Shorten the development time of ten pages Ways

Shorten the development time of ten pages Ways

In today's development environment: that is, fast is good. Today such as " Rapid application development "" Agile Software Development "And" Asynchronous JavaScript and XML "(Now we can not even wait patiently for the page to reload) the prevalence of vocabulary and terminology to allow you to see how we really living in a fast-paced world of them.
But do hurry does not mean you have to work overtime - you work is needed more brains. This article will provide you with web-based applications to shorten development time-saving skills of the top ten

1. The use of the framework

Shorten the development time of ten pages Ways

Framework to extract the conventional code, give you the preparation of web-based applications to provide a basic structure and foundation.
The framework of a very typical example is the Rails , Rails is the Ruby programming language of a web application development framework. Through the provision of pre-prepared for your best source package (for example, like the user to enter authentication method (methods)) - you not only save using Ruby code to prepare yourself time - you know very well that these packages have been subjected to living in other developer's testing and inspection, which can be for you the breadth of testing (extensive testing) to reduce a lot of trouble, and also avoid some of the test result because of the lack of potential loopholes.
Same benefits as for the use of the JavaScript framework MooTools is also applicable. These frameworks provide Here you are some type of method (method) are from the core developers and communities, and in many browsers, after extensive testing under the test before. Client-side scripting language of the framework have jQuery , Prototype JS And YUI . If you want to use some non-mainstream JS framework, you can take a look at this JavaScript framework for potential List

For server-side framework, you may consider CakePHP , CodeIgniter , Zend Or symphony . If you like VB and C # like Microsoft supported languages, you may consider . Net Framework .
You even can use are as 960Grid Either Blueprint Such a CSS framework to prepare and standardize the Express Yourself page style structure.

2. The use of integrated development environment (IDE)

Shorten the development time of ten pages Ways

Of course, you can use only one Notepad Such a text editor and FTP can create web applications and pages. But I think most people think, this is not available at the development of complex and robust web-based Smart Ways project.
Integrated Development Environment (IDE), ready for you to create and manage large-scale web project required the collection of all the tools. The function of integrated development environment has been changed, but they have some common features are as follows

  • Project management and team collaboration features.
  • Debugging and diagnostics.
  • Grammar tips, as well as auto-complete function (IDE will guess you want to write the grammar)
  • Syntax highlighting
  • Built-in FTP, can keep pace with local and remote host on a document

"IDE" the word may be some fancy, some people also are not very familiar with this, but the large data people should have heard of Adobe's Dreamweaver . Dreameweaver can be seen as an integrated development environment. Because it contains some of the features mentioned above, help you write code faster. (He usually applies to front-end production. But it also supports server-side language, like PHP and ASP.NET)
Today online has many IDE, you need to do is for yourself (or your team) selection of a. As some popular, full-featured IDE, such as Eclipse , Komodo IDE , NetBeans , Visual Studio And Aptana Studio .

If, after you see here are still determined to use a text editor, you should at least look for Workers prepare the code of a text editor allehanda This article.

3. (Appropriate) modular

Modular Is to create easy to maintain and expand the complexity of the application of the key. This means that the code is essentially to small parts to write, rather than all of the code written in a large file.
Modular at the beginning of time has its own cost (because you must file structure in the design of spent a lot of efforts.) However, when you need to change a component or application you want to expand, this will save you a lot of swap Time .
Even if the bug also makes modular limit of modules; place happen if there is problem, you will quickly find where the problem lies.
However, the abuse of modular code would lead to a bloated and too many unnecessary include Statement, which would greatly slow down the speed of the entire application. Therefore, the degree of modularity between high and low, we need a good balance.

Some modular design model that contains MVC And PAC Mode .

