javascrip) Click here facie effect of the first bar Usage: 1. Add a JS library CODE: <script src="prototype.lite.js" type="text/javascript"

JS handle selected value

JS radio button to obtain the value of <label> <input type="radio" name="radio" value="1-10 Years old "> 1-10 years old </ label> <label> <input type="radio" name="radio" value=

Ext JS paging

Reprint please specify the source, thank you. Recent look at Ext JS, Writing using ExtJS for a paging procedure, the background is the jsp code. ExtJS code: Ext.onReady (function () ( var sm = new Ext.grid.CheckboxSelectionModel (); var cm = new Ext.grid.

PeriodicalExecuter object in prototype.js

prototype.js defined PeriodicalExecuter object, provide a certain interval of time to repeat the logic of a method call. <div></div> <script> var i = 0; var p = new PeriodicalExecuter(showTime,0.1); //Create the instance. Each 0 .1Second

js Tips

1, in js, when a string is''(empty string), its value is false //var str = null; var str =''; alert(isNull(str)); /** * if a str is space or null return true * esle return false; */ function isNull(str) { if(!str){//when str = '', it's false retur

DWR util.js

DWR util.js Study Notes /********************/ /********************/ util.js contains some useful function function, used to call on the client page. Main function is as follows: Code 1, $ () access to the page parameter value 2, addOptions and removeAll

js Study Notes (3)

Dojo Study Notes (2. DjConfig explain) dojo are djConfig a built-in Global Settings object, its role is through its control of behavior dojo First of all, we need to quote the former dojo.js statement djConfig object in order to load when dojo.js be able

JS by scaling picture

Web design or programming at how the most convenient way to deal with the wide picture high in order to achieve the best effect, this question a lot of trust production staff pages are encountered, the most troublesome of the most time is spent mapping Ph

Own JS component library

Component own library will first see their own JS function included into the JSP page, as follows: <script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript" src="example.js"></script> <%@ page language="java" import="java.util.*" pageEncoding="u

To be a widget - Network Notepad, will prove even CSS and JS

Network Notepad, in order to prove that they will be on CSS + JS, Ha ha ha!

Using JS to control the page calls a different style sheet

Studied some time ago to use JS to control page changes automatically when the browser calls the different styles of questions, ideally in the blue today, they also see a similar code, special excerpt down for later use. SetAttribute method used to achiev

Wishing Wall | Wall love js code

We're a few days .. finally finished. There are some features did not materialize. One of the photos used QQ love the wall of the picture. To share with you .. css style do not write it down. Are provided documentation. Download address at the bottom of a

js format function of time and tools categories (collections)

This is a collection of tools function DateUtil () () / ** * Functions: formatting time * Example: DateUtil.Format ( "yyyy / MM / dd", "Thu Nov 9 20:30:37 UTC +0800 2006"); * Return: 2006/11/09 * / DateUtil.Format = function (fmtCode,

Firebug Guide (four) --- how to use the Firebug command line API to provide debugging js procedures (below)

Introduction: Firebug command line are in one of the most useful features. If you have been using Visual Studio (referred to as VS) the experience of development projects, they should know you in the use of VS debugging procedures, "the immediate win

Writing Medium servlet garbled when js

Reprint: http://hi.baidu.com/javajavajava/blog Plagued the js garbled for a few days, the help of colleagues at today finally solved it! Posted to share with everyone. Me this is a landing page, if you enter the code incorrectly, on the use of js pop-up t

js couplets can turn off ads rolling code

Part couplet at a rolling code, including flash ads and pictures after the question of the need to have a friend can turn off the ads couplet js code, Searched and found Figure presentation is as follows: Demo Address: jsad-code-for-couplet-scroll-38/inde

3D JS collection of related websites

http://www.c3dl.org/ The Canvas 3D JS Libary (C3DL) is a javascript library that will make it easier to write 3D applications using canvas 3d. It will provide a set of math, scene, and 3d object classes to make the canvas more accessible for developers th

JS code management mechanism

Issue With the AJAX pop, JS in web applications, increasing over time. Attendant on the JS code maintenance and reuse on the need for a mechanism to manage. In addition to Java objects, classes of these concepts, there is also a flexible mechanism for the

Common js Select All checkbox button function

Transfer from: http://stephen830.javaeye.com/blog/261154 Keyword: js Select All checkbox button WEB projects at about the Select All checkbox function will certainly be encountered, and each project will have a lot of places will be used. The following pu

js is really strange

js inside, I used ajax values obtained using typeof (variable) View types are String, but can be directly compared to the type Int. . Strange
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