[Reprint] Java Reflection to read properties file

Java read more properties of documents, most of the articles online I was "Java properties file to read the six methods", but in Java applications, the most common or through java.lang.Class class getResourceAsStream (String name) methods to achieve, but I see many properties file to read the code, will to do this:

InputStream in = getClass (). GetResourceAsStream ("Resource Name");

Inside there is a problem that is getClass () is called when the default omitted this! We all know, this is not static (static) method or the static block in use, because the static type of method or block of code belongs to class itself, not an object, but this in itself represents the current object, static method or block calls when the object is not initialized.

The question is: If I do not want a class of objects, then I will set such a default constructor private, of course, there would not write another constructor. And my class is the tools are static methods and variables, I would like to block or in a static method to obtain the static properties file, this method is not.

Then how should we do? In fact, this class is not so used, he just needs to obtain a Class object on it, it also Burongyia - take all classes of the parent class Object, it not better to use Object.class with you are writing your own class facilitate the safe? Oh, an example is given below, to facilitate communication.

import java.util.Properties;
import java.io.InputStream;
import java.io.IOException;

*  Read examples of Properties file
* File: TestProperties.java
* User: leizhimin
* Date: 2008-2-15 18:38:40
public final class TestProperties {
    private static String param1;
    private static String param2;

    static {
        Properties prop = new Properties();
        InputStream in = Object.class.getResourceAsStream("/test.properties");
        try {
            param1 = prop.getProperty("initYears1").trim();
            param2 = prop.getProperty("initYears2").trim();
        } catch (IOException e) {

     *  A private constructor method, do not need to create an object
    private TestProperties() {

    public static String getParam1() {
        return param1;

    public static String getParam2() {
        return param2;

    public static void main(String args[]){

Run Results:

152 of
Process finished with exit code 0

Of course, the Object.class replaced int.class did, and Oh, we can try.

In addition, if yes static method or block read Properties files, there is a safest way is the class of its own to directly obtain the Class object name, such as in this case can be written TestProperties.class, this is the safest method.
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