oracle-ojdbc6 the error message

ORA-17001 = Internal error

ORA-17002 = Io exception

ORA-17003 = Invalid column index

ORA-17004 = Invalid column type

ORA-17005 = Unsupported column type

ORA-17006 = Invalid column name

ORA-17007 = Invalid dynamic column

ORA-17008 = Close the connection

ORA-17009 = off statement

ORA-17010 = off Resultset

ORA-17011 = result set has been exhausted

ORA-17012 = parameter type conflict

ORA-17014 = no call

ORA-17015 = statement is canceled

ORA-17016 = Statement

ORA-17017 = Cursor already initialized

ORA-17018 = invalid cursor

ORA-17019 = could only describe the query

ORA-17020 = Invalid row prefetch

ORA-17021 = definition of loss

ORA-17022 = missing in the index defined

ORA-17023 = Unsupported features

ORA-17024 = not read

ORA-17025 = defines.isNull () in error

Numeric overflow ORA-17026 =

ORA-17027 = stream has been closed

ORA-17028 = ResultSet until close to the current definition of a new

ORA-17029 = setReadOnly: read-only connections not supported

ORA-17030 = Only READ_COMMITTED and SERIALIZABLE transaction level to be effective

ORA-17031 = setAutoClose: Only support auto close mode turned on

ORA-17032 = line prefetching can not be set to zero

ORA-17033 = appeared malformed string SQL92

ORA-17034 = appeared tag does not support SQL92

ORA-17035 = Unsupported character set!!

ORA-17036 = OracleNumber the exception

ORA-17037 = Can not convert between UTF8 and UCS2

ORA-17038 = byte array is not long enough

ORA-17039 = Char array not long enough

ORA-17040 = must be specified in the connection URL sub-protocol

ORA-17041 = Missing IN or OUT index parameters:

ORA-17042 = invalid batch value

ORA-17043 = Invalid stream maximum length

ORA-17044 = Internal error: Data array not allocated

ORA-17045 = Internal error: trying to access bind values beyond the batch value

ORA-17046 = Internal error: Invalid index for data access

ORA-17047 = syntax error descriptor type of analysis

ORA-17048 = Undefined type

ORA-17049 = Inconsistent java and sql object types

ORA-17050 = no such element in vector

ORA-17051 = This API can not be used for non-UDT types

ORA-17052 = This ref is not valid

ORA-17053 = Invalid Length

ORA-17054 = LOB locator is not valid

ORA-17055 = Invalid character encountered in

ORA-17056 = Unsupported character set (in the class path, add orai18n.jar)

ORA-17057 = LOB closed

ORA-17058 = Internal error: Invalid NLS Conversion ratio

ORA-17059 = Can not convert to internal representation

ORA-17060 = Can not construct descriptor

ORA-17061 = missing descriptor

ORA-17062 = Ref cursor is invalid

ORA-17063 = not in transaction processing

ORA-17064 = invalid syntax or database name is empty

ORA-17065 = conversion class is empty

ORA-17066 = Access layer specific implementation needed

ORA-17067 = Invalid Oracle URL specified

ORA-17068 = invalid call parameters

ORA-17069 = use explicit XA call

ORA-17070 = data size exceeds the maximum value of this type

ORA-17071 = exceeded maximum VARRAY limit

ORA-17072 = the value of the column is inserted too

ORA-17074 = invalid name pattern

ORA-17075 = forward only result set of invalid operation

ORA-17076 = invalid result set for read-only operation

ORA-17077 = Unable to set the REF value

ORA-17078 = could not carry out the operation because the connection has been opened

ORA-17079 = user identity does not match with the existing identity

ORA-17080 = invalid batch command

ORA-17081 = batch error

ORA-17082 = No current row

ORA-17083 = do not insert the line

ORA-17084 = Insert line access

ORA-17085 = present value of the conflict

ORA-17086 = Insert column value is not defined on the line

ORA-17087 = prompt implementation can be ignored: setFetchDirection ()

ORA-17088 = result of the request type and concurrency levels of syntax is not supported

ORA-17089 = Internal error

ORA-17090 = operation not allowed

ORA-17091 = in the requested type and (or) can not create a result set concurrency level

ORA-17092 = could not end the call processing operations to create or execute JDBC statements

ORA-17093 = OCI operation returned OCI_SUCCESS_WITH_INFO

ORA-17094 = version does not match the object type

ORA-17095 = statement cache size setting is not as

ORA-17096 = statement can not be enabled for this logical connection cache.

