Some companies test pen

Some companies test pen

Sony T test
1. Complete the following procedures
*.......*.......*.......*.......*.......*.......*. ......*.......
# I nclude <stdio.h>
# define N 8
int main ()
int i;
int j;
int k;
-------------------------------------------------- -------
| |
| |
| |
-------------------------------------------------- -------
return 0;
2. Complete the process, the implementation of the array in descending order
# I nclude <stdio.h>
void sort ();
int main ()
int array [] = (45,56,76,234,1,34,23,2,3); / / the number of office / / intended to give
sort ();
return 0;
void sort ()
| |
| |
|------------------------------------------------- ----|
3. Charge wave that its series, 1,1,2,3,5 ... ... procedures for the preparation of the tenth. Can use recursion, can also be used
Him, but to show you the reasons for selection.
# I nclude <stdio.h>
int Pheponatch (int);
int main ()
printf ( "The 10th is% d", Pheponatch (10));
return 0;
int Pheponatch (int N)
| |
| |
4. The following procedure will be the collapse of run-time, please find the error and correct, and explain why.
# I nclude <stdio.h>
# I nclude <malloc.h>
typedef struct (
TNode * left;
TNode * right;
int value;
) TNode;
TNode * root = NULL;
void append (int N);
int main ()
append (63);
append (45);
append (32);
append (77);
append (96);
append (21);
append (17); / / Again, give the number of arbitrary
void append (int N)
TNode * NewNode = (TNode *) malloc (sizeof (TNode));
NewNode-> value = "/ blog / N;

if (root == NULL)
root = NewNode;
TNode * temp;
temp = root;

while ((N> = temp.value & & temp.left! = NULL) | | (N <temp. value & & temp.
! = NULL
while (N> = temp.value & & temp.left! = NULL)
temp = temp.left;
while (N <temp.value & & temp.right! = NULL)
temp = temp.right;
if (N> = temp.value)
temp.left = NewNode;
temp.right = NewNode;

Huawei pen test
1. Please you draw separately the seven OSI network structure and TCP / IP five-storey structure.
2. Please explain in detail the definition of IP protocol, in which the top layer? What is the role of principal? TCP and UDP do?
3. Will the switches and routers, achieve their own work? , Respectively, above the level at which the implementation?
4. I would like to ask C + + classes and C have struct inside What's the difference?
5. Please talk about destructor and the virtual function usage and function.
6. Global variables and local variables What is the difference? How are the implementation? Operating system and compiler are how to know?
7.8086 system are how many? In the data bus are on how the implementation?

Association test T
1. Designed function int atoi (char * s).
2. int i = (j = 4, k = 8, l = 16, m = 32); printf ( "% d", i); output is the number?
3. Explanation of local variables, global variables and static variables meaning.
4. Explain the difference between heap and stack.
5. Parameters discussed with the advantages and disadvantages of macros and function.

Putian C + + T questions
1. Achieve two-way linked list delete a node P, at P-node, insert a node, write the two functions.
2. Writing a function to one of the \ t is converted to 4 spaces.
3. Windows are where the entrance procedures? Write a Windows message flow mechanism.
4. How the definition and implementation of a class member function as callback function?
5. C + + which is not all action is main () caused by? If not, please give examples.
6. C + + inside how a statement const void f (void) function to C library functions in the process?
7. Which of the following two are equivalent
int b;
A const int * a = &b;
B const * int a = &b;
C const int * const a = &b;
D int const * const a = &b;
8. Inline function to do it at compile-time type checking the parameters?
void g (base & b) (;
void main () (
son s;
g (s);

Datang Telecom
DTT test pen
One-hour examination time, the first part is to fill in the blank and select:
1. 6,10,18,32 ,"?", series question "?" Are a few?
2. 70 a person buy a x, 80 sold, 90 to buy, 100 sell that this how to trade?
3. Around the moon around the Earth, at least how much time?
4.7 Personal use of 7 hours of digging a ditch seven meters to the same speed for 50 hours at 50 meters of the trench dug how many people want?
5. Nine long-head, fish head add equal half a fish, add fish fish head equal, the number of full-length fish question?
6. Miss buying a piece of a watch, go home watch found in the table than her slow two minutes, when the evening news look
Also found that her family's table than the slow news time of 2 minutes, then.
A watch and the news the same time
B watch than the slow news time
C watches news of the time than the quick
7. Mr. Wang saw a recruitment notice and found that apart from the following two conditions are different companies, all other things being equal

A half-yearly salary 500,000, up 50,000 per annum
B annual salary of one million a year, up 200,000 per year
Want to go to Mr. Wang, a relatively generous treatment of the company, which he will go?
10. Question which has gold bag?
A bag on the tags are written like this: B bag so on are correct, at A bag of gold.
B on the bag tags are written like this: A bag so on are wrong, at A bag of gold.
11.3 individuals 30 hotel money, managers get five money from the possession of a Health Service 2 money, find money to give each one,
3 × (10 & "# 61485; 1) +2 = 29, ask how this is going on?
12. 3 writing, are the form letters.
(1) an English letter of congratulations, congratulations to a man when a certain company xx
(2), two English, one said something should not be invited, send others to go; are a collection of separate, seven days does not give you the money on
Leave (the main test business letter format).
Datang interview questions
1. What is interrupt? CPU interrupt at the time what to do?
2. After the CPU in the electric on, into the operating system of main () what to do before work?
3. On the ISO OSI physical layer Layer1, link layer Layer2, network layer Layer3 task.
4. Cable What's the difference between telephone and wireless phones? Mobile phones in particular pay attention to what is required?
5. Software development, what are the five major step?
6. You to develop software at the time, it occupied five step separately the percentage of time how many are?
7. makefile What is the role of paper?
8. UNIX display folder, file name, what are the orders? Make the contents of the documents appear on the screen what are the orders?
9. (Elected to do) at mobile phone users roaming from one base station to another base station in the process of what will happen?

