RoR explained

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ROR is Ruby on Rails. Ruby is a well-known has been very good dynamic language It's dynamic language. Simple and easy. Dynamic languages are interpreted, but the performance may make a discount, but not absolute, because the application is complex, the performance is a comprehensive, this in a test has been to respond to.

In accordance with the Rails4Days.pdf

1. To install and configure surprisingly easy.

Installed ruby182-14.exe, use gem to install rails. ruby are gem of install. gem install rails it. In response to questions when the election y.

2. To generate a web application easier.

ruby rails <directory name>

On the generation of a set of web applications, and database configuration click. config / database.yml, look know configuration.

mysql should be ready to create data sheets.

3. Code Generation

ruby script / generate <type> <name>

MVC can be born in, the framework can also be, as well as WebServices

Generator can also download it too is no less chilling.

When Hibernate3, EJB3 is still there around the time to go around, Spring, Hivemind still there when concealment, MDA and UML is also a time when according to Yunshan fog, ROR has been hard work.

Can code generation, CRUD as long as the sentence, it can be said is very convenient presentation, the volume of generated code is very small, change them easily, use a period of time I feel very close to the business idea, or that human grammar. Display layer or, like most embedded script, type JSP. However, because dynamic languages are very concise, in fact looks more streamlined than the tag.


Whether to support large-scale application?

How many people support it?


In general, people worry about ROR is: Can a long time it? The stability of the procedure? The performance?

Has a performance test, it is said ROR> Hibernate + Spring + Struts, was also more than 15-20%. Dare to say that the total background a bit, particularly since the development of speed to> 10 times more. But forget the URL, google check on the know.

Various frameworks have been tortured for a long time, suddenly found such a refreshing thing, has not used, how can this be the case, DAO always define a Base, and with a find function to write 10, and now, how can such a simple it simply became a casual.

find_all on the list? find (@ params [: id]) directly from the parameters in the query object? Tapestry also from OO, than Hibernate also ORM, this is simply a devil. Can and C interfaces, C go into business-critical. Than the MVC would also like to MVC, the obvious question now is can not be separated from the issue of art, because art can not be such a code to handle the matter.

Object with the database connection more natural, and this let me think of the Delphi, only because of Borland in the control, Object Pascal can be very beautiful, VCL is a complete, ruby the same way?

Ruby looks very much absorbed many of the Java community thought, this is a dynamic performance, if this momentum be maintained, would like to spread the Internet, like php. Although the php now have the feeling of old, but because of the beginning of one of the fresh air it has to survive to the present.

ROR very fit to do applications, rapid application, this does not mean do not fit large-scale applications, because not seen the current large-scale applications, did not dare talk nonsense at the end did not mind. The bottom of the application do not know if suitable, because the bottom of the application in general are often middle-level language world, as the C type, Ruby should be able to enter port, but is unlikely to directly make the bottom bar.

Think of the previous description of Perl, glue, a very true Fool itself can not seem to do , but they can stick together quickly to a thing, if the glue strength enough, and even stick out of a building. Ruby also as this is the glue, the web is now stronger than perl
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