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When Ling-cold out, the game will be against the idea of some excitement, with creativity, but also an idea of the game development process to understand every aspect to control the risk.

Here is just my personal experience to introduce himself to be a reminder:
1. Creative ideas
2.WAP page or download the client: the pages do not have to say
3. Fan base position: planning considerations, the gameplay and experience requirements of
4. Run Platform: with which technology
5. Adaptation model: Considering the screen size, memory limits their processing capacity, etc., transplantation
6. Connection type: socket or http, pairs of players who feel little, but a great bearing on the development is
7. Server interaction: This will affect the design of the structure of the game, the network processing is very time-consuming and more difficult to cut
8. Resource Storage: Click on the game nothing to say, but online games tend to have a large number of image processing, on the local is not a way

The time being only think of so many

After development, no real end, most importantly, is yet to come
1. Test: and development of parallel
2. Transplantation: basic version came out, which can sync to a different model or platform migration
3. Neice: Internal debugging
4. Beta: Collection bug, improve the
5. Formal operations: charges and to keep upgrading, collecting user experience

Lot of hope that we can add

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