Netcom pen test
Multiple-choice questions (5 points each question, there is only one correct answer)
1. No. 1 Chinese belong to the Protocol signaling protocol.
A ccs B cas C ip D atm
2. The full name of protocol isdnpri yes.
A comprehensive web-based business simulation speed protocol
B Net Analog Analog Integrated Services Protocol
C Integrated Services Digital Network-based rate agreement
D Integrated Services Digital Network-based sub-protocol
3. Routing protocol, the protocol is used as a vector distance.
A ospf B bgp C is-is D rip
4. Chinese Intelligent Network, ssp and scp between top-level protocol ss7 yes.
A incs B is41b C is41c D inap
5. The full name of dtmf yes.
A DTMF B tone many three dual-band C-band multi-tone multi-frequency D triphone
6. The basic components of the computer, the device does not contain the following Yes.
A cpu B memory D input device C interface
7. Referred to as pulse code modulation yes.
A pcm B pam C (delta) MD atm
8. Ordinary telephone line interface called major yes.
A rj11 B rj45 C rs232 D bnc
9. The existing use of public data network.
A circuit-switched technology B Packet Switching Technology
C voice packet switching D plug
10. ss7 protocol in the message to stop short for the busy city.
A stb B slb C sub D spb
Simple answer (10 points per question)
1. On an ordinary telephone and the difference between IP phone.
2. Signaling on highway road with the fundamental difference between signaling.
3. The main function of that mask.
4. ss7 protocol, there are three elements to determine its specific location, which the three elements?
5. Description of the basic ss7 call process.
6. On the composition of the structure of communication networks.
7. Connection-oriented and for non-connecting all of the pros and cons?
8. Ireland to write the basic formula.
9. What are the main data network equipment?
10. One Chinese protocol called numbers are how to insert the Caller ID?

Dongxin written subject
Written: 30 minutes.
1. VCO abbreviation.
2. Dynamic random access memory of the English abbreviation.
3. Choose what to consider when resistance?
4. Single-chip does not operate on electricity, we should first check what?
5. The basic components of computers and their respective roles.
6. How to use D flip-flop, with the door or divider circuit composed of two?

Medium soft Rongxin pen test
1. About job
(1) you work for the future vision of how life is? Why my job as a company?
(2) Please do not use more than 30 characters allow us to give a reason for hiring you.
(3) What do you think a good working environment like?
(4) your personal career development and long-term goal is what?
2. About society
(1) If you are Yang Liwei, to you in space of the motherland, said the first sentence of the people are what?
(2) to Miss Song Meiling Xie in October 2003 on the famous Xi'an Incident in the attitude and role, you
What are the? (Not more than 300 words)
(3) of the Beijing government promulgated 《 , the loss of the major award bonuses equivalent to 20% of the property a notice, such as you are
He's look?
(4) If you give fifty million yuan, you will be using the money to do what?
(5) in the United States, men's and women's toilet (toilet) is right to call and why? Please write the answer in English.
(6) Do you think McDonald's is the world's largest manufacturer of Hamburger ? ? If not, please state your opinion.
3. Educational background
(1) what you have received formal education or training? (Since graduating from high school onwards)
(2) at the school during what social activities?

Delphi written subject
Mechanical written questions
1. Briefly describe what is blanking (cutting), forming, coining and
ing in stamping process.
2. What is metal clading?
3. What is the purpose of adding glass fiber to thermoplastic material?
4. In contrast with metal and thermoplastic material, which has a higher
efficient of thermal expansion (CTE).
5. The most suitable material for a integral hinge design (typical
thickness = 0.25 to 0.5mm at hinge)
6. Can a bending load makes both compressive and tensile stress in a
7. What is the design criteria used in plastics catch / snap?
8. What is FEA?
9. Why is natural frequency important in vibration analysis?
10. What is the deflection equation of a cantilever beam fixed at one
Written questions EE
1. Name 3 Vehicle Buses.
2. Name 2 possible sources of Electromagnetic interference on
Circuit ASM.
3. Wavelength for 12MHz frequency signal is____
4. Name 2 important considerations for car radio performan-ce related
audio signal processing under multipath condition?
5. What is the typical FM receiver RF signal strength to achieve 30dB
S / N
for car radio?
6. When a radio is tuned to 98.1 MHz & with a LO of 108.8 MHz, what is
image frequency?
7. For a system with a matched impedance, what is the Reflection
nt and SWR?
8. Which property of the output capacitor is the primary cause of Low
Out (LDO) regulator loop instability?
(1) Equivalent series resistance (ESR)
(2) Effective series inductance (ESL)
(3) Capacitance value
(4) Dielectric material
9. The switching regulator is capable of:
(1) Higher power conversion efficiency
(2) Providing an output voltage that is higher than the input
(3) Generating an output boltage oppsite in polarity to the input
(4) All of the above
10. A linear regulator op Vin (max) = 10v, Vout (min) = 4.8v, Iout (max) =
5mA, Iq (max) = 2.5mA, Ta (max) = 8.5 degrees Celsius, The regulator is available in 3
kages.Each package has the following thermal characteristics:
Package Rja (degrees C / W) Rjc (degrees C / W)
SO14 125 30
D1P8 100 52
Choose the most suitable package to handle the power dissipation
nt without a heat sink and why.
T test software
1. How do you code an infinite loop in C?
2. Volatile:
(1) What does the keyword volatile mean? Give an example
(2) Can a parameter be both const and volatile? Give an example
(3) Can a pointer be volatile? Give an example
3. What are the values of a, b, and c after the following instructions:
int a = 5, b = 7, c;
c = a + + + b;
4. What do the following declarations mean?
(1) const int a;
(2) int const a;
(3) const int * a;
(4) int * const a;
(5) int const * a const;
5. Which of the following statements describe the use of the keyword
(1) Within the body of a function: A static variable maintains its
between function revocations
(2) Within a module: A static variable is accessible by all functions
hin that module
(3) Within a module: A static function can only be called by other
ons within that module
6. Embedded systems always require the user to manipulate bits in
s or variables. Given an integer variable a, write two code fragments.
The first should set bit 5 of a. The second shnuld clear bit 5 of a. In
th cases, the remaining bits should be unmodified.
7. What does the following function return?
char foo (void)
unsigned int a = 6;
iht b = -20;
char c;
(a + b> 6)? (c = 1): (c = 0);
return c;
8. What will be the output of the following C code?
main ()
int k, num = 30;
k = (num> 5? (num <= 10? 100:200): 500);
printf ( "% d", k);
9. What will the following C code do?
int * ptr;
ptr = (int *) Ox67a9;
* ptr = Oxaa55;
10. What will be the output of the follow C code?
# define product (x) (x * x)
main ()
int i = 3, j, k;
j = product (i + +);
k = product (+ + i);
printf ( "% d% d", j, k);
11. Simplify the following Boolean expression
! ((i == 12) | | (j> 15))
12. How many flip-flop circuits are needed to divide by 16?
13. Provides 3 properties that make an OS, a RTOS?
14. What is pre-emption?
15. Assume the BC register value is 8538H, and the DE register value is
A5H.Find the value of register BC after the following assembly operations:
16. In the Assembly code shown below
How many times is the DCR C Operation executed?
17. Describe the most efficient way (in term of execution time and code
ze) to divide a number by 4 in assembly language
18. What value is stored in m in the following assembly language code
ment if n = 7?
LDAA # n
19. What is the state of a process if a resource is not available?
# define a 365 * 24 * 60 * 60
20. Using the # define statement, how would you declare a manifest
that returns the number of seconds in a year? Disregard leap years in your
21. Interrupts are an important part of embedded systems. Consequently,
ny compiler vendors offer an extension to standard C to support interrupts.
pically, the keyword is __interrupt. The following routine (ISR). Point out
oblems in the code.
__interrupt double compute_area (double radius)
double area = PI * radius * radius;
printf ( "\ nArea =% f", area);
return area;

