Oracle10 later http://localhost:5500/em can access Enterprise Manager

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Oracle10 later http://localhost:5500/em can access Enterprise Manager
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    1. Make sure sql server 2000 is a sp4 (at least sp3) L have packages available at microsoft's official web down to the Can use the following ways to view MSSQL version: Open Enterprise Manager - "Tools -> SQL Query Analyzer -" Help - ...

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    Query Analyzer, connect, authenticate using the "use windows authentication" Then, run: EXEC sp_password NULL, 'NewPassword', 'Sa' Enterprise Manager -> Instance Name -> Security -> Login -> Double-click to the right

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    1. Enterprise Manager in -> in the library on the right -> All Tasks -> Maintenance Plan -> Point Four Next -> that is backed up on this page you can point to change the configuration of the backup method in detail

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    SQL code *-- Special attention Click the procedures, not carried out the previous steps, please do not step back or you may damage the database. Generally not recommended to do the first step 4,6 step 4 of insecurity, the database may be corrupted or lost

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