Production of knitted fabric printing four issues

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Question one: how much fabric comatulid do? Knitted fabric printing as a result of printing more than comatulid Cyprus Network is a relatively headache, mainly because of knitted fabrics and woven fabrics of different pre-treatment process, do not do singeing knitted fabrics and silk processing, and because of Knitting more loose cloth fabric, and in the overflow tank processing machine, machine-cylinder handle easily suede fabric, woven fabric treated comatulid more general than, when it is easy to plug network printing. Solution: First, storage is necessary to strengthen the fabric of customer testing, the quality is not good knitted fabrics, storage must promptly notify the customer, to communicate with them clearly stating the reasons, agreed approach; Second, notice, attention processing, and corresponding measures for the timely adjustment of process and increase the washing cycles, as far as possible to minimize the comatulid; 3, in the semi-shaped, the increased rolling groove of the water flow, so flow of water wash away part of the comatulid; 4, comatulid particular number of knitted fabric and then washed again with washing machine; 5, as chosen with the vacuum cleaner machine, printing machine platform also put a few sticky web, you can stick some comatulid. Second question: how much do the hole in the final product? The hole in the finished knitted fabric has the following three main reasons: first, to blank the hole itself; two holes caused by mechanical damage, such as in machine cylinder handling due to friction between the fabric more powerful, and easy to machine cylinder hook and hook broken hair, yarn easily broken; Third, man-holes, such as slitting machine too quickly, unexpected situations, hand grasp force, tear cloth. Silk car is not clean, interior bamboo clip, more garbage, mixed with machine-cylinder is also one of the reasons gray broken hook. Solution: First, careful examination to blank, nep much more broken yarn, fabric or yarn joints and more, give timely notice to customers to deal with, because these issues are the root cause holes in fabric production; and inform make the corresponding pre-treatment process to adjust. If there are holes to blank itself, we must put an end to flow into the next one; The second is to select the smooth performance of a good machine cylinder processing knitted fabrics, long rope-like cylinder car wash to keep clean and smooth; third is to improve the operator's accountability , turning gray car to clean, prevent the bamboo, nails and the like caught in the cloth. Open sites in the wash when the speed should be strictly controlled and not excessive. Question three: how to keep the grams of weight stability? In general, the customers of finished knitted fabric weight more stress, it is well knitted fabric printing and dyeing enterprises an important quality of customs, gram weight to the stability, weight can meet customer requirements, is based on each printing and dyeing enterprises Knitting is an important factor in product markets. Gram to ensure each batch of product weight, need to take the following measures: First, check the fabric quality, the general to billet weight can reach the finished product weight requirements, but if the semi-weight fabric of the finished product did not meet the target weight requirements, then the finished product is difficult to achieve weight requirements. Therefore, semi-weight is very important, generally require semi-finished shape can predict when the weight in grams; second fabric with spandex for about booking in advance, so that the finished product weight can play a stabilizing role; third is for to billet weight products can not be done, before the first plant of its own reasons, try to change the process operation, the maximum extent possible to meet customer requirements. Second is to inform our customers through consultation; Fourth, equipment, technical operation, dyes and additives reasonable choice. The performance of the machine because of its inherent fail weight requirements more common, so do knitted fabric setting machine must be selected, or to renovate, the temperature stability required drying room, cycle of hair, overfeed better performance. According to the characteristics of gray cloth, to formulate an appropriate process on the guaranteed weight also plays an important role, such as pre-treatment options as possible to the fabric weight loss Xiao's assistant, setting consider the best technology to ensure product weight, dye If possible, select the coating process should be as far as possible to achieve stable and the purpose of weight gain; fifth, when finished setting can add some additives to the appropriate weight gain, such as urea, water additive like, you can come up the problem of insufficient weight fabric. =================@### Page ###@=================question 4: washed in How to prevent staining? Knitted fabric mercerization as not done in the washing process easier to stain, so white anti-contamination demanding. To do so: first, steaming hair color to be perfect, if the steamer is not good, washed Lase on weight, contamination will be more severe; 2, floating color to wash clean, floating color less time in the soaping white is not susceptible to contamination; 3, soap lotion asked to use good anti-staining properties of soap to wash lotion in order to avoid white staining; 4, water washed paste will do, not the cloth off paste, finishing feel will be too hard, add softener and an increase of the cost of finishing, but also caused the increase in seconds. James in the fabric color pollution, affect product quality, so be sure to pay attention to washing operations process development and standards.

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