Hongkong Bank pen test
1. Please state why you chose to follow these activities and how they
contributed to your personal development. You may wish to give details of
r role whether anyone else was involved and any difficulties you

2. Please state how you have benefited from your work experience.
3. How much is your present monthly salary including allowances.
4. Do you need to compensate your present employer if you resign? If so,
lease give details.
5. Other than academic success, what has been your greatest achievement
date? What do you see as your personal strength, why?
6. Please state why the position you have applied for is appropriate for
ou; Why you have selected HongKong Bank and what your career objectives are.

T AT Keaney questions
1. Describe your greatest achievement in the past 4-5 years?
2. What are your short-term and long-term career objectives? What do you
hink is the most ideal job for you?
3. Why do you want to join AT kearney? What do you think you can
te to AT kearney?
4. Why are you applying for a position at Arthur Anderson?
5. What are your expectations of our firm.
6. Describe your hobbies and interests.

Shell company pen test
1. How wold your colleagues / classmates describe you in five words? On
evidence would they base this assessment.
2. If you are asked to recruit the best graduates for shell, what would
u do to attract them? What would you do to select them?
3. Please describe a new activity that you have initiated and
Please highlight your role out.
4. Please describe your outstanding non-academic achieve-ments.
5. Please describe any other significant activities you have been
in including organizing people.
6. Imagine that Shell has found oil in an inland province of China, near
large river. You are responsible for planning how to transport the oil to
coast thousands of miles away. What are the main issue you would consider,
d what would you do?

KPMG pen test
"The big economic difference between nuclear and fossil-fuelled power
tions is that nuclear reactors are more expensive to build and decommission,
ut cheaper to sun. So disputes over the relative efficiency of the two
revolve not just around prices of coal and uranium today and tomorrow, but
so around the way in which future income should be compared with current
e. "
1. The main difference between nuclear and fossil-fuelled power stations
s an economic one.
2. The price of coal is not relevant to discussions about the relative
iciency of nuclear reactors.
3. If nuclear reactors were cheaper to build and decommission than
fossil -
fuelled power stations, they would definitely have the economic advantage.
"At any given moment we are being bombarded by physical and
stimuli competing for our attention. Although our eyes are capable of
g more than 5 million bits of data per second, our brain are capable of
reting only about 500 bits per second. With similar disparities between each
f the other senses and the brain, it is easy to see that we must select the
sual, auditory, or tactile stimuli that we wish to compute at any specific
e. "
4. Physical stimuli usually win in the competition for our attention.
5. The capacity of the human brain is sufficient to interpret nearly all
he stimuli the senses can register under optimum conditions.
6. Eyes are able to cope with a greater input of information than ears.
(3) A TRUE
1. Which country had the highest number of people aged 60 or over at the
tart of 1985?
B. France
C. Italy
E. Spain
2. What percentage of the total 15mm button production was classed as
sub -
standard in September?
AA 10.5% BB 13% CC 15% DD 17.5% EE 20% AB 23.5% AC 25%
AD 27.5% AE 28% BC 30.5%
3. How many live births occurred in 1985 in Spain and Italy together (to
he nearest 1000)?
A. 104 000
B. 840 000
C. 1 044 000
D. 8 400 000
E. 10 440 000
4. What was the net effect on the UK population of the live birth and
h rates in 1985?
A. Decrease of 66 700
B. Increase of 752 780
C. Increase of 84 900
D. Cannot Say
E. Increase of 85 270
5. By how much did the total sales value of November's button
vary from October's?
A. 8.50 (Decrease)
B. 42.50 (Decrease)
C. 85.00 (Increase)
D. 27.50 (Decrease)
E. No change
6. What was the loss in potential sales revenue attributable to the
tion of sub-standard (as opposed to standard) buttons over the 6 month

A. 13.75
B. 27.50
C. 137.50
D. 280.00
E. 275.00

Hong Kong Telecom pen test
1. Based on your understanding of the following java related
servlets, JavaServerPage, JavaBeans, Enterprise JavaBeans, how do you think
hese technologies are work together or are applied in the development of an
ternet-based application (25marks).
2. In your opinion, what do you think are the advantages or benefitsof
ng an object-oriented approach to software development? how do you think
benefits can be achieved or realized? (15marks).
3. In designing your classes, given the choice between inheritance and
regation which do you choose (15marks).
4. How would you work around the lack of multiple inheritance feature in
ava (15marks).
5. What would you consider to be the hardest part of OO analysis and
n and why (10marks).
6. How do you keep yourself up to date with the latest in software
gy, especially in the field of software development (10marks).
7. What si your career aspiration? Why do you think this E-Commerce
pment Center can help you in achieving your career goals (10marks) (1hr,
r in English).

