Pictures (rotate / zoom / flip) the transform (ccs3 / filter / canvas)

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To achieve the image before rotation or flipping, ie the filters can only be achieved, although the canvas is also achieved, but ie does not support the standard and not html.
css3 out, finally can use the standard transform to achieve transformation, the canvas has become a standard part of html5.
css3 and html5 the web become more powerful, a variety of novel technologies are waiting for us to explore.
Respectively, through the filter of the program (ie), ccs3 and canvas to achieve the rotation picture, zoom and flip transformation effects, can be used as a picture viewer.
Has the following features:
1, with filter, ccs3 and canvas to achieve the same effect of the transformation;
2, can be rotated at any angle;
3, can be overturned at any angle;
4, can be extended wheel zoom;
5, scalable drag rotation.
Compatibility: ie6/7/8, firefox 3.6.8, opera 10.6, safari 5.0.1, chrome 5.0

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