Port forwarding using PuTTY + SSH access encrypt agent

Principle is: the browser first link through the encrypted channel to a server outside the network; then through this server and then access the Internet. In a word, saying: around the wall access.

Conditions: This one outside the network server must have ssh login permission.

Specific steps:

1, Click here to download PuTTY.

2, configure PuTTY: Connection-> SSH-> Tunnels

Registry settings in Putty to configure tunnel, target set to Dynamic, add a port 7070, click Add, a dynamic port forwarding is realized.

Port forwarding using PuTTY + SSH access encrypt agent

Then the corresponding account login SHH: In addition to the terminal window, log on outside the local server 22, 7070 with a relationship between a SSH port forwarding channel was encrypted.

3, if you use Firefox browser, you can download the plug-in, set the socks proxy is transmitted through the local Or following settings: Tools - Advanced - Network - click on the Settings button - choose to use proxy and enter the socket proxy server address and port can be.

Port forwarding using PuTTY + SSH access encrypt agent

4, if you use IE or other browsers IE kernel, then "Tools-Internet Options - Connection" set up a proxy. Note: ip to, port 7070. The following diagram:

Port forwarding using PuTTY + SSH access encrypt agent

In this way too much trouble, putty plink comes with a lot of steps can be saved. plink putty package included in the Annex to download a complete version.
To create a new plink.exe a shortcut, and then adding the following parameters:
plink.exe-v-C-N-D root-P xx 98.143.xxx.xxx
Format translates to:
plink.exe - Show Details - enabled data compression - no shell - the dynamic port forwarding proxy IP: port remote host-l username-P remote host port remote host IP
Double-click the shortcut, it will display log information, and finally stopped at the location of the password, then enter the password for the remote host, carriage return, agents would enabled.
If security is not important to add a-pw parameters to automatically enter the password.


SSH access to foreign account or have Dreamhost SHH virtual host can increase the user: a similar mechanism can be used to encrypt access.

The setup is more simple and convenient way is to use the background command line program putty plink plink-N username@remote.ssh.server-D
One-N indicated that no shell
username@remote.ssh.server replace SHH account name and host your domain name or address or replace-load sessionname can also use dreamhost account tried it on, really quickly

How to use the Windows key log Linux server:

If the setting needs to be based on key login (if you do not set the key password, you can automatically log a),
I did not try to use puttygen generated key (public key / private key) directly deployed on Linux servers. Current success is: first, the server with the server using ./ssh- keygen generate key pairs, public key id_rsa.pub>> deployed to the server to log on to: / home / username / .ssh / authorized_keys , the key in the Windows client to use: the key id_rsa download to a local, then puttygen Save converted into id_rsa key id_rsa.ppk can putty format. Then use the plink-ic: pathtoid_rsa.ppk username@example.com log.


Encrypted channel and whether the site provides no direct relationship between the https, https means the service directly to customers of encryption, such as: GMail: https: / / mail.google.com / mail /, GReader: https: / / www. Google .com / reader / view /, from the ssh server to the service site is still clearly between the http transport;

Encrypted channel, and anonymous is not anonymous access to web sites not directly related.




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