ORA-17097 = PL / SQL Index Table element type invalid

ORA-17098 = Invalid operation binary large object space

ORA-17099 = PL / SQL Index Table array length is not valid

ORA-17100 = Invalid database Java Object

ORA-17101 = OCI connection pool properties of the object is not valid

ORA-17102 = Bfile read-only

ORA-17103 = type of connection through the getConnection returns invalid. Use getJavaSqlConnection

ORA-17104 = SQL statement to execute must not be blank or null value

ORA-17105 = not set connection session time zone

ORA-17106 = specific JDBC-OCI driver connection pool configuration is invalid

ORA-17107 = invalid proxy type specified

ORA-17108 = no maximum length specified in the defineColumnType

ORA-17109 = Can not find the standard Java character encoding

ORA-17110 = is finished, but with a warning

ORA-17111 = specified connection cache TTL timeout overflow

ORA-17112 = Invalid time interval specified thread

ORA-17113 = time interval value is greater than the thread cache timeout value

ORA-17114 = Can not use global transactions submitted by the local transaction

ORA-17115 = global transaction processing can not use local transaction rollback

ORA-17116 = could not in active global transaction processing capabilities to enable auto-commit

ORA-17117 = no global transaction in the active set savepoint

ORA-17118 = Unable to get the ID named savepoint

ORA-17119 = Unable to get the name of an unnamed savepoint

ORA-17120 = Can not set auto-commit feature is enabled, the save point

ORA-17121 = could not fall back to auto-commit feature is enabled, save the points

ORA-17122 = could not fall back to auto-commit feature is enabled, save the points

ORA-17123 = statement cache size specified is not valid

ORA-17124 = specified connection cache timeout is invalid inactivation

ORA-17125 = explicit cache returns an incorrect statement type

ORA-17126 = Fixed Wait timeout elapsed

ORA-17127 = Fixed Wait timeout specified is invalid

ORA-17128 = SQL string is not a query

ORA-17129 = SQL string is not a DML statement

ORA-17132 = Invalid conversion requested

ORA-17133 = UNUSED

ORA-17134 = SQL named parameter is longer than 32 characters

ORA-17135 = setXXXStream parameter name used appear multiple times in SQL

ORA-17136 = malformed DATALINK URL, please try to use getString ()

ORA-17137 = connection cache is not enabled or not enabled the effective data source cache

ORA-17138 = Connection Cache name is invalid. Must be a valid string and is the only

ORA-17139 = Invalid connection cache properties

ORA-17140 = cache with this cache name already exists a connection

ORA-17141 = cache with the connection cache name does not exist

ORA-17142 = have the connection name for this cache is disabled cache

ORA-17143 = in the connection found in the connection cache is invalid or out of date

ORA-17144 = statement handle not executed

ORA-17145 = Invalid event received by the ONS

ORA-17146 = ONS received version of events is not valid

ORA-17147 = trying to set did not appear in the SQL in the name of the parameter

ORA-17148 = method is only implemented in Thin

ORA-17149 = This is already a proxy session

ORA-17150 = session parameter error code

ORA-17151 = Clob too large to be stored in the Java string

ORA-17152 = This method is only implemented in the logical connection

ORA-17153 = This method is implemented only in the physical connection

ORA-17154 = Can not map Unicode to Oracle character

ORA-17155 = Can not map Unicode to Oracle character

ORA-17156 = array size is not valid for end-to-measure

ORA-17157 = setString can only process strings of less than 32,766 characters

ORA-17158 = Invalid duration of the function

ORA-17159 = end to end tracking to measure the implementation of long

ORA-17160 = serial number of the execution context ID out of range

ORA-17161 = Invalid transaction mode to use

ORA-17162 = Unsupported holdability value

ORA-17163 = Can not use connection caching is enabled getXAConnection ()

ORA-17164 = Can not cache enabled case of physical connection from the call getXAResource ()

ORA-17165 = server does not exist in this connection PRIVATE_JDBC package

ORA-17166 = PLSQL statement execution can not extract

ORA-17167 = Can not find PKI class. To use the 'connect /' function, oraclepki.jar must be in the class path

ORA-17168 = key storage problems. Appears open in the Wallet (cwallet.sso) check the location and use mkstore Wallet utility to ensure that this includes the correct identification Wallet

ORA-17169 = Unable to stream or UpdatableResultSet bound to ScrollableResultSet

ORA-17170 = name space can not be empty

ORA-17171 = attribute can not exceed 30 characters in length

ORA-17172 = attribute value can not exceed 400 characters

ORA-17173 = return parameters are not all registered

ORA-17174 = only supported name space is CLIENTCONTEXT

ORA-17175 = Error during the configuration of the remote ONS

ORA-17176 = locale is not recognized

ORA-17177 = object does not use any content requested interface package

ORA-17178 = ANYTYPE pickler failure

ORA-17179 = KOTAD the magic number does not match

ORA-17180 = KOTAD in the wrong format

ORA-17181 = general error character converter

ORA-17182 = character conversion overflow error

ORA-17183 = character converter is not available error - Please contact technical support with Oracle

