Send mail to use smtp protocol

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simple mail transfer protocol, Simple Mail Transfer Protocol.

telnet Simulation mail (sender flysnowxf (at), the recipient fengxuefeng (at)

telnet 25

Screenshot after the process are:

Send mail to use smtp protocol

Command interpreter:


To the server user identity, user identity can be readily imported

helo flysnowxf

auth login

Login authentication, enter the two elements, namely the base64 encrypted user name and password

mail from

The host initiates a message session, attention-mail to use <> contains

mail from: <flysnowxf(at)>

rcpt to

E-mail recipients, set multiple rcpt to more than

rcpt to: <fengxuefeng(at)>


Message content, may include to, from, subject and message body to. Enter the end

to: fengxuefeng (at)>

from: flysnowxf (at)

subject: test



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