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  • How to make Video splash 2010-03-29 In those a few lines you will find a code of how to create easy startup splash screen that can play video files of any format (GIF, AVI, mpg, 3gpp, real etc ..) video splash class package

  • android video does not play the problem 2010-03-29

    In the android Sometimes you want to play some of the local or remote video, typically use the following code: mMediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(); mMediaPlayer.setDataSource(path); mMediaPlayer.setDisplay(holder); mMediaPlayer.prepareAsync(); mMediaPla

  • facebook video.upload problem 2010-03-29

    The next few days trying to facebook API's video.upload interface. I use the facebook-java-api 3.0.2 This version does not implement video.upload interface. Decided to write your own. Reference photo.upload wording wrote a realization. Full of hope t

  • Thumbnail android video production 2010-03-29

    In the Gallery Zhezhi ap where we can see video of the video display, its source code is as follows: public static Bitmap createVideoThumbnail (String filePath) ( Bitmap bitmap = null; MediaMetadataRetriever retriever = new MediaMetadataRetriever ();

  • Batch video files to download replays of Warcraft 2010-03-29

    War3 he was a lover, and often go to ho side or the VS platform to playing the technology itself is nothing special but also occasionally go to up to download some replays to learn to learn, but the video downloads on the Repla

  • iBatis in a video address 2010-03-29

    ed2k: / / | file | iBATIS framework of the technology, video tutorial (fantasy production). rar | 396176452 | 8835e2fd5701166fdcacf188f2d65d4c | h = 774c5ddtbehhwsldfvyipahqts474ppx |

  • The Russian 17-year-old founder of popular Internet chat site random video 2009-05-19

    Recently, a Web site called Chatroulette quietly became popular, the major forum for users to have to speak about himself in this novel experience on the site. Chatroulette (guess who you are chatting on a) the services provided is very simple, it is

  • Synchronous synthesis of PPT slides with lecture video 2009-04-28 English phonetic pronunciation chart (the human plane surface map) Office office suite a wide range of applications, including PowerPoint slides in the form can display a clear image of the speaker's speeches, is

  • Examples of video playback 2009-11-18

    Examples of video playback

  • HTML 5 video encoding different point of view to switch parties to the dispute keeping 2008-12-11

    Popular interest in video coding HTML 5 specification there is great controversy, every manufacturer insisted on standards to their advantage, so for those who are available online video and audio for most companies it is difficult to reach a settlem

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