Russian 17-year-old founder of popular Internet chat site random video


Recently a website called Chatroulette quietly popular, the major users of the forum have spoken about their website in this novel experience.

Chatroulette (guess who you talk for) the services provided is very simple, it is for the computer user with a camera, random matches, so a user with random strangers who never met a video dialogue. But only a simple function, the site each night to attract 20,000 users.

"New York Magazine," a recent article carried a report on the site, ABC television's Good Morning America this week, six columns are also carried out a detailed analysis of its. And a response to media requests for e-mail opened the site the true identity of Andre thnal founder Khodorkovsky (Andrey Ternovskiy), a 17-year-old Russian high school students.

Andrea's e-mail in reply said that the project was originally just for fun, without any business idea. He said: I think the rest of the world's young people, like me, want to see other people's online lives. My friends are accustomed to using Skype exchange, but is limited in voice level, so I was all set up a small site can be random in that connection with others.

The 17-year-old founder to continue to talk about building a website for me is not easy task, even though I started from the 11-year-old program. I learned from my father how to use the Internet, most of my knowledge comes from the network.

Chatroulette not been advertised anywhere, but the user continues to rise, Andrea said. Surge of users of existing equipment and procedures to bring pressure on invested capital Fortunately, relatives and enthusiastic, so the site continues to run.

Andre letter also introduced their site the current situation, he said, Chatroulette 7 host all located in Frankfurt, Germany, the current network traffic has reached second 7G. I hope Chatroulette to become an international thing, I also hope that one day it can be stationed in the United States of servers.

Media commented, Chatroulette can not help but think of the last people to AOL chat rooms, but the version of the site adds video functionality. But Andre has described his own website, above each person can discover new uses, some people think that this is a game, Yi Xie who put the it as a new world to explore, Hai You people think this is a marriage Fu Wu website. The public can accept and use such a simple a service, so I am happy.

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