ORA-17184 = create NCLOB using an incorrect form

ORA-17185 = lack of connection properties the default values

ORA-17186 = lack of access mode of the connection properties

ORA-17187 = used to store the connection properties of the instance variables of the type is not supported

ORA-17188 = reflection of the connection properties occurred during the IllegalAccessException

ORA-17189 = used to store the connection properties of the instance variable is missing

ORA-17190 = Connection properties: format error

ORA-17191 = Invalid submission options

ORA-17192 = LOB in the operation have been released

ORA-17193 = Invalid message format AQ

ORA-17194 = tag and reset the support from such

ORA-17195 = tag is invalid or not set

ORA-17196 = pre-reading is too restrictive

ORA-17197 = The number of parameter names have been registered does not match the number of parameters

ORA-17198 = database session time zone is not set

ORA-17199 = does not support the database session time zone

ORA-17200 = Can not correctly convert XA open string from Java into C

ORA-17201 = could not correctly XA close string from Java into C

ORA-17202 = Can not correctly convert RM name from Java into C

ORA-17203 = could not cast pointer type jlong

ORA-17204 = Input array too short to hold OCI handles

ORA-17205 = Can not use xaoSvcCtx from C-XA for OCISvcCtx handle

ORA-17206 = Can not use xaoEnv from C-XA for OCIEnv handle

ORA-17207 = not in the data source property set tnsEntry

ORA-17213 = C-XA returned during the xa_open XAER_RMERR

ORA-17215 = C-XA returned during the xa_open XAER_INVAL

ORA-17216 = C-XA returned during the xa_open XAER_PROTO

ORA-17233 = C-XA returned during the xa_close XAER_RMERR

ORA-17235 = C-XA returned during the xa_close XAER_INVAL

ORA-17236 = C-XA returned during the xa_close XAER_PROTO

ORA-17240 = Unable to retrieve the local host IP address. There UnknownHostException.

ORA-17241 = Unable to retrieve the local host IP address. There SecurityException.

ORA-17242 = on TCP port specified in the option parsing error.

ORA-17243 = TIMEOUT specified on the option value parsing error.

ORA-17244 = CHANGELAG on the option value specified in the parsing error.

ORA-17245 = try to delete the registered user is not currently connected to the database instance.

ORA-17246 = listener can not be null.

ORA-17247 = trying to attach to the listener than the JDBC driver to create the registration.

ORA-17248 = listener is already registered.

ORA-17249 = because the listener is not registered, it can not remove it.

ORA-17250 = TCP port is already in use.

ORA-17251 = up is down.

ORA-17252 = payload type is invalid or not defined.

ORA-17253 = name for clientInfo is invalid or unsupported.

ORA-17254 = Insufficient memory to allocate the requested memory size

ORA-17255 = fast connection failover can not be disabled once enabled

ORA-17256 = This instance of the property is not available.

ORA-17300 = Can not be connected through the data source

ORA-17301 = one or more authentication RowSet attribute is not set

ORA-17302 = RowSet connection is not open

ORA-17303 = This JdbcRowSet implementation of the display deleted row are not allowed

ORA-17304 = SyncProvider instance is not constructed

ORA-17305 = ResultSet not open

ORA-17306 = RowSet type TYPE_SCROLL_SENSITIVE not be applied when the direction of extraction

ORA-17307 = RowSet type TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY not be applied when FETCH_REVERSE