L \ 'OR ÉAL pen test
1. Would you please describe yourself in 3-4 lines? (Limited in 500

2. Could you tell us why we should choose you as a Loreal Person, and
makes you unique? (limited in 500 words)
3. What is your short-term and long-term career plan? (Limited in 500
4. What kind of group activities are you interested in and what type of
le do you often play? (limited in 500 words)
5. Please use one sentence to give a definition of 'Beauty', and
e the most beautiful thing in your life. (limited in 500 words)

Virgin VERITAS software pen test
1. A class B network on the internet has a subnet mask of,
hat is the maximum number of hosts per subnet.
a. 240 b. 255 c. 4094 d. 65534
2. What is the difference: between o (log n) and o (log n ^ 2), where both
arithems have base 2.
a. o (log n ^ 2) is bigger b. o (log n) is bigger
c. no difference
3. For a class what would happen if we call a class's constructor from
th the same class's constructor.
a. compilation error b. linking error
c. stack overflow d. none of the above
4. "New" in c + + is a:.
a. library function like malloc in c
b. key word c. operator
d. none of the above
5. Which of the following information is not contained in an inode.
a. file owner b. file size
c. file name d. disk address
6. What's the number of comparisons in the worst case to merge two
lists containing n elements each.
a. 2n b.2n-1 c.2n +1 d.2n-2
7. Time complexity of n algorithm T (n), where n is the input size, is T
= T (n-1) +1 / n if n> 1 otherwise 1 the order of this algorithm is.
a. log (n) b. n c. n ^ 2 d. n ^ n
8. The number of 1's in the binary representation of 3 * 4096 +
15 * 256 +5 * 16 +
3 are.
a. 8 b. 9 c. 10 d. 12

Budweiser (Wuhan Company)
1, why apply for Budweiser?
2, has any plans for the future?
3, there is no experience in social activities?
4, there is no experience of public speech?
5, frequent use of those software?
6, which enjoy the course?
7, you think what factors in the work of the most important for you?
8, when can come to work? Be at work here long?
9, 8:00 to go to work, it is necessary to work overtime and travel, can it be done?

Starbudks Coffee
One, you are a coffee shop manager, shop at the same time you find the following situation:
1) lot of table and left the table after the guests have left the cleaning up empty glasses, the desktop does not clean to be processed.
2) Have the guests are asked which varieties to sell the shop, he do not know how to point the coffee menu.
3) have been guests at the completion of coffee, is waiting for the cash register next to the checkout.
4) some manufacturers are ready to purchase, store manager sign-off required.
I would like to ask, in view of the above circumstances occur at the same time, how you want to schedule the order in which they deal with, why
2, has a bad temper, so that a former employee because Sanjiadian Get along with other colleagues and the shop frequently to mobilize poor
Now i was transferred to you inside the shop, I would like to ask you as a shop manager, will be how to deal with? ?
3, You shop manager this week after the closing Friday, found that total retail sales by 30% last Friday, I would like to ask the reasons for possible
Which will be several, the reasons for how to deal with?

Electronics Software embossing pen test
1. Select ONE of the following projects to discuss:
a. Signal Filtering: You are given a sampled realtime waveform
of a sensor reading mixed with highly periodic impulses and high frequency
se.The desired output is the realtime filtered sensor signal with the
and noise removed, and a readout of the impulse period. The FFT may not be
b. Interrupt Processing.A headware register consisting of eight
t edge triggered latches is used to record external asynchronous interrupt
uests. When any of the request bits are latched, a software interrupt is

ated. The software may read the latch to see which interrupt (s) occurred.
ing a one to any latch bit will clear the latch. How does that software
that no interrupt request is ever missed?
c. User Interface: a prototype MP3 player interface consisting of a
st display and a few control buttons is given to you. How would you make the
nterface "skinnable", with user selected graphics, options, and control
n placement?
Each project description is incomplete. What questions would you ask to
mpletely specify the project? What development tools would you prefer to
What algorithm / data structures / design would you use?
2. What program (s) have you coded for you own enjoyment (not part of a
ool project, not for pay). What type of software project would you most enjoy
orking on?
3. Have you participated in a team programming project? What is the
t part of programming as a team, as opposed to programming alone?

Ulead written subject
1. A pile of eggs, the remaining 3 3 Number 2, 5 5 Number of remaining 1, 7 7, the number of the remaining three, this pile of egg question
There is at least how many? And give general solution.
2. Five Sacred Mountains enumerated, and their provinces.
3. What is book four.
4. Dictation by the order of 24 solar terms.
5. Yu Qian dictation of the "Yin-lime."
6. English Translation of about 300 words.
7. Writing an article: Job felt.

PWC PricewaterhouseCoopers topics written (essay)
1. The past 10 years changes in the Chinese media.
2. Do you think the development of the automobile industry and public transport which is more important?
3. How to understand investment risk?
4. How to understand the negative impact of ads and a positive role?

Avant! Microelectronics questions EE T
1. Glossary: VLSI, CMOS, EDA, VHDL, Verilog, HDL, ROM, RAM, DRC, LVS.
2. On CMOS process.
3. Door painted with non-CMOS circuit, and draw on its wave function.

4. Draw N-channel MOSFET's enhanced profile.
5. On ESD and latch-up the meaning.
6. MOS transistor and tube on the distinction.
7. MOORE model and briefly MEALY model.
8. On the distinction between stack and queue.
Decuma figure sum test information Ltd.
1. NMOS draw the characteristic curve (specified in saturated zone, as at the district, the linear zone, the breakdown area and CV curve)
2.2.2um under process, Kn = 3Kp, design an inverter, to say the device size.
3. N-well to say the production process.
4. Avalanche breakdown and zener breakdown mechanism and the difference.
5. CMOS draw with a D flip-flop (clk, d, q, q-).

Deloitte pen test
Five individuals from different places, living in different houses, raise different animals, different brands of cigarette smoke, drink different beverages, hi
Huan different food. According to the following leads to determine who are the people and cats.
(1) red house at the right side of the blue house, white house on the left (not necessarily adjacent)
(2) the owner of the house Wong from Hong Kong, and his house is not far left.
(3) pizza favorite drink of the people living in the mineral water of the people next door.
(4) people from Beijing Moutai drink, live from Shanghai at the person next door.
(5) smoke cigarettes Hilton people living in the horse right next to the person.
(6) people drink beer also love eating chicken.
(7) Green house dogs.
(8) people love to eat noodles snake living in the custody of the person next door.
(9) from Tianjin's neighbors (adjacent to) a love to eat beef, and the other from Chengdu.
(10) fish most of the people living in the right side of the house.
(11) smoking Marlboro cigarettes Hilton people living in smoking and smoking cigarettes, "555" between the people of cigarettes (close)
(12) Red Tea house .
(13) drink wine favorite people live in the right side of tofu people next door.
(14) Hongtashan cigarette smoking not only people do not live in the smoke Kent cigarettes next to the person or people from neighboring Shanghai.
(15) from Shanghai a few people left living in a second house.
(16) drink water most of the people living in the middle of the house.
(17) who love to eat noodles drink wine.
(18) smoking, "555" cigarettes Hilton cigarettes people smoke than people living in the * right.

