Redis 2.0.0 Stable is out!

Redis 2.0.0 Stable at last the long-awaited, although there are many bug!

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    To Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 as an example to explain. Related series: jdk installation under linux ant installation under linux linux installation under redis Installation redis version 1.2.6 1. Download redis Download:

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    If you are interested beginners or to redis text below might help you What redis? Stable and mature enough, so far as I know, I have many friends around him for the production environment. Because the concept of adhering to the same memcached, so he

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    Source Address: Version 2.0.4 is now out Operating in the 2.0.4 version of this article can be used on the same Installation redis version 1.2.6 One. Download redis Download:

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    In order to facilitate access to information, especially the online search to Redis order related installation configuration archive: ================================================== =========== window installation platform Redis Download: http://c

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    2011-03-27 20:41 Online Demo: Reference links:

  • CentOS Linux系统下安装Redis过程和配置参数说明 2015-01-01

    这篇文章主要介绍了CentOS Linux系统下安装Redis过程和配置参数说明,需要的朋友可以参考下 安装过程: wget tar xvzf redis-2.0.4.tar.gz cd redis-2.0.4 make mkdir /home/redis cp redis-server /home/redis cp redis-benchmark /h

  • CentOS 下 Redis 安装 2012-09-03

    确定测试环境和软件版本 Linux : centOS-6.2 Nginx : nginx-1.2.0 MySQL : mysql-5.5.3 PHP : php-5.3.8 Redis : Redis 2.4.11 获取 redis 创建目录存放源码包 mkdir -p /data0/software cd /data0/software wget 注:需要更多版本的 Redis,移步:h

  • redis安装问题小结 2012-11-20

    从周三开始重装公司内部的SVN服务器到今天,其中经历各种散漫懒惰无知,到现在就是装好了系统,配置好了静态IP,装上了SVN,囧啊. 正所谓不做无所谓,动手才知道自己差多少,感觉真心有很多东西不会啊.以前装系统配置环境的经验都忘记干净了,在囧下. 现在正在配置redis 在/usr/local/src/下 redis源: wget

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