. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

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Research done recently as a project, need to use an open source CMS. I was looking for.
Net Open Source CMS when CMS in many domestic and foreign found We7CMS, installed after the download of We7CMS the basic functions of a certain understanding. This article introduces the author himself, a few days to test again on the CMS products come to the conclusion, there are some individuals for We7CMS view.
Special Note:
1. Some areas may contain personal subjective factors, do not do as the only consideration;
2. The trial is the author uses the 7 days of the CMS product test results, actual use may have errors;

First, understand We7CMS

We7CMS open plug-in is an open source content management system, the user can use the platform to build websites, publish content and pictures. We7CMS open source download, and there is a similar to Firefox, Wordpress plug-in mechanism, which means that you can function on the existing platform's expansion, even after the We7 third-party plug-ins will appear. The train of thought started from this point of view, is that the platform will continue to get the user's version of the Guan Fang, Er users can use a plug-in to Kuochong own website platform, which is also on the author Zui have Xiyin Li point.

Official website is now released We7CMS 2.5Beta version, from the interface perspective is fresher, and simple, there is not much more than things.

. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

Second, We7CMS get started evaluating the basic functions

We7CMS the basic functions and other CMS is not much difference, but more covered, the main function
. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

Management settings in which We7CMS sections very comfortable, the effect of using Ajax to support drag and drop, etc., the list of style than many CMS's to be a lot easier.
. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

Content distribution of time in general, beyond the information In addition to text, for some industries, Danwei, most of that Bao Han De released a picture, links, and Biaogedengdeng of more complex information, or information required to be Zhijie Word Wendang requirements of style. In most cases, we need to manually paste the text messages, pictures, need to upload separate, for the form, we can operate a very small room. This information release at the time the contents of efficiency will be significantly lower, while the structure of the mixed variety of information let us headaches.
. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

The We7CMS editor function is clearly very strong. In We7CMS, you only need to import a Word document, click on the button and select the appropriate Word document, We7CMS Word document which will be able to completely restore the contents to the editor.
Import Word document stood for the html, to retain all the pictures and the format:

. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

The information content of the Word document, very well preserved, including pictures, tables, text styles and effects are consistent with the original document. This point, I am very of good enough.

We get a CMS, is always the first to look at the can quickly produce a fine display of the template to do front and template changes can be carried out at any time. I have seen in We7CMS fast template skins, is a site can have an arbitrary set of the skin, you can quickly switch.
. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

The template used in the production process of visual editing, data calls using the data control mechanism, and a traditional CMS compared the label, adding a lot of flexibility and freedom.

. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

Control of the operation is a visual interface, by adjusting the parameters, set the property to complete, and this is generally not available in open source products, basically the price of products will reach several hundred thousand dollars, some with.
. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

And such a control mode of operation, essentially eliminating the trouble of writing code is not code people can quickly get started operation. It is also a very caring is, We7CMS development capabilities for users with a direct source of operating methods prepared, on the development of people, provides another option.

. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

Third, a simple analysis of the source code

As an open source product, we can see, We7CMS the source structure is a clean, clarity. And the face of developers who, We7CMS SDK library with very good documentation, online access (http://sdk.we7.cn/), and relatively complete for the core, developers need only for the plug-in part of the development of a purpose to do will achieve the desired effect. The official also related We7 plug-in development tutorial.
. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report
. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

Fourth, shortcomings and deficiencies

Template provided less official, the official website and forums I can not find your favorite template, just downloaded a set of default, but fortunately, it was easier to create templates, but not so for people who want the template is a great regret.

Background menu is simple, just list the basic features, some features only in-depth Click to find, it seems that in the pursuit of simple interface and powerful features of a compromise between the pursuit.
. Net Open Source CMS We7CMS the initial trial report

V. Conclusion

In the past few days of use I have the impression that, in general, is relatively well We7CMS CMS open source products, operation is simple, and get started soon, but slightly complicated in some places, it seems to take into account the use of different crowd, and too powerful to do some of the necessary accommodation.

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