Remove UTF-8 files BOM method

Use UltraEdit, click on "File - Save As", the format chosen as "UTF-8 without BOM" or "UTF-16 without BOM".
English content, each operation and so preserved, otherwise they will be saved as ANSI format;
Chinese-language content, at the first Save As Thereafter, Ctrl + S can be.

Quoted as saying:

Little experience writes

When everyone in the analytic encounter web pages (including CSS and HTML parsing) in a number of strange problems (such as that caused by the BOM strange blank lines), the not irritable, first of all be sure that your coding is correct; If the problem persists, the code submitted to the W3C Web site HTML validation and CSS validation; Finally, according to validate the results suggest that correct their code. As far as possible to comply with W3C specifications, according to this process, the general problems can be resolved.
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