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Super special police force security force security special police super Internet data centers that power carefully built network security package, has more than 2,000 customers for more than a simple safe and effective system solutions.
• Intelligent cloning of a button restore backup software • DDOS, CC and other attacks on emergency assistance • Shared VIP counter hardware firewall • IDC special software firewall • ARP system kernel level firewall • the world's best-selling server anti-virus software • IP security force for three years R & D

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  • IBM HACMP dual-server system solutions (zz) 2010-11-15

    IBM HACMP dual-server system solutions Hacmp (High Availability Cluster Multi-Processing) hot backup software's main function is to improve customer reliability of computer systems and their applications, rather than the reliability of a single host.

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    Campus Campus CCTV system solutions Surveillance System with educational reforms, the modernization of the state school has set higher requirements. Among them, the application of computer television teaching to improve teaching quality monitoring sy

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    To deepen the financial industry, information technology, to meet the complex needs of a wide range of financial circumstances, cause the financial industry to make better use technology to enhance business efficiency, Coremail for the financial indu

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    Chinese use the RPM command under Linux Introduction 2007-08-22 20:49 A, RPM Introduction 1 What is the rpm? rpm The RedHat Package Management, is RedHat One of the invention 2 Why do I need rpm? In an operating system, the need to install software p

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    T400/R400 WIN7 into 2.99G Memory 2.46G operating system solutions, by admin. As addressing the problem of system memory 32, WIN7 Server system that has no memory of the memory address so WIN7 display range also thinking about the 3G: integrated graph

  • Shenzhen, Dongguan, Guangzhou, rent hosting provider - Shenzhen Power Internet Data Center: 2010-04-07

    Room parameters: Bandwidth: The data center room to Shenzhen Telecom ChinaNet backbone, access platform, the hosting user 10M-100M (shared and exclusive) and high-speed access bandwidth. Power: The dual UPS power supply directly to the cabinet, compu

  • Linux diskless system solutions 2011-07-09

    Network topology diagram The figure shows: 1. Diskless servers mainly provide DHCP, TFTP and NFS services and diskless client systems are used in diskless diskless server. 2 storage arrays providing NIS and NFS server services major, is used to store

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    Chapter One 5 1 System Overview 5 2 Highway Authority, the existing demand 5 6 3 Solutions System Master Plan Chapter 6 Construction of a system goal 6 1.1 overall planning, step by step 7 1.2 Innovation Management Thought 7 1.3 effective collaborati

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    Original System management SecureSphere provides fully distributed three-tier network architecture, including: the first layer - the business and implementation of detection engine, the second laye

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    Why choose Ubuntu system as a server? Ubuntu official website recently listed Why choose Ubuntu Server Edition operating system, the six reasons, respectively, from the cost, system integration, virtualization, cloud computing, security, system manag

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