4. Use the browser tool to exclude high-performance front-end problems

Shorten the development time of ten pages Ways

No more than deal with cross-browser compatibility and to resolve the problem even worse things. This pole thing will make you mad, it brings you a sense of defeat almost let you feel something hard Hit out hate in my heart . However, integration into the browser will make the debug tools and diagnostics front-end look for the problem is divided into the rapid and efficient.
Firebug And Web Developer Are absolutely essential time-saving tool, which has become the front-end web development tool. Firbug can be relaxed to view DOM, in order to understand its principles, and can adjust the operation of CSS / HTML / JS, In addition, it can help you debug and Notes (profile) you JavaScrpt code, help you get what is initially what led to the interruption of your script. Web Developer to provide you with a series of useful tools, like, some tools can let you click on a page element to see what style statement has affected the elements, but also allows you to easily disable the JavaScript and CSS, let you know in the absence of JavaScript or CSS, the page you are at work.

If you need at IE browser under the debugger, you can try to try to IE Developer Toolbar . Its function on with Firebug and Web Developer very similar. If you are looking for more integrated into the IE browser debugging tools to help you debug i save time, you can click on this link.

5. Code reuse

If you find yourself always in duplicate to do things, you should reflect on this time to reflect on the structure of your code. Learn what to consider Common design patterns It will help you create a reusable and flexible method, function, and the object.
For example, if you need frequent link to the database, you may need to create a database access class, to deal with the database link, query, and data submission.

6. Online collaboration, as well as tracking project status

Shorten the development time of ten pages Ways

In fact - you are not alone job. Whether you are a development team for the job or job for a person (this person may be your boss or your clients), you should be the full enjoyment of online collaboration and tracking project status, said the benefits to you.
Administration tasks in your time spent on less, or at the meeting at endless amount of time spent on the less (or, worse still, are the kind of travel required face-to-face meeting) - you spend on in the code more time.
As Basecamp , Lighthouse , And activeCollab Give you this type of instrument provides a one-stop teamwork service, which will allow you to track the project status at any time, you can also set project goals and milestones (milestones) - so that everyone can be automatically synchronized to your province under the frequent e-mail reply time, you also need to confirm at the meeting on progress of spend a lot of useless time.
L In addition these tools will help you distinguish between the severity of things to ensure that all the things at a centralized place and recorded.

7. Code automatically formatted and standardized

You need all of your code will be standardized format, so not only to do This is a very good habit, but also the subsequent need to come back once you watch these codes, which will help you quickly understand the code.
Automatic code formatting allows you to format one key all your code, rather than his party and his party to do so, this also ensures the consistency of coding. Automatic formatting is also reduced to manually modify the risk of errors,
We have a lot of tools to help us do, many are Network version of the instrument . For CSS, a popular open-source solution is CSSTidy ( Clean CSS is an CSSTidy the online version). For HTML, we have HTML Tidy .

For the script, we have PHP Source Code Formatter , Ruby Script Beautifier , And Code Beautifier Plus (This instrument is used to format C #, ActionScript, and Java).

8. At the planning stage needs to collect and spend more time

Prevention is far better than remedy. Perhaps some people thought the school not to emphasize at Plan on wasting time - Ensure that you have gathered all you need to know information, to do homework at the necessary time to spend is still necessary. If the demand for collection not done enough homework will lead to the proliferation of features (feature Creep), reason for this is that all kinds of unexpected functional requirements

9. The use of good code has been prepared

Shorten the development time of ten pages Ways

The ancients, as well as help us Car taxi invented , so we do not need to personally re- Playing with the taxi out to the car . If at a certain place to see a feature you're interested in, other people may have written the code for you (ah, not just for you, but for us all.) In the case of PHP, the PHP Classes Repository Provide you with a large number of categories and scripts for you to download and use. Hot Scripts Provides a variety of scripts in other languages. If you just want some minor code segment, you can Go devSnippets Bao Scouring scouring above .
Note: Only when you have sufficient experience, we can distinguish between good code and bad code, above, this approach will really help you much. Otherwise you will find that you finally finished numerous bug in the code, written in the confusion.

10. Reduced Functionality

You must be some of the features of web-based applications to do an assessment to determine the function at the top whether it is worth the time invested.
Your users do not really need a frequently updated content management system for each type of article to provide a custom RSS output ? ? Do you really need a Web style converter To help you to detect where the user location, and then show a different style of website.
The preparation of functional website is an uphill battle , Not to the end user at the function useless to spend on development time, Moreover, these features and tend to complicate the user interface.


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