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Router of

MAC MAC (Media Access Control, Medium Access Control ) MAC address is burning in the Network Interface Card (NIC, NIC) inside. MAC address, also known as the hardware address is 48 bits long (6 bytes), 16 hex .0-23 bit numbers assigned by the manufacturer

mysql odbc does not recognize

Today, the reverse with the power designer mysql database and found that actually can not establish mysql odbc data source, reports: Connection Fialed: [HY000] [MySQL] [ODBC 5.1 Driver] Access denied for user 'xxx' @ '192 .168. 19

Authorized to resolve Host '192 .168.1.180 'is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server

Authorized to resolve Host '192 .168.1.180 'is not allowed to connect to this MySQL server GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON *.* TO 'root'@'%' IDENTIFIED BY' mypassword 'WITH GRANT OPTION

RROR 1045 (28000): Access denied for user 'root' @ '192 .168.2.12 (using password:

This is a mysql permissions not reported on a solution: 1, landing mysql, mysql-uroot-hlocalhost-p 2, use mysql (must be the library system) 3, update user set host = '%' where user = 'root'; (can be anonymous and no password will be able

andLinux manually repair the system after reinstalling

Saying "there is an old house, where a treasure", and have on hand a linux, can also be elevated to such a height (of course, the ingredients too many hobbies), so you can hand touched the linux on the lot, such as home servers, the company ...

Howto: change andLinux network configuration

Contents [ Hide ] 1 Abstract 2 What needs to be changed? 3 Step-by-step 3.1 andLinux eth1 ip address configuration 3.2 andLinux / etc / hosts file 3.3 andLinux / etc / profile configuration 3.4 TAP-Colinux ip address configuration 3.5 andLinux launch ...

[Reading notes] graphical TCP / IP (Overview)

Note: This Ethernet-based 0. Preparations 1) Tools Ethereal 0.99.0: Ethereal wget: number of HTTP to avoid interference, use wget to access the web page 2) Prepare / run Close other requests may produce network programs (such as QQ) Clear the ARP cache: a

gentoo system installation record

This is the most direct installation method, the official document: http://www.gentoo.org/doc/zh_cn/handbook/handbook-x86.xml Maybe you will encounter a bad mood issues: grub-install - no-floppy / dev / sda when end_request: I / O error, dev fd0, sec ...

solaris snoop packet capture tool comes

snoop packet capture solaris own snoop packet capture tool, focus on all of the data stream # Snoop Using device / dev/pcn0 (promiscuous mode) -> NBT NS Query Request for WORKGROUP [1c], Success -> so

Linux packet capture tools: TCPDUMP Introduction

About TCPDUMP For the network management personnel, the uses Sniffer is available at any time of Web actual situation Zai Wang Luo performance dramatically come down, you can Tongguo sniffer tool to Fenxiyuanyin what contributed to the network conges

So windows can access the service andlinux

've Always liked LINUX, but there is no way to UBUNTU had spent a year in exchange for WINDOWS, but miss ah, so down a ANDLINUX, to relieve the pain of Acacia, there is something XP is too slow on the test run APACHE , so to try it next with NGIN

struts2 + spring configuration issues

struts.xml: <! DOCTYPE struts PUBLIC "- / / Apache Software Foundation / / DTD Struts Configuration 2.0 / / EN" " http://struts.apache.org/dtds/struts-2.0.dtd "> <struts> <include file="struts-default.xml"

Simulation tests on the data stream processing servlet

<% @ Page contentType = "text / html; charset = GBK"%> <HTML> <HEAD> <TITLE> New Document </ TITLE> </ HEAD> <BODY> <script language="javascript"> var XML = "<root> <te

Ecxel data into Oracle database

package com.icss.util.readToDB; / / Oracle database table name JNNQ class public final class JNNQTableNames { public static final String nq_schedule_info = "nq_schedule_info"; public static final String enterprise_info = "enterprise_in

memcached installation under ubuntu

sudo apt-get install libevent-dev . / Configure make & & make test sudo make install Test whether the installation is successful Enter the start memcached memcached-d-l Download the java client xmemcached, running MemcachedClien

Solaris system performance monitoring of two

Solaris System Performance Monitoring II: control your network traffic (snoop & netstat) Published: 2009-5-04 09:28 | Author: Zee | Source: 7 Test network snoop packet capture solaris snoop packet capture tool comes, focus on all data streams # S

