No result defined for action and result input

Today in the programming, I encountered a No result defined for action and result input error, the error must have all have encountered it, I made a very long time get this error, I think my function is wrong Action want to debug, but the program is to not enter breakpoints, check the internet, some friends say that the path error, and then I find my path error, So now the problem is still not found the path. Then I get to my property on the breakpoint method Dounong, I found the problem, and now share with you.
This error means that there is no return to the input for the definition, but sometimes we do not have this damn thing, but a mistake in the Action if the default on the return of this input, and then, we have defined in the struts of the words <result> , to appear No result defined for action and result input of the error.
Reasons for this error is caused by many, the path error is one of them, I question here is, my page, I defined the type and type of the property inconsistent, my property is int type, but the page output when adding a comma, with a separate 1000's, the results appeared in this issue.

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