WebLogic 10.3 installation. Configuration and Management Manual (rpm)

WebLogic 10.3 installation, configuration and management Chapter 4 for WebLogic 10.3 for SUSE linux § 2.1 Installation Preparation  download WebLogic10.3 for x86 linux installation file;  Installing Suse Linux enterprise Server 11.0;  Check the Suse en

The use of the log and filters generate user access log (change)

To use log4j to generate log. Then the log class added to the filter. When the user makes a visit jsp or servlet can generate a log. Easy to debug. Here is the log4j to get users to access the address and wrote the document. A simple class to be the ...

Tomcat Virtual Host Configuration

1. DNS configuration C: \ WINDOWS \ system32 \ drivers \ etc \ Modify the hosts increase in IP, and domain mapping Open the tomcat / conf / server.xml file Increase HOST element configuration You can configure multiple virtual machines Now you can st ...

Netty performance test (compared with the Tomcat)

Netty has always accepted that the performance will be very good intention to use it at the appropriate time to develop some of the demands of new ultra-high-performance services. Today's great interest in writing a simple HTTP services, also wrote a

Java build environment under Linux

First, install jdk my version is: jdk-6u10-linux-i586.rpm Install jdk1.6 installation package: rpm-ivh jdk-6u10-linux-i586.rpm Configure environment variables: 1, into the profile file: vi / etc / profile 2, in the file add the following code: export JAVA

Some explanation about tomcat configuration (change)

Some explanations tomcat configuration 1. How to increase the number of connections tomcat In the tomcat configuration file server.xml in the <Connector ... /> configuration, and connection-related parameters are: minProcessors: Minimum number of id

Based on the tomcat nginx load balancing and clustering (Super Simple)

See today, "the tomcat apache-based load balancing and clustering configuration" of this article as javaEye hot. Looked a little, feeling too complicated, too many things to configure, so here to write a more concise way. To cluster tomcat mainl

Large-scale J2EE project Web container cluster-Nginx + Glasshfish + Memcached + ServletFilter

The title might make you not understand it, because he comes from HE cottage way, or I will in this way more popular nowadays some stuff for the DIY integration. Look at the pictures and say goodbye for the time being about text: Do not understand do

(Transfer) nginx + resin session problem-solving

A few days ago to see http://code.google.com have nginx_upstream_jvm_route project, read the introduction, very excited, because it is written by a Chinese patch to address the session of sync problem, but he is not shared, nor is it synchronization, but

Apache UrlRewrite Study Notes

1, Rewrite Rule Description: Rewirte main function is to realize the URL of the jump, it is based on Perl regular expression language. Can be based on the server level (httpd.conf) and directory level (. Htaccess) in two ways. If it is to use rewrite modu

spring (Blazeds)-flex to achieve jms persistent (durable) subscriptions

These days with a spring-flex to be a able to receive offline messages Flex applications, the Internet is a lot of information, but nobody mentioned how off-message, and finally the development of documentation in blazeds find how to make blazeds message

spring (Blazeds)-flex to achieve jms persistence (durable) Subscribe

These days to do with the spring-flex able to receive offline messages a Flex application, the Internet is a lot of information, but nobody mentioned how off-message, and finally the development of documentation in blazeds find how to make blazeds message

FashDFS development environment and configuration

Reference resources (after the regular meeting to write) 0 \ in windows eclipse compiled under the first project to build a hello, and to compile, then FastDfs file directory to the src directory copy a: set the environment variable CYGWIN_HOME b: th

Nginx and Apache concurrent simple stress test

The same environment, the size difference can not be a few bytes of the page Nginx's worker_connections 1024; Apache's MaxClients 150, worker model; Pressure Nginx fair to say that if the effect is concurrent with the 1024 is the best, the same pr

JavaScript calls webService

Web Service is an application component, it is logical to provide data to other applications and services. The application provided by a number of network protocols and standard data formats (Http, XML, Soap) to access the Web Service, through an int

sakai installation instructions

sakai installation instructions Zhao strength on 2010-4-1 order Finishing is completed in 2010-4-3 Directory 1 Download the software ... 3 1.1 Download the latest version of the sakai source code, javadocs, Taglibdocs. 3 Download the JDK 1.2 version

Conquest of Apache + Tomcat (transfer)

Original Transfer from http://snowolf.javaeye.com/blog/743611 Apache and Tomcat is an original, but is a pro! Apache and Tomcat integration is none other than Apache as a front-end path, upon request, port, agent to a number of Tomcat, to reach the purpos