ALi (CST) subject written
Software Title
1. Queue is a useful structure
* What is a queue?
* Write 5 operations or functions, without details, that can be done on
2. Insert a sequence fo keys (24,49,13,20,59,23,90,35) into a data
e, which has no keys initially. Depict the data structure after these
ns, if it is:
* A heap tree
* An AVL tree
3. * What is a synchronous I / O bus?
* What is an asnchronous I / O bus?
* Compare the advantages and disadvantages of synchronous and a
s I / O bus.
4. Explain the following terminology:
* Baud rate
* Handshaking
* Memory mapped I / O
5. Explain the key issues in supporting a real-time operation system for
mbedded system.
6. Explain the mapping of visual addresses to real addresses under
* Direct mapping
* Associative mapping
* Combined direct / associated mapping
7. Please explain what is "write-back" and "write-through", and
s the advantage and disadvantage about these two methods.
8. Explain the concept and benefit of threads
9. What is hardware interrupt? What is software interrupt? What is
on? Please tell me all you know about interrupt.
10. Write a recursive function that tests wether a string is a
A palindrome is s string such as "abcba" or "otto" that reads the same
both directions.If you can write this function recursively, you can write an
terative version of this function instead.
11. What is the process of (Process) and thread (Thread)? What's the difference?
12. What is the difference between MFC and SDK?
13. What is IRP? What is the role?
14. Windows 2000 operating system user mode and kernel mode programming What's the difference?
15. BUFFER driver disk to swap to get it? Why?
16. 3 function test to prepare implementation
(1) set up a two-way linked list
(2) insert a node
(3) delete a node
17. Hardware interrupt briefly interrupted and the difference between software, on its application.

18. Try to prepare a function to calculate a number of strings in A.
19. Draw the corresponding flow chart and to prepare a function to achieve an integer number of binary conversion, such as input 6, losers
Out of 110.
(1) the preparation of a recursive function to delete a directory.
(2) the preparation of a non-recursive function, delete a directory.
And compare their performance.
21. Additional questions: a brief description of programming experience
Hardware Title
1. Mos tube with two input and Put a non -door.
2. The previous IC design flow, to write the relevant instrument.
3. Explanation of the term IRQ, BIOS, USB, VHDL, SDR.
4. Summarized as follows Unix command cp-r, rm, uname.
5. Waveform with the express function of D flip-flop.

6. Writing asynchronous D flip-flop in verilog module.
7. What is PC Chipset?
8. Transmission side door and used up an edge of trigger device.
9. Draw state machine to accept the sale of 1,2,5 cents reported machine, 5 cents for each newspaper.
DSP Title
1. H (n)   a * h (n  1 ) + b * δ (n)
(1) for h (n) of the z transform
(2) Whether or not the system to stabilize the system
(3) write a FIR digital filter difference equation
2. Write the following minimum requirements for analog signal sampling bandwidth
(1) analog signal frequency range is 0 ~ 4kHz
(2) analog signal frequency range is 2 ~ 4kHz
3. Glossary
(1) quantization error
(2) Histogram
(3) White Balance
(4) MMX
4. The following format to write several compression techniques used
(1) JPEG
(2) MPEG2
(3) MP3

Qualcomm test pen
1. Can you describe the trend of wireless mobile communication industry?
2000 letters)
2. Compare the major third generation technologies. (2000 letters)
3. Describe the characteristics of Walsh function. Explain how to
Walsh Function. (2000 letters)
4. List factors that will affect the capacity of forward and reverse
of a CDMA system. (2000 letters)
5. What are the differences between IS-95 A / B and cdma2000 1X? (2000

