spring means to read configuration file

Parse the classpath of the application context:

ApplicationContext context = new ClassPathXmlApplicationContext ("application-timer.xml");

PropertiesBean propertiesBean = (PropertiesBean) context.getBean ("propertiesBean");

Second, by providing the tools for Spring ApplicationContext object from the web-inf directory to read xml file:

ServletContext servletContext = request.getSession (). GetServletContext ();

ApplicationContext factory = WebApplicationContextUtils.getWebApplicationContext (servletContext);

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    classpath: applicationContext-config.xml that the current project configuration file to load classpath *: applicationContext-config.xml that loaded from the jar in the package configuration file

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    <zt> http://blog.csdn.net/FutureInHands/archive/2006/11/15/1385681.aspx Struts framework reads when it starts its configuration file, according to it to create and configure the various Struts components. Struts configuration file allows developers

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    1 contextConfigLocation parameters defined in web.xml. Spring will use this parameter to load. All comma separated xml. If this parameter is, spring loaded by default web-inf/applicationContext.xml file. <context-param> <param-name> contextCon

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