Flex integration of JAVA, JAVA returned from a XML file, then the datagrid values FLEX

Project. I FLEX page to access a JSP page called from the JSP page to get a XML. I have to the collection of the datagrid display in the FLEX approach. The following is the code of my LogFlex <? Xml version = "1.0" encoding = "utf-8

Distributed Application Platform Based on Web Service basics Summary

1, Web Service's profile 1, What is Web Service Web services is to build interoperable distributed applications for the new platform. Web service platform is a standard that defines how applications to achieve interoperability in the Web. You can use

Platform for distributed applications based on Web Service basics Summary

One, Web Service's profile 1, What is Web Service Web services is to build interoperable distributed applications of the new platform. Web service platform is a standard that defines how applications to achieve interoperability in the Web. You can use

Transfer: Install configure load balancing HAProxy

Original Source: http://blog.chenlb.com/2009/06/install-haproxy-and-configure-load-balance.html It is said that HAProxy can do load balancing, server health monitoring but can also have automatic stop down distribution of machines, when the server is

Terracotta Tomcat through the Web-based Application Clusters

Original http://blog.csdn.net/lima01/archive/2009/07/25/4379572.aspx This article describes how to configure Tomcat and Terracotta server will be common Web application deployment to the cluster, the nodes across Tomcat session replication to achieve load

web application - check machine show

1, general description In the query to access the web application machine check, so use the query to run on desktop machines (swt embedded browser to access web services), and the machine is turned on in the query to run the program. 2, the desktop progra

AIR BlazeDS messaging services used in

Download the wing sauce Sina microblogging AIR version of Adobe AIR suddenly became interested in, which happened to encounter a domestic anti-virus software, chat software and a trouble, already on the software, I do not like on the initiation of an idea

Based on Nginx's load-balancing and clustering configuration tomcat

See today, "the tomcat apache-based load balancing and clustering configuration" as javaEye focus of this article. Looked a little, feeling too complicated, too many things to be configured, so here is a more concise way to write. Mainly to

lvs configuration and installation

Do today LVS cluster configuration has been done can be used after, but found the problem, the first connection in the past, when the page is "Can not find server" and the second to refresh the page to go through after a few connections to show

Configure nginx ubuntu

Nginx configured with the correct configuration file. Recommended Installation Example: blog moved to nginx process The first step, install nginx apt-get update apt-get install nginx To complete the installation Start nginx: / Etc / init.d / nginx st

Understand the HTTP header

(A) of the HTTP header first met Whenever people are engaged in the development can not be separated WEB HTTP (Hypertext Transfer Protocol), and to understand HTTP, HTML itself, in addition, there can not be ignored is the part of the HTTP header. Socket

android emulator can not access solution

A: The network connection proxy settings are written to the configuration database 1, through the command line or by double-clicking emulatoer executable file, open the emulator 2, in the adb shell command line to open android console (make sure the envir

nutch-1.2 under linux deployment

Reprinted: switched from linux to deploy nutch-1.2 Nucth configuration 1. Preparation VMware Workstation virtual machine Instances of Linux operating system image using Red Hat community centos Java Jdk package, the instance using the jdk-6u23-linux-i586.

Turn: Install configure load balancing HAProxy

ORIGINAL: http://blog.chenlb.com/2009/06/install-haproxy-and-configure-load-balance.html Said HAProxy can do load balancing, server health monitoring can also have distribution down the automatic stop when the server is normal, then automatically balanced

Detailed ApacheBench test

APACHE own testing tools AB (apache benchmark). With APACHE's bin directory. Format:. / Ab [options] [http://] hostname [: port] / path Parameters: -N requests Number of requests to perform / / Execute the test sessions in the number of requests (to a

jira4 + resin4 + mysql linux installation notes (failed)

This time simply tried a little jira, very satisfied. After preparation as a personal development tool of choice for defect management, but then uses a fully integrated installation of windows, so consider installing linux on a formal look, while the data

linux kernel version on the throughput of

Hardware environment, Dell 1950, E5410X2, 16G Original use centos 5.3 x64, kernel version 2.6.18-128.el5, deployment tomcat, do the ab stress test, there are about 8000 / s throughput. Recently upgraded the kernel to, the same with ab and we

