MyEclipse 8.5 development environment, configuration, localization, Aptana2.0 plugin, SVN plug-in, Flex Builder 3 / 4 plug-in installation

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MyEclipse 8.5 development environment, configuration, localization, Aptana2.0 plugin, SVN plug-in, Flex Builder 3 / 4 plug-in installation

Download MyEclipse 8.5
MyEclipse can access through a proxy the official website download software Download:
File Size: 825.84 MB
MD5: a9038148dcde9066abc3711bf8ee636c
-------------------------------------------------- -
Environment Description:
MyEclipse installation path E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5
Common installation path E: \ MyEclipse \ Common
Create a new E: \ MyEclipse \ myPlugin special place after we joined the plug-in
-------------------------------------------------- -
MyEclipse Configuration Center management as a means of MyEclipse plug-in
MyEclipse 8.5 development environment, configuration, localization, Aptana2.0 plugin, SVN plug-in, Flex Builder 3 / 4 plug-in installation

Reference: <Myeclipse8.5GA Optimization notes >
dashboard-plugin panel, you can add and remove plug Myeclipse

software - custom software to add other

collaboration - you can share configuration information and team collaboration support

subscription - registration information, go to the next article, you can find the registration code posted here

1: Adding software can be updated online URL, it can be a local folder for general use download tools to download plug-ins to the local, where to add a local folder to install the plug-in.

2: add the address of the previous verification, to find plug-in found the plug-in, right-click, choose "Add to Profile", plug-in is added to the "4" position

3: You can add plug-ins to remove

4: added plug-ins

5: plug-ins will be added,

6: Add the implementation of the action

MyEclipse Configuration Center is not easy to use, the reaction is slow, sometimes closed to open will be effective, its deleted.
-------------------------------------------------- -
Speaking of MyEclipse 8.5
First, download the finished package file: 20 finished. zip

1, after extracting the "language" folder in the features and plugins folders into the
E: \ MyEclipse \ myPlugin \ language inside.

2, open the MyEclipse to create a java project, the compressed package copied into it. In the Main function, the need to write "E: \ \ MyEclipse \ \ myPlugin \ \ language \ \ plugins", which is pointing to the plugins directory just language. And then executed. Under the right circumstances, will enter a long list of English in the console.

3, using a text editor to open "E: \ MyEclipse 8.5 \ configuration \ org.eclipse.equinox.simpleconfigurator" directory file. Will be generated in the second to the long list of English copy of the file below.

3, find the E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5 directory to find myeclipse.ini file, use Notepad to open the last line of Cadogan statement-Duser.language = zh

4, delete the E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5 \ configuration \ org.eclipse.update folder

5, save, start your MyEclipse bar, where you can see the Chinese language interface.

-------------------------------------------------- -
Aptana2.0 plug-in installation

Added: After installation is complete, open *. jsp error, or not safe for the good

1, download aptana2.0Eclipse Plugin plug-in.

2, extract the features and plugins folder, COPY to the E: \ MyEclipse \ myPlugin \ aptana2.0

3, in E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5 \ dropins in the new file, content path = E: \ \ MyEclipse \ \ myPlugin \ \ aptana2.0, save

4, delete the E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5 \ configuration \ org.eclipse.update folder

5, reset complete
-------------------------------------------------- -
Plug-in version installed Flex Builder 4
1: Because MyEclipse8.5 using eclipse3.5.2, so installing Flex Builder 4 version is the best match.
2: Download FlashBuilder_4_Plugin_LS10.exe

3: Run the installation file after the prompt release to the C: \ Documents and Settings \ IBM \ Desktop \ Adobe Flash Builder 4 Plugin, there should be careful, one to modify this path, the other can not have Chinese, install file storage path can not have Chinese, or will be prompted to "Installing" do not go.

