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More than a month before, Rails 2.2.2 released at the same time, the official immediately issued a statement, saying that Rails 2.3 is under development. See the news, while lamenting on the Rails Core Team, the progress is so compact, at the same time began to make a very interesting thing: in the next event, the daily check http://github.com/rails/rails/tree/master All commit. In addition to conventional performance optimization adjust, more independent code structure, the series reveals the Rails to submit the next step:

  • Joshua Peek Mentioned in the initial middleware ( commit ), Followed by him seems to be responsible for this part of the development
  • The official blog of the weekly update, Rack integration Rack started with the pace of integration, middleware begun to frequently appear in the subsequent code
  • Followed by This Week in Edge Rails And began to remove the code related with the CGI
  • Official blog introduction Rails Metal
  • Session Storage also moved to the Rack ( commit , commit )
  • Subsequent commits will be few large Rails liberation from CGI
  • Merb with Rails 3 merger

As can be seen, high scalability of Rails 2.3 will be one of the selling points at the same time, development team seems to have put Rails design ideas more "hot-swappable", through the introduction of middleware, in the future will have more choices; with Merb integration, you can learn from one of good design thought, at a higher version to be implementation and integration.

At the same time, Ruby 1.9.1 is the development of close, but the road is not flat, RC1 release delayed until January of 2009. As Robbin said, the 2009 is brilliant Rails

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