Small demand summary

Hi, all:

Recently completed a small demand, there are a lot of harvest, with members needs to do a small summary to share with you.

Demand for process-related

Needs to understand the background of ============================ ==========

a) find out the source of demand, that is, who put the demand to understand the needs of commercial value.

b) needs to find out which involved several product lines.

c) verify that the product line pd understanding of the needs of the situation: to confirm the demand point in time, demand for content.

if (demand side is not a product line PD) {

a) the demand side of the product pd identify and confirm what had to confirm the contents to confirm the time.

b) to guide him to confirm good demand, when necessary, confirmation of participation in such meetings.

c) the demand side of the feedback received and product line pd feedback.


d) the stakeholders need to figure out, is often overlooked is the operator or customer service

========== Needs analysis and the time to evaluate ============================

a) demand function points, requirements change-point, point of impact on demand, the feasibility of demand, demand for the initial program.

b) with the team and all the resources needed: product line pd, development, testing, PLA or structure

c) time to assess the

Reference to the assessment of product line development time to consider their own needs time to deal with small, needs time to evaluate the use of small template.

Key elements: needs to confirm the time, design time, development time, self-test time, unit test time, review time, to communicate with the test of time, bug fix time, the FBI time, release time, meets the expectations of the demand side?

Demand for development and testing release ============================ ==========

a) Development of small demand planning, inform the relevant people. Cc boss. Small demand for a very long span, then, on a regular basis the progress of this demand.

b) design

Intended to make clear how, if necessary, write the design to find a familiar development, PLA review program.

Interface design, the demand function points, requirements change point, the impact of demand points (notice to the relevant people), table structure and other important information should be recorded.

c) development, self-test, review, the FBI, to tc, a preview function, submitted to the test.

Thoroughly understand the requirements, detailed design, the development time but shorter than expected, is relatively smooth. To achieve a multiplier effect.

Preview feature: it is better to call all those involved in small demand for functional preview, each point of concern is not the same.

Function can preview or test environment (development, close to the test environment), the problem can also be exposed as soon as possible.

d) test (bug handling, user experience)

Environmental issues often take a lot of time, dependent on the environment is well-known beneficial.

e) release

Release plan (posted content, time, order, the responsible person. Pre-release preparation, such as the revised program and process the data.),

Released the morning, the code pre-merger. Time span, the best on the day before the next pre-merger.

Demand after the release of e-mail notification, demand archive, demand summary, jara platform off demand.

Resource assessment, time management

1 no RA, communication time than before!

To think about how to reduce communication costs.

2 per day than the time invested

Only meeting the training, the normal can put 7h

If there is application maintenance, can be put to 6h, has been pretty good.

If both projects are still late, it can be put to 4h.

The good

1 fully understand the requirements, detailed design, value-added demand

New to this business, completely unfamiliar with, make full use of team strength, in addition to pd, product line development Yunpeng, Xiao Rong, red are involved in the needs analysis and confirmation. And we also read through the relevant code from business logic code analysis.

Detailed design: design (the overall program, code structure, etc.) several times and Xiaojun, Yunpeng communication.

Demand for added value: to punish center step is to get Xiaojun the demand. Necessary to consider the needs of their small value, but also to understand what the role of product development (usually more concerned about the product line development).

(2) sense of responsibility, good with the (tacit)

Demand is relatively large (78 to modify the file), and I also take into account the Avatar, a small light items can be released on schedule with our two good cooperation and responsibility are inseparable.

And that brings me a team, everyone is not only complete their share of things, just a little more than a small step forward, will be able to do things better, smarter, will enhance mutual trust and understanding. (Under the red and Yunpeng to praise, there is a strong sense of owner)

3 of the overall plan and division of labor demand, on demand and to control the progress tracking, and timely follow-up on demand.

Problems arising

1 code review issues

1.1 svn problem, the correct code ci principle? --- Add a small light

Due to poor development practices, to change a file on the inertia of the end for comparison later submitted to, especially with the svn plugin.

Presented in a way: first svn st svn diff command and then svn ci. ci many documents, you can select plug-ins, and more preferably after the election, one-time submission.

Submit principles: After waiting for a stable development version can be measured, than no problem, then submit a one-time code to reduce the svn server consumption.

Commit Frequency: Based on the above, the frequency should be more than hour each time.

1.2 the use of enumeration constants, Yunpeng have shared before.

public enum PriceReportPublicityType {

/ / False price

UNREASONPRICE ("unreasonprice");

private String value;

private PriceReportPublicityType (String value) {

this.value = value;


public String getValue () {

return value;



If UNREASONPRICE ("1"), the database does need to keep "1", so you can know the meaning of the name to see the effect.

public enum PublicityType {

/ / Pricing Report


/ / Complaint



Code simple, parameter passing enum (type checking),

Myth: The database does not provide can only use lowercase.

(2) test environment, test results do not show the correct, long time no investigation results, most likely environment configuration error - is often forgotten is the reason.

3 Two bug

3.1 a task to get up, self-test can be avoided if, from the code analysis, that there is no problem (did not change the logic)

Full self-test

Familiar with the deployment of applications and dependencies of the external environment (credit web application and daemon is separate from the deployment, web applications, the service is exposed with too dubbo)

3.2 Send a message code null pointer exception.

By the same logic to send the message source projects already exist, copy it directly over this line of code and unit test with a mock, did not find the problem. Dzone do with the interface that is configured when the test question

Put this problem to ignore the fact the original code into the message sent when the bean id do the conversion, resulting in the program I came into this bean is not.

Improved method: do the test must not let any suspicious areas.

3 credit file problem is mentioned three times to confirm?

Problem must be owner, the content confirmation, completion time, the results (sometimes progress) back to the relevant people.

4 pre-release code changes (last modified problem, resulting in an emergency release)?

pd, development and other small members of the collective assessment of needs or projects, or delayed, or no modification.

If we must change:

A clear change point, the test branch. Must be tested. Should not change the code can not be tested.

ci code, be sure to svn st, svn diff.

Best done with two people (one change, a watch)

5 released only know style when released, and the simultaneous release of needs and applications.

New style, you can publish in advance. Modified the original style, you must first send the template, after the hair style. This synchronization is relying on people to control. To carefully assess the impact of the time difference.

Communicated with ued, no planning, and web applications such as automatically released together. Structure has been back to ued.

As a small demand charge:

Credit files change point is very small, did not timely follow-up piece of work. Plans to release this piece of ignored, not with the development, ued, testing a clear dissemination plan. This is a mistake.

=================== Over ============================== =

Very long, but there will always be helpful for everyone. . . . Also welcome to share experiences. . . Let us make high-quality needs!

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