Parseexcel Ruby used to read Excel

Read Excel file with Ruby

This guide documents, to ensure demonstration of a reading excel file with ruby example.

1. Parseexcel installed plug-ins

Parseexcel is a ruby-side plug-ins excel analytic perl. Gem install process can be simple to implement, are as follows:

gem install parseexcel

If you just should not gem network installation, then please use your car or mine quickly from here to download the installation package tar.

$ ruby install.rb config
$ ruby install.rb setup
($ su)
# ruby install.rb install 

Well, now, please bear in mind because we are a gem to install the library, call us at the console with a script function parseexcel time-rubygems want to add the parameters, so that we can use this gem library.

2. Parseexcel use

In fact, Parseexcel the use of the design is simple and clear. The call is easy to put your point.
2.1 read excel file

Spreadsheet::ParseExcel.parse( The Excel file name without the path  ")

This command will return an excel file of the existence of the quote, then we should also be sure that we should be read in that form.
2.2 determine the excel form

worksheet = workbook.worksheet(0)

Be here that the first form, of course, can use iterative traversal cycle, or excel in all forms of documents.

2.3 traverse the rows and columns excel read data

Supporting worksheet object is pretty simple and convenient way to traverse all Biandantang ranks are as follows:

worksheet.each { |row|
  if row != nil
  row.each { |cell|
    if cell != nil
      contents = cell.to_s('latin1')
      puts "Row: #{j} Cell: #{i} #{contents}"
    i = i+1
  j = j +1

2.4 read data unit

cell.to_s('latin1') # Reads a string
cell.to_s('latin1') # Read the float values
cell.to_i           # Read int value           # Read a time value
cell =    # Read specific values  

This is perhaps the introduction, do not quite understand it does not matter, complete the following examples look clear.

3. A basic script to read excel file using the example of

require 'parseexcel'

# From the command line to open the Excel file name
workbook = Spreadsheet::ParseExcel.parse(ARGV[0])

# Get the first form
worksheet = workbook.worksheet(0)

# Walk the line
worksheet.each { |row|
  if row != nil
  # Loop through the cells that line
  row.each { |cell|
    if cell != nil
      # Get the cell content type string
      contents = cell.to_s('latin1')
      puts "Row: #{j} Cell: #{i}> #{contents}"
    i = i+1

4. The implementation of the script
The use of the script, add-rubygems want the attention of the parameters in order to load the class library parseexcel, the implementation of the command is as follows:

ruby -rubygems excelparse.rb myfile.xls

Myfile.xls for one of the current directory, it is necessary to read the excel file name

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