ORA-17308 = direction of the illegal extraction

ORA-17309 = RowSet is not enabled to write

ORA-17310 = Invalid parameter index

ORA-17311 = the column type is converted to flow Error

ORA-17312 = could not be converted to a stream type column

ORA-17313 = row position is invalid, please try to call the next line / on line

ORA-17314 = operator for the type of RowSet invalid TYPE_FORWARD_ONLY

ORA-17315 = does not change any line

ORA-17316 = toCollection () in the mapping operation failed

ORA-17317 = do not insert the row

ORA-17318 = do not delete the line

ORA-17319 = not updated the row

ORA-17320 = column of the row is not all set

ORA-17321 = read process will be converted to a string error

ORA-17322 = Can not read stream

ORA-17323 = Invalid parameter type

ORA-17324 = Invalid key columns

ORA-17325 = Invalid page size

ORA-17326 = attempt to insert the row has been marked as the original line

Call insertRow ORA-17327 = Invalid operation prior to this trip

ORA-17328 = ResultSet does not support this action based

ORA-17329 = no pre-paging operation to perform this operation can not be called

ORA-17330 = line parameters specified by the number of invalid

ORA-17331 = starting position should not be negative

ORA-17332 = ResultSet provides for a null value placed

ORA-17333 = start in this position the line into too little

ORA-17334 = do not set match column index

ORA-17335 = do not set match column names

ORA-17336 = Invalid column index matching

ORA-17337 = Invalid column name matches

ORA-17338 = Can not set match column index

ORA-17339 = Can not set match column names

ORA-17340 = not set out to cancel the index set

ORA-17341 = not set the column name to be unset

ORA-17342 = Can not get connected

ORA-17343 = Can not parse the SQL string to get the table name.

ORA-17344 = RowSet scrolling type is incorrect

ORA-17345 = This object does not meet the filter criteria

ORA-17346 = SerialBlob constructor

ORA-17347 = SerialClob constructor

ORA-17348 = Error, unable to copy the copy of the object

ORA-17349 = Error creating copies of objects

ORA-17350 = Invalid parameter space RowSet

ORA-17351 = This parameter is not a RowSet instance

ORA-17352 = connection type is not supported

ORA-17353 = line is not equal to the number of concentrated elements match the columns

ORA-17354 = RowSet not support third-party connection

ORA-17355 = invalid reading process

ORA-17356 = Invalid write process

Value error ORA-17357 =; property is not null

Value error ORA-17358 =; meta-data is not nullable

ORA-17359 = Invalid parameter WebRowSet

ORA-17401 = breach of the agreement

ORA-17402 = RPA expects a message

ORA-17403 = expects a RXH message

ORA-17404 = RXD received more than expected

ORA-17405 = UAC length is not zero

ORA-17406 = exceeds the maximum length of the buffer

ORA-17407 = invalid Type Representation (setRep)

ORA-17408 = invalid Type Representation (getRep)

ORA-17409 = invalid buffer length

ORA-17410 = Can not read more data from the socket

ORA-17411 = data type that does not match

ORA-17412 = type of length greater than the maximum

ORA-17413 = key size exceeds

ORA-17414 = buffer capacity is insufficient to store the column names

ORA-17415 = not handle this type of

ORA-17416 = FATAL

ORA-17417 = NLS problem, unable to decode column names

ORA-17418 = internal structure of the field length error

ORA-17419 = invalid number of columns returned

ORA-17420 = Oracle Version not defined

ORA-17421 = undefined type or connection

ORA-17422 = Invalid class in factory

ORA-17423 = undefined IOV in the case of using the PLSQL block

ORA-17424 = try a different grouping of operations

ORA-17425 = PLSQL block the flow of returns

ORA-17426 = IN and OUT of the bindings are NULL

ORA-17427 = Use of uninitialized OAC

ORA-17428 = connection must call log

ORA-17429 = must be at least connected to the server

ORA-17430 = must log in to the server

ORA-17431 = to analyze the SQL statement is empty

ORA-17432 = all7 the invalid option

ORA-17433 = Invalid call parameters

ORA-17434 = not in current mode

ORA-17435 = IOV in the number of invalid in_out_binds

ORA-17436 = invalid number outbinds

ORA-17437 = PLSQL block IN / OUT parameter error

ORA-17438 = Internal - do not expect the value of the

ORA-17439 = Invalid SQL type

ORA-17440 = DBItem / DBType is empty

ORA-17441 = Oracle version does not support. Minimum supported version is 7.2.3.

ORA-17442 = Refcursor value is invalid

ORA-17444 = no support from the server to the TTC Protocol version received

ORA-17445 = LOB is open the same transaction

ORA-17446 = LOB has been turned off in the same transaction

ORA-17447 = OALL8 in an inconsistent state

ORA-17448 = transaction is currently in use

DiagnosibilityMBeanDescription = Oracle JDBC driver controls the diagnostic functions.

DiagnosibilityMBeanConstructor () = Oracle JDBC Diagnosability MBean zero parameter constructor

DiagnosibilityMBeanLoggingEnabledDescription = event logs of all Oracle JDBC code and the resulting Boolean attribute control. If the property is "false", will not generate any log messages. If the property is "true", the log messages will be java.util.logging level and filter control.

DiagnosibilityMBeanStateManageableDescription = Oracle JDBC driver does not start and stop. Always returns "false."

DiagnosibilityMBeanStatisticsProviderDescription = Oracle JDBC driver does not provide statistical information by Diagnosability MBean.

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