Solve the method of death ECLIPSE MyEclipse card

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<Eclipse_Home> Here are a eclipse.ini file can be adjusted to use Eclipse's largest memory, the default is as follows

Adjusted as follows:
-XX: PermSize = 64M
-XX: MaxPermSize = 128M

1g RAM recommended for:
-XX: PermSize = 64M
-XX: MaxPermSize = 128M

For the MyEclipse, then modified directly MyEclipse shortcut on the desktop of the parameters can be La. . Now explain the meaning of these parameters.

-vmargs: description followed by the VM parameters
-Xms40m: virtual machine, the smallest memory occupied by the system
-Xmx256m: virtual machine maximum amount of memory occupied by the system
-XX: PermSize: minimum heap size. General reported that the memory is insufficient, are saying that this is too small,
Heap space for the remaining less than 5% will be warned, it is recommended to set this slightly larger, but depending on the memory size to set up their own machines
-XX: MaxPermSize: maximum heap size. This is also an appropriate bigger
-Xmx512M 5% of 25.6M, theoretically demand-Xmx value with the-XX: MaxPermSize must be greater than 25.6M

To change the parameters inside the
-XX: PermSize = 128M
-XX: MaxPermSize = 256M

So for me, I just put my MyEclipse5.0 change-XX: PermSize = 128M-XX: MaxPermSize = 256M, problem-solving!
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