VIA written questions
T test software in 2002
1. Three groups of procedures, to identify the error you think.
(1) ac long temp [255];
bc extern * temp;
(2) ac long temp [255];
bc extern temp [256];
(3) ac long temp [255];
bc extern temp [];
2. In the first statement of the Agency to compile a strange error, why?
# I nclude <stdio.h>
# I nclude "myfun1.h"
# I nclude "myfun2.h"
int myInt1;
int myInt2;
3. printf ( "0x% x", (& 0) [  1 ]); print what I would like to ask?
4. Compilation, and ax, bx, cx, dx, for 1000 X 1000 /30 (rounded), the results on the ax of.
5. Optimization for Bubble (int * pIntArray, int L), requirement: the exchange of elements can not be temporary variable, if
Orderly optimal required.
6. A programming language used to write arbitrary n! Algorithms.
Part of 2003 Asic
1. One of the four Mux, signal one of the second class as the key signal, how to improve the timing?
2. The subject of a state machine implementation using Verilog.
3. Asic in the implementation of the design flow.
4. Painted door with D flip-flop logic.
5. Give a general sequential circuit of the map, there is Tsetup, Tdelay, Tck  > q The clock also del
ay, decide to write the biggest factor in the clock, at the same time give expression.
6. Statistics using C language implementation of a cell in a. V file number to call.
7. The main part of Cache.
2003 EE topics written
1. Write current formula.
2. Plate capacitor formula writing.
3. Resistance R and capacitance C in series, the input voltage is between R and C voltage, output voltage, respectively, for C on the electric voltage and R
Pressure, rendering the two circuits require an input voltage of the spectrum, the two circuits to determine what high-pass filter, what is low-pass filter
Filter. When RC <<T when the input voltage waveform give draw two circuit diagram of the output waveform.
4. Give time-domain signal, and its DC component.
5. Give time-domain signal, the frequency of requests to write components, and write a series of its Fourier transform. When the waveform after low-pass
High-order harmonic filters and filter out only the first harmonic, the draw of the output waveform after filtering.
6. There is time-domain signal S = V0sin (2pif0t) + V1cos (2pif1t) + V2sin (2pif3t +90), written when the adoption of
Low-pass, band-pass, high pass filter the signal after the express way.
7. Give a differential circuit, told the output voltage Y + and Y  , for common mode and differential-mode component weight.
8. One power supply and a transmission line connected to (length L, for the transmission time T), end-Office Draw waveforms, consider the transmission
Lossless line. Give power supply voltage waveform diagram, mapping devices require waveforms.
9. For phase-locked loop output frequency, to a phase-locked loop structure of Fig.
10. Give the structure of a stack, and the result will be displayed after the interruption, the main test are pressed into return address stack storage at low
High-end or end address.
2003 Graphic written subject
1. Questions and Answers
(1) texture mapping is what? Why use filter?
(2) express a float and int number, such as 2 to illustrate advantages and disadvantages.
(3) In which part of MPEG can be hardware accelerated?
(4) explain the cubic and the difference between B-spline, to write their own function.
(5) to write some of the Win API function OpenGL.
(6) say that fixed-decimal and decimal floating-point that the advantages and disadvantages.
(7) to say which graphics can be optimized in the calculation of MPEG?
(8) what Bezier and B-Spline curve difference.
2. The simplest way to use to determine whether a number is 2 times the power of the index.
3. And S23E8 Ways S10E5 express two types of floating-point analysis, a type of express 0.25 Writing S10E5, conversion from S23E8.
4. Template implementation by way of three Maximum amount of check.
5. The title tell you float IEEE 16 and 32 express the norms, the requirements will be  0 .25 respectively and the IEEE 16
32 express and write a C + + function will be entered into for the IEEE 16, said that the IEEE 32.
6. Writing C language with a function f (x)  x * 0.5 requested operation can only be an integer.
2003 Software Engineer pen test
1. Describe x86 PC's architecture in a diagram cpu, core chipset,
Cache, DR
AM, IO-subsystem, IO-Bus
2. SWI instruction is often called a "supervisor call", describe the
ions in detail
* Save the address of the instruction after the SWI in rl4_svc.
* Save the CPSR in SPSR_svc.
* Enter supervisor mode and disable IRQs.
* Set the PC to 08 and begin executing the instruction there.
* What is PIO operation? Advantage and disadvantage?
* DMA operation? Advantage and disadvantage?
* Scatter / Gather DMA engine? How does it operate?
4. MP3 decoder related. (A flow chart of decoding is presented)
* Advantages of Huffman encoding?
* Why the aliasing reduction is necessary?
* Analytical expression in mathematics of the IMDCT?
* Which block in the flow chart is suitable for the software
n and which for the hardware? why?
5. Assembly codes -> C language (about 15 lines).
6. Graduation thesis description.

Hanwang pen test
Senior researchers (pattern recognition, image processing category) recruitment test
You probably do not fully comply with the major questions involved in this area. Therefore, not all questions have to be answered
, You can only answer you are familiar with and able to answer questions. Permit reference to any information, but please complete this test independently
We appreciate your independent thinking and innovation. The questions are not hiring or not hiring us you are the only basis for
. Advanced researchers candidates are invited to answer that part.
1. Artificial intelligence and pattern recognition research for many years, but it seems generally accepted view is that it is still very difficult. Test
Of you are familiar with any one direction (such as fingerprint identification, face recognition, speech recognition, character recognition, natural language understanding, etc.
) Described the development of the situation. And the idea that if you will be engaged in the direction of research, how you intend to proceed to have set up
Identification of effective theories and methods; or think you now what the theoretical and methodological shortcomings, there is any way to make improvements?
(500 words or less can be, not to long)
2. On any one of the following theoretical framework of the main topic or main point of view (500 words or less can be, not to long)
(1) David Marr's Vision calculated the theoretical framework
(2) Gestalt (Gestalt) to send the main opinion of Psychology
(3) Bayes decision theory
(4) artificial neural network BP network, self-organizing networks and associative memory networks, the main content
(5) genetic algorithm
(6) wavelet analysis
(7) At present, undermine the popular still image compression method
3. The idea you want to design an algorithm to detect whether the image will be rectangular structure there is. To detect possible rectangular
There is a variety of forms, you test the algorithm proposed framework. Ask you to at least the algorithm can detect the rectangular sample, and refuse their
His arbitrary non-rectangular structure. Rectangular size, location and direction of the unknown, the algorithm can ask you to identify these parameters.
If you think too hard and can not solve this problem, please give reasons.
Advanced recruitment software development questions
You probably do not fully comply with the major questions involved in this area. Therefore, not all questions have to be answered
, You can only answer you are familiar with and able to answer questions. Permit reference to any information, but please complete this test independently
We appreciate your independent thinking and innovation. This test is not employed or not our only basis for hiring you.
Advanced recruitment software developers are invited to answer that part.
1. Logical data storage structure (such as arrays, queues, trees, etc.) for software development has an important impact,
You try to understand the structure of a variety of storage from the operating speed, storage efficiency and the application of occasions such as a brief analysis of aspects.

2. Database technology in computer systems are a very important area, almost all computer applications have one or more
Or less to use the database. Try to briefly talk about the database design problem which should be noted, as well as how to solve? Give
The two of you are familiar with the DBMS, the application requires a small application, and the other for large applications, you give to
The reasons for selection.
3. A company's principal business is the provision of WWW and E-mail services, for security reasons, the company's request to mention my company
Sign in for a network fingerprint system, which require the use of fingerprints can substitute for E-mail the password used, and referred to
For part of the page after the adoption of fingerprint authentication to access, please learn to use your knowledge to analyze the system design,
You can specify the configuration of the network (including the protocol), but must ensure that users can e-mail through the web page (http mode) closed
Check the letter, but also through Outlook boxes. Please analyze the feasibility of the system, where feasible, give the system structure and main
Storage structure, pointed out that the system problems and solutions. (Assuming the issue of fingerprint identification has been resolved)
Advanced hardware developers to test Recruit
You probably do not fully comply with the major questions involved in this area. Therefore, not all questions have to be answered
, You can only answer you are familiar with and able to answer questions. Permit reference to any information, but please complete this test independently
We appreciate your independent thinking and innovation. This test is not employed or not our only basis for hiring you.
Advanced hardware developers candidates are invited to answer that part.
1. Here are some basic knowledge of digital circuit problem, please briefly answer:
(1) What is the Setup and Holdup time?
(2) What is the situation of competition and risk-taking? How to judge? How to eliminate?
(3) Please draw with 2 times the D flip-flop frequency implementation of logic circuits.
(4) What is "line with" the logic of it? To achieve it, there is at what hardware features on the specific requirements?
(5) What is the logic of synchronous and asynchronous logic?
(6) Please draw in the computer interface circuit, a typical input device and computer interface logic diagram (data interface, control
System interface, on which the device / buffer).
(7) Do you know what common logic level? TTL and COMS can directly interconnect level ? ?
2. Programmable logic devices in modern electronic design more and more important, I would like to ask:
(1) you know what programmable logic device?
(2) trial VHDL or Verilog, ABLE described eight D flip-flop logic
3. You will achieve the idea of an electronic circuit design program. Please describe briefly the use of EDA software (such as PROTEL) design
Including schematic diagram and PCB) to debug the whole process of the prototype. In all aspects of what issues should pay attention to?

