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Watched prison break, definitely designed by Scofield's admiration. Although during the prison break has a lot of accidents, but are at the basic design of Scofield, and these accidents also showed him the temporary ability to meet emergencies. From the outset, the use of coins go dumping bolts, with bolt Hexagon screwdriver go into a flush toilet disposal. Even after his release, clothing, credit cards are in plans. The complexity of software is absolutely more difficult than prison break low, get out from one of necessarily requiring careful design.

Of course, like Scofield, like, it is not possible at the house to complete all design. He needs to understand the situation, the need to go from all aspects of access to information. FoxRiver brought him the map pattern in the body. All know the prison one of the background and relationship. Nika found with their IC cards.

Brother has been wronged Socfield imprisonment (problem), in order to save his brother (the target), is determined to bring his brother imprisonment and prison break (Summary of solution), think of a toilet flushing from the cell into the underground pipe, then through the bottom pipeline into the clinic, then from the infirmary window, through the use of cable prison break (specific solutions). Although the final solution to prison break and some change, go into a mental hospital, and then go from a mental clinic.

Scofield is designed to have predictability and predictability of these are set up at a large number of access to information based on the basis of substantial consider. Think about the design of software development is it not the case.

And prison break as compared to software development more difficult, first of all software developers to identify problem itself is a very difficult task. People often have been carried out for a long time job, it is not clear where the real problem, customers do not know how to do software is kind of, we do not know the true customer demand. Determine the problem to be solved is a problem. However, if you not sure my problem, our goal is not clear, let alone consider a solution.

Scofield Designed to connect every aspect of all kind, tools, the relationship between character and skills. Scofield take full advantage of them. Connect software solutions often are hardware, software, network, platform, framework, class library, API, developer skills. Connect the hardware operating system and applications, linking networks and applications. Middleware platform and operating system runtime environment. Applications to connect users to connect run-time environment. Flanagan cable is the last export, then the application is leading to the export of end-users.

We must ensure that our designs are finally reliable, the results are predictable. Scofield as the first thing is to know as to environmental information, and consider all aspect of the meeting point. Similarly, in software design, you have to consider these. For instance you have to do a website, you have to determine the target (such as which people visit, how many people visit), then consider what kind of hardware, what kind of software, select what to develop (a tool), is expected to have the number of concurrent. You need the hardware system design, network topology design, software architecture design, deployment, design, component design, user interface design. Taking into account the traffic, you need to do performance-based design. All of these designs, are you want to head inside, you should not missed any critical needs, otherwise your design is fragile.

Sum up, if we are to have the design that are predictable, you need to determine your goals, you need to imagine the possible questions that may be encountered, as far as possible, know the information (in order to make design decisions). And considering solutions to ensure that the design of a reliable point of each match to ensure that one of every aspect is reliable and practical as possible to verify the design aspect of uncertainty. Finally, you need to consider the questions that may be encountered, from the prison room to put the road outside the wall, in the minds of many consider a few times.

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