Iptables port forwarding in Linux to access the database to achieve Jump

Scenarios: Suppose A, B, C three devices, A <==> B can visit each other, B <==> C can access each other, A and C can not directly access the Oracle database is installed on C, how A can access C's database? The basic idea: The first r

win7 can not access under local oracle10g

Today met a very strange phenomenon, win7 environment oracle10g, start normally, use plsql access to normal, the connection with the java thin does not access, suggesting that: The Network Adapter could not establish the connection Feeling very stran

DBCP at hibernate + spring in the configuration

DBCP at hibernate + spring in the configuration

Install Oracle10g on CentOS5.2

(1) can run the following command to check whether the required packages are installed rpm-q gcc make binutils openmotif setarch compat-db compat-gcc compat-gcc-c + + compat-libstdc + + compat-libstdc + +-devel If there is no "not found", said t

Notes from Tomcat and IIS integration

Documents and version: Download Tomcat: Apache Tomcat 6.0.18 File Name: apache-tomcat-6.0.18.exe Java JDK: JDK 1.6.11 (JDK 6 u11) the file name: jdk-6u11-windows-i586-p.exe Connector: jk2 file name: isapi_redirector2.dll Registry file name: jk2.reg IIS: 6

Tomcat Configuration Highlights

Tomcat server, the key parameters to configure server.xml Note: The following words are tomcat5.0.30 as an example. 1, configure tomcat server to access the port, just configure the Connector for port port can be. Tomcat defaults to 8080, modify the port

Java written in support of HTTP, FTP (transfer)

public class FileInfo { public String name; public String description; public FileInfo(String nm, String dscrp) { name = nm; description = dscrp; } } import java.io.BufferedReader; import java.io.FileInputStream; import java.io.FileNotFoundException; impo

tomcat clustering & load balancing & session synchronization

Keywords: tomcat clustering, load balancing, session synchronization (A) Environmental description (1) The server has four units, one to install apache, three to install tomcat (2) apache2.0.55, tomcat5.5.15, jk2.0.4, jdk1.5.6 or jdk1.4.2 (3) ip configura

tomcat clustering and load balancing implementation (session synchronization)

(A) Environmental description (1) The server has four units, one to install apache, three to install tomcat (2) apache2.0.55, tomcat5.5.15, jk2.0.4, jdk1.5.6 or jdk1.4.2 (3) ip configuration, a single installation of apache's ip as, three

vsftpd configuration file

vsftpd configuration file with "#" as the comment character to "#" at the beginning of the line and blank line will be ignored when parsing the rest of the line is configured as a command line, each configuration command "=&q ...

memcached complete analysis of (turn)

memcached complete analysis of -1. memcached based Copyright Notice: You can willfully, but reproduced the original author must be identified charlee, the original link http://tech.idv2.com/2008/07/10/memcached-001/ and this statement Day: 2008/7/2 Analys

Mail:: SpamAssassin:: Conf - SpamAssassin Configuration Guide

Mail:: SpamAssassin:: Conf - SpamAssassin configuration guide English version of the same address - http://spamassassin.apache.org/full/3.2.x/doc/Mail_SpamAssassin_Conf.html Revision and the translator Notes 2004/11/13 first release for SpamAssassin 3.0.x

CentOS5.3 install Oracle11g (Photo) (7)

Then the contents of a Left a garbled question. Initially scheduled to locate in the choice of character set, I was elected is UTF8. I deleted the database and re-established, select the system default to that step, the result is garbled I again directly

Note 2 load balancing

Lvs or F5 load system, all requests need to ask too dispatcher, said from the system, it is the so-called hot equipment, no matter how excellent the performance of the device, sooner or later will become the performance bottleneck. Read the memcached syst

windows command dictionary (collection)

NET use \ \ IP \ IPC $ "" / User: "" the establishment of air links IPC NET use \ \ IP \ IPC $ "password" / user: "User name" non-establishment of air links IPC NET use H: \ \ IP \ c $ "password" / user:

AIX NFS mount error nfsmnthelp: 1831-019 of the solution

Describes a solution before a simple help system environment, involving a total of 4 host. To protect customer privacy, ip address has been modified. NFS server host name dqsbbak, operating system version is 6100-01. hosts file entries for the main Q ...

cas configuration reposted elsewhere

Transfer from: http://www.blogjava.net/goodlyts/archive/2009/10/20/299091.html cas single sign-on configuration crash Server configuration cas is a good thing, very flexible and useful, but too much trouble to configure web-snippets. Do not get hold of 35

flex topology (full example) (change)