Beijing Xinwei Telecom Technology Co., Ltd. questions Noodles
1. DSP and general-purpose processor on the structure What is the difference? Please briefly draw you familiar with the structure of a DSP.
2. Fixed-point DSP and floating-point to talk about the definition of DSP (or tell the difference between them).
3. You talk about places on the cycle of addressing and understanding of addressing the anti-sequence.
4. Please write  8 ,7 】 【binary complement and offset binary code . Q15 expressed by 0.5 and ɦ
85; 0.5.

CICC China International Capital Corporation Limited T test
1. Please tell us about an achievement that you are especially proud of
cause it was difficult or demanding.
(1) What the objective was?
(2) Why it is important to you?
(3) How you achieved it and the obstacles that you had to overcome in
er to do so?
2. What is your career plan? Three years after graduation, and five
after graduation?
3. Why are you interested in investment bank? What other industries do
also have interests?
4. Why do you think you can be a qualified investment banker? How can
contribute in this industry?

Guotai Junan pen test
There is a train on the three workers, Smith, Jones and Robert and three for the firemen, brakeman and machinery
Division, there are three passengers with the same first name the three men. Robert lives in Detroit; brakeman members living in Chicago and Detroit in the
Place between; Jones earn 20,000 dollars a year; there is a member of the passengers and brakeman living in a place, the annual salaries of members are brakeman
3 times that of the whole; Smith billiards play better than the fire; and brakeman Passenger members of the same name living in Chicago.
I would like to ask who is the mechanic?

Briny pen test
1. RC oscillator out the composition and working principle.
2. What is SDH?
3. What is common mode, differential mode? Draw differential circuit structure.
4. a = 5; b = 6; a + = b + +; the implementation of the outcome of that?
5. What is TDM? What is CDMA?
6. What is sampling theorem?
7. What is the Shannon theorem?
8. Computer to the types of interruptions?

Guangdong Nortel interview topics
English pen test
1. Tranlation (Mandatory)
CDMA venders have worked hard to give CDMA roaming capabilities via the
velopment of RUIM-essentially, a SIM card for CDMA handsets currently being
ployed in China for new CDMA operator China Unicom. Korean cellco KTF
ated earlier this year the ability to roam between GSM and CDMA using such
ds.However, only the card containing the user's service data can roam-not
CDMA handset or the user's number (except via call forwarding).
2. Programming (Mandatory)
Linked list
a. Implement a linked list for integers, which supports the insertafter
sert a node after a specified node) and removeafter (remove the node after a
pecified node) methods;
b. Implement a method to sort the linked list to descending order.
3. Debugging (Mandatory)
a. For each of the following recursive methods, enter Y in the answer box
f themethod terminaters (assume i = 5), Otherwise enter N.
static int f (int i) (
return f (i-1) * f (i-1);
static int f (int i) (
if (i == 0) (return 1;)
else (return f (i-1) * f (i-1);)
static int f (int i) (
if (i == 0) (return 1;)
else (return f (i-1) * f (i-2);)
b. There are two errors in the following JAVA program:
static void g (int i) (
if (i == 1) (return;)
if (i% 2 == 0) (g (i / 2); return;)
else (g (3 * i); return;)
please correct them to make sure we can get the printed-out result as

T English questions
1. Chinese to English
Nortel Networks plans to make the developer from the development of different organizations who can at Nortel Networks on the development of a round platform
Full complement of business. Nortel Networks industry-standard open interfaces to complement the introduction of business to carry out numerous business opportunities,
Developer plans to develop at different levels to provide different levels of qualifications, eligibility criteria also take into account the following factors: meeting

Filling operations and Nortel Networks set the degree of platforms, developers groups and Nortel Networks partnership, and so on.
2. Programming
Will be converted into an integer string: void itoa (int, char);
Such as itoa (-123, s []) then s = "-123";

U2 choir within 17 minutes at a concert hall rushed to the way necessary to cross a bridge, four individuals from the same side of the bridge, the
You have to help them reach the other side, the sky is dark, and they have only a flashlight. At the same time there is a maximum of two
With the bridge, and when the bridge must have a flashlight, so you must bring someone to bring a flashlight, back and forth at both ends of the bridge
. A flashlight is not the way to lose transmission. Four different walking speeds, if two peers are slow
Whichever is the speed. Bono takes 1 minute flower bridge, Edge takes two minutes across the bridge, Adam need to spend five minutes across the bridge, Larry takes
Flower 10 minutes across the bridge. How they want the bridge in 17 minutes then? (Have the students write a Tongji article said that he was at Microsoft
Interview met The problem is the shortest at only 19 minutes to cross the bridge , Microsoft's people speak to him the results of this
Are good, as the! )

A point to B point
1 and 2 over the last two minutes 2
2 over 4 minutes 2 +2 = 4
5 past 10 and 14 minutes 4 +10 = 14
1 from 15 minutes to 14 +1 = 15
1 and 2 over the past 17 minutes 15 +2 = 17

19 minutes is still good? ? ? ?

This is Guangzhou Honda's test, a look at U.S.

Guangzhou Honda pen test
1. Sort smtwtf-?
2. If 6000, 600, 6606 into a six express, then Eleven thousand , Eleven hundred , eleven said what?
3. add a word grass behind, agent add in front of a word to form two new words, what is the word?
4. Farm do not know how many chickens, and the current batch of feed, if 75 of chicken feed to sell enough 20 days, to buy 100
Chicken feed only enough for 15 days, the original question there is how many chickens?
5.6 barrels, containing the two liquids, a liquid prices are another kind of double, barrel capacity of 8,13,
15,17,19,31, there is an American, the 14 U.S. dollars spent to buy two types of liquid, leaving a barrel. The remaining question which

6. Basketball courts, six seconds left, bad opponent 4 points, probably did not catch up, and now there is a pause, how would you guide
Players do it?

