servlet in the web.xml configuration file parameters in context-param and the init-param District

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web.xml which can be defined two parameters:
(1) application within the parameters stored in servletcontext, in web.xml, configured as follows: <context-param>
<param-name> context / param </ param-name>
<param-value> avalible during application </ param-value>
</ Context-param>
(2) servlet context parameters, only the servlet's init () method to obtain, configure in web.xml as follows:

<servlet-name> MainServlet </ servlet-name>
<servlet-class> com.wes.controller.MainServlet </ servlet-class>
<param-name> param1 </ param-name>
<param-value> avalible in servlet init () </ param-value>
</ Init-param>
<load-on-startup> 0 </ load-on-startup>
</ Servlet>
In the servlet can access through the code are:

package com.wes.controller;

import javax.servlet.ServletException;
import javax.servlet.http.HttpServlet;

public class MainServlet extends HttpServlet (

public MainServlet () (
super ();
public void init () throws ServletException (
System.out.println ("The following two parameters param1 is stored in the servlet's");
System.out.println (this.getInitParameter ("param1"));
System.out.println ("The following parameters are stored in servletcontext in");
System.out.println (getServletContext (). GetInitParameter ("context / param"));

The first parameter in the servlet which can getServletContext (). GetInitParameter ("context / param") can only be the second parameter servlet's init () method by this.getInitParameter ("param1") to take
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