4: Choose what myEclipse8.5 installation path, the installation is complete. Well installation
-------------------------------------------------- -
Installing Flex Builder 3 plug-in version of a little trouble

1 download plug-in version eclipse3.3.exe FB3_WWEJ_Plugin

2 installed in an empty directory E: \ Adobe \ Flex Builder 3 Plug-in

3 plug-in E: \ Adobe \ Flex Builder 3 Plug-in \ in

4 in E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5 \ dropins in the new file, content path = E: \ \ Adobe \ \ Flex Builder 3 Plug-in \ \, save

5 Delete E: \ Adobe \ Flex Builder 3 Plug-in \ under the site.xml file, index.html files, web folder

6, delete the E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5 \ configuration \ org.eclipse.update folder

7. Restart myeclipse8.5

8. The Flex configuration.
In Eclipse, Click -> Window-> Preferences-> Flex-> Installed Flex SDKs
Modify the Flex SDKs 2.0. And Flex SDKs 3.0 path points, which marked Komagari Flex SDKs 3.0.1, and finally we Apply to set the results.
Restart Eclipse .. you can develop Flex has.

Note that the first error when the report:
Fri Apr 30 17:41:01 CST 2010
Failed to com.adobe.flexbuilder.apollo.content-type-apollo create content descriptors. Content type has been disabled.

-------------------------------------------------- -
Install subclipse, SVN plug-in
1, from the official website to download file, web site:,

2, from which extract the features and plugins folder, copied to E: \ MyEclipse \ myPlugin \ svn inside, not the other *. xml files.

3, in E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5 \ dropins under the new file, content path = E: \ \ MyEclipse \ \ myPlugin \ \ svn save.

4, delete the E: \ MyEclipse \ MyEclipse8.5 \ configuration \ org.eclipse.update folder

5, restart myeclipse on all normal.

-------------------------------------------------- -
Performance Optimization

1, turn off the automatic validation MyEclipse
windows> perferences> myeclipse> validation
Build the next tick will be canceled if all you need to verify a file, we can individually to verify it. Is:
The need to verify that the file (right -> MyEclipse -> Run Validation.

2, start the optimization, off the module so it can not use some unused modules from loading started.
Window> Preferences> General> Startup andy Shutdown MyEclipse here is a list of modules loaded at boot time I am here only to make it load tomcat6 check MyEclipse EASIE Tomcat 6.
WTP: myeclipse a similar thing with the main difference is that WTP is free, if you use myeclipse, this can cancel
Mylyn: team task management tool, similar to CVS, to manage the task for the unit progress of the project, useless to cancel
Derby: a way to save into a jar in the form of a database, I am useless to the abolition of
A major row with MyEclipse EASIE starts with startup items: myeclipse support the server, only select their own use, other cancellation
For example I chose the tomcat.

3, remove the MyEclipse spell checking (useful if you feel you can not)
Spell check will give us a lot of trouble, our approach will be the name abbreviation of the word, he would suggest a fault,
So it is best removed, there is not much use
Window> perferences> General> Editors> Text Editors> Spelling> to Enable spell checking the check box to remove.

4, MyEclipse editor to modify the JSP page editing tools
Window> perferences> General> Editors> File Associations>
In the File types, select *. jsp> in the Associated editors will "MyEclipse JSP Editor" is set to default.
There is an XML file, the default editor

5, modify the MyEclipse install directory myeclipse.ini file, increase the JVM heap memory is non-specific as follows:
-XX: PermSize = 128M
-XX: MaxPermSize = 256m
-XX: ReservedCodeCacheSize = 64m

6, using the JRockit Java VM as Eclipse
Eclipse startup parameter to specify the eclipse starts with the jre
"E: \ MyEclipse8.0 \ MyEclipse Blue Edition 8.0 GA \ myeclipse-blue.exe"-vm E: \ JRockit \ jrrt-3.1.2-1.6.0 \ bin \ javaw.exe-vmargs-Xms256m-Xmx512m

In Eclipse there, Window> Preferences, and select Java> Installed JREs to add JRockit, and is set to default. In this way, you can use JRockit to build the project.

7 Turn off Automatic Updates
1.window-> Perferences-> General-> Startup and Shutdown ticked off Automatic Updates Scheduler (automatic update scheduler)

2.window-> Perferences-> MyEclipse-> Maven4MyEclipse hook on the Enable Maven4MyEclipse featrures; OK to close the window; this step is to show that Step 3 in the node Maven

3.window-> Perferences-> MyEclipse-> Maven4MyEclipse -> Maven ticked Download repository index updates on startup

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