RLock to multi-thread synchronization

Problem scenario:
There are multiple threads, are responsible for the construction of houses, trees, gardening and the like work, which requires a certain waiting time, waiting for the process need to communicate with the server to stay connected. Submission can not be too frequent connection, preferably 2-3 seconds again.
For this synchronization between multiple threads can use RLock to achieve lock mechanism.

Created on 2010-9-14
@author: stonelee
import time
import random
import threading
p_lock = threading.RLock()
s_lock = threading.RLock()

def my_post(str):
    print str
    time.sleep(random.random() * 2)

def my_sleep(seconds):

def my_wait(name, seconds):
    last_time = time.time()
    last_seconds = 0
    while last_seconds < seconds:
        my_post('%s:%s' % (time.time(), name))
        last_seconds = time.time() - last_time

class ThreadA(threading.Thread):
    def run(self):
        for i in range(10000):
            my_post('%s:==================build house' % time.time())
            my_wait('a wait', 20)

class ThreadB(threading.Thread):
    def run(self):
        for i in range(10000):
            my_post('%s:=================plant tree' % time.time())
            my_wait('b wait', 5)

threadA = ThreadA()
threadB = ThreadB()

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