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 var url = 'orderInfor.jsp';
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  • javascript pop-up window problem 2010-07-21

    1. Silent refresh the page we have found that some web pages to refresh when a prompt window will pop up, click "OK" will refresh. However, some pages will not be prompted, not pop-up prompt window, directly refreshed. If the page does not form,

  • ShowModalDialog difference with 2010-11-11

    A, ShowModalDialog function, change the modal window size ShowModalDialog function features: Open a child window, and can transfer data between the parent window, it's the biggest difference is that ShowModalDialog opened by the child win

  • Business System Description 3 2010-03-29

    Workflow Management: Overview: The system as a workflow engine with JBPM4.3 The handling of all process agent task from my page to enter. Approval of the audit form button as the page dynamically generated: Jump to Action in your review page so you c

  • Summary jackey form using js 2010-05-26

    1 javascript refresh method window.location.reload (); Using the () pop-up pop-up window, refresh the parent window window.opener.location.reload () Pop-up window mode using window.showDialog window.dialogArguments.location.reload (); 2.j

  • showdialog modal window POST method 2010-04-09

    showdialog the post in IE8 is to open a new window, and Firefox different. So if the modal window to submit to the background of some operations will cause beyond the control of closed windows. The solution is to <head> </ head> in adding <

  • window.showModalDialog way / mode data does not refresh the window (buffer) issues [transfer] 2010-12-12

    window.showModalDialog way function ShowDialog (url) { var iWidth = 300; / / window width var iHeight = 200; / / window height var iTop = (window.screen.height-iHeight) / 2; var iLeft = (window.screen.width-iWidth) / 2; window.showModalDialog (url, w

  • Screenshots. Splash screen (Timer). Input window - DFL for D2.053 2011-05-16

    This little exercise with D2.053 + DFL completed the following functions: 1. Screenshot (Chris's example); 2. Screenshot to do with the splash screen, Timer (with Chris's example); 3. Database login window (database connection part of the suspense di

  • android.view.WindowLeaked: Activity *** has leaked window treatment 2011-05-31

    05-31 10:46:37.658: ERROR / WindowManager (21946): android.view.WindowLeaked: Activity *** has leaked window $ DecorView @ 2b0c2100 that was originally added here 05-31 10:46:37.658: ERROR / WindowManager

  • Javascript window and prompted Guinness 2009-04-25

    //----------- Button box prompts ----------// <input type = "button" name = "btn2" value = "delete" "return confirm ( 'Yes / No');); //----------- Button box prompts ----------// <input type = "button" na

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