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He concluded that many ideas have inspired many of the old blog on the LINK very good ~!

Andrew Connel
A name is a very fierce look of Rights, article is very detailed in great detail. Package understand.

Boss me the author of the book Blog. . Pure Mark.

Tingzhi information is blurred a bit @ _ @

Choral's Blog
Is also the author of a book to a. . . Yet a closer look. .

SHarepoint BBS
Find many things drop

. Net training center
3 / 5 newly discovered! ~ When Sharepoint limited domestic resources, then we all see here

General guidelines on MSDN
Spinning, or something to write home MS is acridine.

Video tutorials on MSDN:
English actually have.
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    scripts / ext / resources / css / ext-all.css / / EXT generic CSS, contains all the style (must) scripts / ext / resources / css / icon.css / / custom menu item or other storage page icon scripts / utils / HiTRUST-CMS.css / / old version of the payment sy

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    A back-up here to stay. The first: The second:

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