Some documentum face questions

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Today who see a foreign face documentum questions, posted to you Dramas about the topic is not difficult, not easy to answer well.

(1) Describe the Documentum object model (I usually mention
dm_sysobject and custom types to give them a starting point, then I
wait to hear about dm_document, concept of inheritance, etc.)

(2) Describe the Documentum security model (looking to hear anything
about 7 layers of permissions, ACLs, user-defined security, folder-
defined security, etc.)

(3) What is the difference between a workflow and lifecycle? (I ask it
just like that and wait for a response. It might sound like a silly
question, but you'd be surprised)

(4) Describe how you would use and leverage third-party data in
Documentum (looking for an understanding of the concepts of DQL and
registered tables)

(5) Are you familiar with "dm_policy" objects? (I only ask it if they
answered # 3 correctly, but it tells me whether or not they are familiar
with lifecycles at the object model level)

(6) What tools do you use to create custom object types? (Definitely
need to mention Developer Studio or App Builder here ... if they
mention custom DQL scripts, then this is a plus)

(7) Have you worked with DocApps? (Again, simple question, but if you
don't get a good response, then there are some fundamentals missing)
(8) The "i_chronicle_id" question is a good one .. it will definitely weed
out a lot of people. But I don't know if I'd throw out somebody that
didn't know this. Especially if the interviewee didn't have to work
with a lot of versioned objects.

(8) How you will write methods and by which name and what are the methods you will inherit.

(9) Auditing and archiving.

(10) Where you will find information about workflow regarding task, activity, running instance etc.

(11) Object level permission and extended permission.

(12) What is composite attr.

(13) What are virtual documents.

(14) Data dictionary related questions.

(15) How you will register TBO and how you will write TBO's.

(16) Have you done dump and load? Did you come across any problems with dump and load?

(17) Did you design a workflow? How did you do it?

(18) Can you tell me some of the dql commands you've used

(19) What is the difference between a group and role?

(20) Difference between role and domain?

(21) What are implicit and explicit labels?
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