perl-reading word document content

# Read word document content

# Program: Xing
# Time: 2010.3.19
# Blog:
# QQ: 782322192

use warnings;
use strict;
use Win32:: OLE;
use Win32:: OLE:: Const 'Microsoft Word';
my $ word = CreateObject Win32:: OLE 'Word.Application' or die $!;
$ Word-> ('Visible') = 1;
my $ id = 1;
while ($ id <20) (
my $ document = $ word-> Documents-> Open ("e: \ \ text \ \ 2.doc");
my $ paragraphs = $ document-> Paragraphs ($ id);
my $ myrange = $ paragraphs-> range;
my $ myfont = $ myrange-> Font-> Size;
my $ text = $ myrange-> Text;
# $ Text = encode ("gbk", decode ("utf-8", $ text));
print "$ text \ n";
print "$ myfont \ n";
# $ Myrange
# My $ pdffilename = "e: \ \ text \ \ $ id.pdf";
# $ Document-> saveas ((FileName => $ pdffilename, FileFormat => wdExportFormatPDF));
$ Id + +;
# $ Word-> quit ();

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