Ruby1.9.2 On Rails3.0.0

Ruby1.9.2 On Rails3.0.0

sudo aptitude install bison
sudo aptitude install libmysqlclient-dev
sudo aptitude install libxml2-dev libxslt-dev

1. Install ruby 1.9.2 and rails3 - In rvm

You should install the git or ruby & & gem

1) Install rvm with Git

> Bash <<(curl

2) Install rvm with gem

> Sudo gem install rvm

> Rvm-install

3) Add this line to the end of. Bashrc:
[[-S "$ HOME / .rvm / scripts / rvm"]] & & source "$ HOME / .rvm / scripts / rvm"

The above will make the environment correct for all new terminal windows. In order to make the environment correct for the current terminal, execute this:
source "$ HOME / .rvm / scripts / rvm"

4) Install ruby 1.9.2

> Rvm install 1.9.2
> Rvm 1.9.2
> Ruby-v

5) Install rails3 and dependences

> Gem install tzinfo builder memcache-client rack rack-test rack-mount erubis mail text-format thor bundler i18n
> Gem install rails

6) Install rspec 2.0.0beta

> Gem install rspec - prerelease
> Gem install rspec-rails - prerelease


Hopefully everything worked:

> Ruby-v

ruby 1.9.2p0

> Rails - version

Rails 3.0.0

Switching back to your system Ruby

> Rvm system

Back to your Rails3.0 environment

> Rvm 1.9.2

Use your RVM environment as your Default

> Rvm 1.9.2 - default

2. Create a new app

> Rails new AC_rails3-d mysql

> Cd AC_rails3

> Bundle install

> Rails server

3. Rspec

To configure your app to use rspec-rails, add a declaration to your Gemfile.
If you are using Bundler's grouping feature in your Gemfile, be sure to include
rspec-rails in the: development group as well as the: test group so that you
can access its generators and rake tasks.

# (RAILS_PATH) / Gemfile

group: development,: test do
gem "rspec-rails", "> = 2.0.0.beta.19"
gem "webrat"

Be sure to run the following command in each of your Rails apps if you're

> Script / rails generate rspec: install

You should set config, let it autoload lib.

config / application.rb

config.autoload_paths + =% W (# (config.root) / lib)

4. RESTful_authentication For Rails3

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