showDialog Window Mode

 var url = 'orderInfor.jsp';
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  • Summary jackey form using js

    1 javascript refresh method window.location.reload (); Using the () pop-up pop-up window, refresh the parent window window.opener.location.reload () Pop-up window mode using window.showDialog window.dialogArguments.location.reload (); 2.javasc

  • showdialog modal window POST method

    showdialog the post in IE8 is to open a new window, and Firefox different. So if the modal window to submit to the background of some operations will cause beyond the control of closed windows. The solution is to <head> </ head> in adding ...

  • window.showModalDialog way / mode data does not refresh the window (buffer) issues [transfer]

    window.showModalDialog way function ShowDialog (url) { var iWidth = 300; / / window width var iHeight = 200; / / window height var iTop = (window.screen.height-iHeight) / 2; var iLeft = (window.screen.width-iWidth) / 2; window.showModalDialog (url, window

  • After the submission mode window, refresh the parent window of data

    Some time, according to demand design, a window, click the button, pop-up window mode, in the model window, add the data (submitted), close the model window, and refresh the parent window, but rather a mode window does not support the window. opener, so I

  • c # how to set the child form is not relevant to the case can not use the main form

    Method 1: In instances when the use showdialog () For example, in form2 f2 = new form2 (); f2.showdialog (); Form2 so that before the closure, not allowed to use the main window Method 2: Using the modal form

  • window.returnValue and pop up a modal form realization showModalDialog

    returnValue is in html, javascript window object properties, the purpose is to return the window value, when used window.showModalDialog mode function to open an IE window (mode window know, is open can not operate after the parent window when the window

  • window to achieve mode

    There are two ways to achieve mode window. window.showModalDialog and First, the method introduced () support environment: JavaScript1.0 + / JScript1.0 + / Nav2 + / IE3 + / Opera3 + showModalDialog () (IE 4 + support) showModeless

  • AIR development can not be under the pop-up window ALert

    AIR recently engaged in programming. AIR RIA development and the development or prior to doing some different, after all, one is C / S mode, the other is the B / S mode. Need to use the recent test Alert pop-up window, in Debug mode, single-step debu ...

  • VMware Linux-based text mode and window mode switch

    In text mode linux system to achieve the switch and window mode is simple: ctrl + alt + f [1-6] to achieve a text mode tty1-tty6 six different landing patterns of text conversion, ctrl + alt + f7 the conversion to windowed mode. But in the VMware virtual

  • js showModalDialog parameters

    showModalDialog: mode window, a very special window, when it opens, the activities of the parent window behind the stop, unless the child window is closed the current model, and users to operate the parent window. Ajax Web development time doing, we ...

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