Fastdfs with http and the client's environment to build <1> clear

Environment RHEL5.3 Software FastDFS_v1.28.tar.gz libevent-1.4.9-stable.tar.gz php php-devel # Test the destination open to receive you from running to provide http download Preparation: Tracker tracker; memory storage; client client Tracker installa

Nginx + keepalived do hot standby plus tomcat load balancing

Environment Description: nginx1: nginx2: tomcat1: tomcat2: vip: One. Nginx configuration 1 required installing Nginx pcre library wget ftp://ftp.csx.cam.ac.uk/pub/software/programming/pcre/pcre-8

To build on Linux with LVS load balancing cluster services

LVS load balancing Linux server cluster system (hereinafter referred to as LVS), is sponsored by the Dr. Zhang Wen-Song free software project, is now part of standard Linux kernel. LVS is also from the Linux kernel version 2.0 era, it is widely used, the

JBOSS basic configuration

Non-original, untested, just for collection, when the problems will change the future. 1, the access port configuration editor F: \ JBoss \ server \ default \ deploy \ jboss-web.deployer \ server.xml 8080 to the port you wish to visit (8888) <Connector

JBoss deployment of web applications

Initial deployment of the JBoss web application, put tomcat / weblogic works migrate to JBoss on release First, modify JBOSS application server, database connectivity and port: 1, port modifications: 4 .* version: $ (JBOSS_HOME) / server -> default -

CXF Client

beans.xml configuration: <? xml version = "1.0" encoding = "UTF-8"?> <beans xmlns = " http://www.springframework.org/schema/beans " xmlns: xsi = " http://www.w3.org/2001/XMLSchema-instance " xmlns: jax ...

How to send a Get request for Android

How to send a Get request for Android

Android development, how the implementation of POST requests

A brief description of the last article I had in the Android development, how to send a Get request, under this article we explore how to implement an Android development of Post requests. Get under the First, we first understand the difference betwe ...

Notes from Tomcat and IIS integration

Documents and version: Download Tomcat: Apache Tomcat 6.0.18 File Name: apache-tomcat-6.0.18.exe Java JDK: JDK 1.6.11 (JDK 6 u11) the file name: jdk-6u11-windows-i586-p.exe Connector: jk2 file name: isapi_redirector2.dll Registry file name: jk2.reg IIS: 6

Apache + JK + Tomcat clustering

apache + jk + tomcat load balancing and clustering do web Environment: Operating System: CentOS-5.3-i386 jdk1.6.0.17 apache2.2.14 tomcat6.0 jk1.2.26 1, jdk installation of jdk is installed: jdk-6u17-linux-x64-rpm.bin (linux under the 64-bit) 1. The file u

Tomcat Configuration Highlights

Tomcat server, the key parameters to configure server.xml Note: The following words are tomcat5.0.30 as an example. 1, configure tomcat server to access the port, just configure the Connector for port port can be. Tomcat defaults to 8080, modify the port

tomcat clustering & load balancing & session synchronization

Keywords: tomcat clustering, load balancing, session synchronization (A) Environmental description (1) The server has four units, one to install apache, three to install tomcat (2) apache2.0.55, tomcat5.5.15, jk2.0.4, jdk1.5.6 or jdk1.4.2 (3) ip configura

tomcat clustering and load balancing implementation (session synchronization)

(A) Environmental description (1) The server has four units, one to install apache, three to install tomcat (2) apache2.0.55, tomcat5.5.15, jk2.0.4, jdk1.5.6 or jdk1.4.2 (3) ip configuration, a single installation of apache's ip as, three

Development environment to build and deploy

Directory Overview 1 SVN Client Installation 2 JDK installation 3 Eclipse Install 4 from the SVN version of the library, check out the source code 5 project import 6 Basic Configuration 7 Deployment 7.1 Install Ant 7.2 Install Tomcat 7.3 Compile Backgroun

Tomcat5.5 configuration - more binding domain and virtual directory

tomcat with the default installation, to tamcat direct binding multiple domain names, where we need to modify the configuration file: C: \ Program Files \ Apache Software Foundation \ Tomcat 5.5 \ conf \ server.xml server.xml changes as follows: (A) Multi

atlassian-jira-enterprise-4.0.2-standalone.zip installation

Preparation conditions: Environment variable: JAVA_HOME = C: \ jdk1.6.0_10 (Note jdk version) Step One: Download JIRA http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/downloads/binary/atlassian-jira-enterprise-4.0.2-standalone.zip , extracting to E: / jira Step Two
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