Circulated on the Internet a version of the topology, the basic is not used. And because the company recently pursue a related project, put down the project was revised code download available. I changed a simple example to share with you. Network element

Tomcat5.5 configuration - more binding domain and virtual directory

tomcat with the default installation, to tamcat direct binding multiple domain names, where we need to modify the configuration file: C: \ Program Files \ Apache Software Foundation \ Tomcat 5.5 \ conf \ server.xml server.xml changes as follows: (A) Multi

Set of Erlang cluster nodes boot Problems

Set of Erlang cluster nodes start a paper has been clearly described In a machine control experiment 1 Erlang cluster nodes is a relatively simple and easy to understand examples Boot Server start is the basic of the articles which have written the s ...

linux open the telnet service

================================================== 1. Detection Telnet service pack is installed # Rpm-qa | grep telnet If telnet-xx-x telnet-server-xx-x That has been installed, including telnet-xx-x is a command line telnet client, telnet-server-xx ...

atlassian-jira-enterprise-4.0.2-standalone.zip installation

Preparation conditions: Environment variable: JAVA_HOME = C: \ jdk1.6.0_10 (Note jdk version) Step One: Download JIRA http://www.atlassian.com/software/jira/downloads/binary/atlassian-jira-enterprise-4.0.2-standalone.zip , extracting to E: / jira Step Two

cas single sign-on configuration crash

Reprinted: http://www.blogjava.net/goodlyts/archive/2009/10/20/299091.html Server configuration cas is a good thing, very flexible and useful, but too much trouble to configure web-snippets. Do not get hold of 35 days did not know the principle, and final

oracle dba should be familiar with the command

oracle dba should be familiar with the command 1 run SQLPLUS tool sqlplus 2 to OS, the default identity link / As sysdba 3 shows the current user name show user 4 directly into the SQLPLUS command prompt sqlplus / nolog 5 At the command prompt to connect

Mysql database encoding problem

Coding problem: First of all consider their own application process, encoding the entire web line The following summary from different aspects of the problem set code: Set the servlet code String shuoming = new String (addrecordForm.getShuoming (). GetByt

. NET to use Oracle databases. Database Access Technology (I)

ASP.NET performance optimization has recently done a small project, is still in the testing environment set up, the server uses WINDOWS2008, there are 2 sets of AP server, formed by pairs of cards to NLB cluster, a DB server, using ORACLE 11g, then custom

LoadBalance and Cluster in tomcat

Cluster Background 1.1 Definition of terms <br /> service software is b / s or c / s s part of the structure, b or c for the provision of services of software systems. Services that provide computing services hardware hardware, such as pc machine, p

[Recommended] memcached comprehensive analysis of -4. Memcached distributed algorithm: Consistent Hashing

Keywords: memcached distributed, consistent hashing 2nd , 3rd Osaka, introduced by the former interior of memcached. This no longer describes the internal structure of memcached, start introducing memcached distributed. memcached distributed memcache ...

<On The road -> the first day to buy servers, install the system

=== === Trivia Last night to the dawn of Network novels, in bed by noon today - I have always been a very poor self-control ability of people. Masturbation beverages, obscenity brain injury. Life should moderate a little. This is in almost all understand,

DOS command Daquan (Classic Collection)

net use \ \ ip \ ipc $ "" / user: "" the establishment of air links IPC net use \ \ ip \ ipc $ "password" / user: "User name" non-establishment of air links IPC net use h: \ \ ip \ c $ "password" / user:

Solaris Performance Monitoring & Tuning - iostat, vmstat & netstat

Introduction to iostat, vmstat and netstat This document is primarily written with reference to solaris performance monitoring and tuning but these tools are available in other unix variants also with slight syntax difference. iostat, vmstat and nets

javascript regular expression combat

The end of regular expression matching the number of actual combat uniform spaces according to the number string is not the phone number digits are the phone numbers using regular expression regular expression string to achieve Shan Chu spaces Restrict te

Denial of service attacks

Outline Denial of service attack, which an attacker to find ways to stop providing services to the target machine or resource access, a hacker attack on one of the means used. These resources include disk space, memory, process or network bandwidth, thus

IP Address Classification

The basic IP address is divided into 8-bit one unit (known as 8-bit group) of 32-bit binary number. Binary and decimal everybody understood it. In order to facilitate people's use of the machine-friendly binary address into the more familiar deci
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