BenQ interview questions
1. Self Introduction (2 minutes).
2. University of the most glorious period you one thing, what are?
3. If tomorrow you go to stay on Mars for 300 years, this evening you most want to do one thing, what are?

1,10 divided into 4 groups of individuals has several sub-law?
2, Figure:
16 15 14 13
Set "1" for the coordinates (0,0) "7" for the coordinates (-1, -1) to prepare a small procedure, so that
Procedures do enter the coordinates (X, Y) after the corresponding figure shown.
3, # i nclude <stdio.h>
/ / example input and output
/ / in 1 2 3 out 1 3 1
/ / in 123456789 2 100 out 123456789 100 21
long mex (long a, long b, long c)
(Long d;
if (b == 0) return 0;
if (b == 1) return a% c;
d = mex (a, b / 2, c); d *= d; forgotten here; d *= mex (a, b% 2, c); d% = c;
return d;
int main (void)
(Long x, y, z;
while (1)
(If (scanf (% d% d% d, & x, & y, & z)> 3) return 0;
if (x <0) (printf ( "too small \ n"); continue;)
if (y <0) (printf ( "too small \ n"); continue;)
if (z <1) (printf ( "too small \ n"); continue;)
if (y> z) (printf ( "too big \ n"); continue;)

if (z> 1000000010) (printf ( "too big \ n"); continue)
printf (% d% d% d, x, z, mex (x, y, z);
Under this procedure, when a known input, calculate the output, such as: 1 3 1 input output 1 2 3
123456789 100 21 input output 1,234,567,892,100

Guangzhou Daily
1, are some current events to fill in the blank part of title, such as: the number of Internet users in China, three, what Beijing's Olympic bid, and
Reporter of some common-sense question: If our country the first to write newsletter, who are well-known journalist? Cai Yuanpei praise once
Who is the reporter had?
2, multiple-choice basic as the scope and fill in the blank, including knowledge of current affairs and information: such as the depth of the substance of an interview, the reporter
Such as professional ethics.
3, Jane more major questions: are you together take part in the opening ceremony of a highway, at a press conference how the hair
The news release did not say other than to write the contents of the meeting. Go together with a unit you are interviewed, but there is no evidence of the unit
, Something like an invitation, how do you fool the doorman into the mix. Yes there are a few third perfume companies want you to Say Good
If, that is to do a soft news, how to deal with you. A fourth is to star with the B star does not, how do you report called A and B, then
B will not let you slander.
4, writing title is "not too cold this winter" for any imagination, you add clasps.
5, five intelligence tests: How snapped at the bottom of beer mugs of beer, cars through the tunnel but how high do the two centimeters,
Apple to eat when you eat a few insects such as the most disgusting, lit 10 candles, let the wind out of the two, and later before closing the windows and blowing
1 out. Finally have a few question.

500 Secret noodle interviewer questions the past few years, I met three of the tricky questions. Unfortunately, I was not psychologically prepared for the
Failed to give a satisfactory answer.

(1) Date of you a lot of it? (Ask this question of the United States are a defense company, a female interviewer.)

(2) Why did you come here today? (The interviewer an investment bank went into his office and saw me sitting
There when he asked questions. )

(3) If at this time there is a spaceship landing outside, you will go into it? If it can go any place
, You will be asked to take you to where to put it? (An investment bank by the interviewer ask the question.) - Kelly, 1999
May 3

□ recommendations

Some questions that are challenging, although the first question seems a bit unusual, is a woman to another
The issues raised by women, but you still have to seriously answer the question, so that is satisfied with each other. Better way to answer is: "If
You are worried about my private life to the degree of concern than the concern of the job, then I assure you, I am very
Input. Similarly, efforts to balance my life, all kinds of ways to enrich the life of my time. "This is not only to answer
The interviewer's questions, nor did exposure to their own privacy.

"Why do you come here today," give you such a question provides an explanation of his enthusiasm for the job of
Opportunities. If you are not the meaning of this sentence to see the surface, then this is a tricky issue. In an interview
When a very important point is to relax a little themselves, not to the analysis of each question is What is the meaning in the end. Find ways to make your back
You can narrow the gap between A and the relationship between the interviewer. And indicate the position you as a candidate, has its own advantages.
"I came here and you want me to talk about certain job applicants of the problem. Me introduce you willing to work with your own situation?"

The spacecraft are the questions you ask how much there is a spirit of adventure, it is necessary to answer this question, you need to self -
The candidates already know the work of organizations in their own language properly. If the job requirements with you the spirit of innovation, then you
It can be said: "Yes, go at me, go at once to see the planet through which the most innovative people, ask
Ask what their favorite way to let their creativity as far as possible. "

■ Why are Manhole Covers Sewer round ?

Microsoft's advisers sometimes get some special treatment, because in interviews about their not really the problem

□ Example

Richard Feynman • find a job at Microsoft

Interviewer: now we want to ask a question, take a look at your ability to think creatively. Not to think too much, the use of
Everyday common sense, description of your ideas. The question is, Why are sewer covers round?

Feynman: They are not all round, some are side, that there are some round covers, but I have also read side, the rectangle.

Interviewer: But we only consider the circular covers, why they are round?

Feynman: If we only consider the round, so naturally they are round.

Interviewer: What I mean is, why would exist covers round? Manhole Covers put into a circular design there is any special
The meaning of it?

Feynman: Yes, there is special significance, when required are covered by a circular hole when the lid is usually round. A circular
Cover the lid of a circular hole, which is the simplest solution.

Interviewer: you can think of a circle than the square of the Manhole Covers Manhole Covers which has the advantages of it?

Feynman: In answering this question, we first take a look at what is below the lid. Cover the following holes are round,
Cylindrical because most can withstand the pressure of the surrounding land. Moreover, the sewer holes Leave the people enough of a pass

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    android Service Binder examples of interactive communication This article comes from: android SDK provides the Service, for a similar * nix daemon or windows service. Service There are

  • android Service Activity Binder interactive communication interactive examples of 2010-06-25

    android Service Binder examples of interactive communication This article comes from: android SDK provides the Service, for a similar * nix daemon or windows service. Service There are

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