Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

netbeans version: 6.8

1. Open the tools menu:
Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

2. Select miscellaneous
Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

3. Select Edit global customs goal definitions
Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

4. Select Add
Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

5. Fill in the name of action
Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

6. Fill Excute Goals: jetty run
Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

7. Fill set properties: jpda.listen = maven
MAVEN_OPTS =- Xdebug-Xnoagent-Djava.compiler = NONE-Xrunjdwp: transport = dt_socket, server = y, suspend = y, address = 8000
Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

8. The current project right-click option: custom to see the added action

Netbeans jetty maven project debug configuration

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